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Hi! My name is

Darshan Vaya

My tattoos blend fantasy with reality, creating designs that come to life on skin.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

My journey into tattooing began three years ago when I stumbled upon Aliens Tattoo Studio in Mumbai at the age of 18. After joining Aliens Tattoo School, I eagerly pursued my passion for this art form.
I specialize in black and red realism, black and grey realism, surrealism, and color work, quickly gaining recognition for my talent. Winning first place in the Best Upcoming Artist category at the Goa Tattoo Convention and being featured in Total Tattoo Magazine 2024 confirmed my position in the industry.
My signature style blends color and black and grey, known for its captivating beauty. Most importantly, I see my clients as partners in creating lasting art, cherishing each collaboration as a chance for expression and connection.
Inspired by industry leaders like Sunny Sir and Volkan, I constantly refine my vision and style, aiming to push the limits of my craft. Transitioning from student to professional tattoo artist, holding a tattoo machine for the first time solidified my passion, turning my lifelong hobby into a fulfilling career.


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