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Hi! My name is

Susmit Dhavan

I breathe ancient tales into tattoos, blending tradition and fantasy to ink legends that ignite imagination!

My tattoo portfolio

About me

My name is Susmit Dhavan, When I was young, I loved drawing, especially tattoos. Even though my family wasn't sure about it, I kept drawing for my friends. Later, I got caught up in working for a big company, but when the pandemic hit, I realized I wanted to get back to being creative. So, I went to Aliens Tattoo School to learn more about tattooing, focusing on making detailed black and grey designs.
For me, tattooing isn't just about the art; it's about connecting with people. I love hearing their stories and making their ideas come to life on their skin.
Seeing how my dad never gave up and admiring Sumit Tank's amazing tattoo work inspired me to quit my job as a data analyst and become a full-time tattoo artist when I was 25. It's been a journey of bravery and hard work, driven by my passion for art. With every tattoo, I aim to tell a story and bring out the beauty of human expression, making each one meaningful for the person wearing it


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