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Hi! My name is

Mridupaban Doley

I ink designs that honor Japanese heritage with a modern twist!

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I discovered my love for tattooing after seeing the awesome tattoos of Wiz Khalifa. It all started for me in 2016 when I started teaching myself, and then I got formal training at Aliens. I've been tattooing for five years now, and I'm really good at making tattoos look super realistic with colors, black & grey, and in miniature size. I even won a cool award called Kula 2023 for my colorful neo traditional style. Even though people weren't sure about me because I dropped out of engineering, my love for tattooing kept me going. My style is all about being creative and trying new things, which you can see in the tattoos I've won awards for.
Tattooing isn't just a job for me; it's something that makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Inspired by people like Wiz Khalifa and Alex De Pase, I always make sure my clients are happy and comfortable while I make them amazing tattoos.
With help from my mentors at Aliens, I kept going even when things got tough. Now, I want to inspire others to follow their passion for art and help them learn, so they can leave their mark in the tattoo world too. My story shows that if you keep doing what you love and never give up, you can make a big difference, even when things are hard.
Guided by mentors at Aliens, Mridu's persistence and love for tattooing propelled him forward, despite setbacks. Now, he aspires to inspire others in the realm of art, aiming to mentor future pupils and leave a lasting legacy in the tattooing community. Mridupaban Doley's journey exemplifies the transformative power of following one's passion and persevering through adversity.


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