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Hi! My name is

Aman Vishwakarma

My love for abstract shapes fuels my tattoos, each one a canvas of my creativity!

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I'm known as 'feone_graffiti,' a lively part of India's graffiti scene who smoothly moved my love for art into the detailed world of tattooing. I excel at portrait, blackout, and realism tattoos because they're not just ways to express myself but also ways to show off my creativity and skill.
At Aliens Tattoo School, I learned a lot about the industry and different techniques, and I got a certification that showed how committed I am. Now, with my endless passion and the strong support of Aliens Tattoo School, I want to make a big impact in the worldwide tattoo community. To me, tattoos are more than just decorations on the body; they are stories that come to life, each telling its own special tale. With my contagious excitement and endless creativity, I hope to encourage others to chase their artistic dreams, just like I did from graffiti to tattooing.


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