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Hi! My name is

Sumit Huddar

With great passion, I blend minimalist aesthetics into each design, simplifying my work beautifully.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

My love for art began in childhood art classes, where I discovered a passion for Indian art and painting. Even though I worked on local projects, I felt like something was missing until I found the tattoo industry. Mentored by local artists and driven to succeed, I went to Aliens Tattoo School in 2020 for further training.
By 2023, with three years of experience and achievements like being the 3rd runner-up at ArtCulture Bangalore, I've specialized in black and grey realism. Challenges like time management and gaining recognition still exist, but I'm dedicated to finding new ways to innovate.
Clients are always my top priority, and each design shows my commitment to them. Inspired by artists like Sunny Bhanushali, my journey shows how tattooing can transform a person both personally and professionally. It's not just a job for me; it's a journey of self-discovery driven by passion, offering focus and growth along the way.


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