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8 Unique Mythological Tattoo Ideas For You

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If you're a man and need the perfect tattoo, it is likely that you'd get a Lord Shiva tattoo or a Goddess Kali tattoo. Finding the ideal tattoo design can

be an exciting process, and we're here to help you with the latest tattoo ideas in the – Mythological Tattoo category.

Inking is an experience that you cherish for a lifetime, and if you're spiritually connected with the design, well, there's nothing that can feel better. With the search of meaning in life, men who are seeking the divine often stumble upon mysterious thoughts and interesting concepts about God. Now, these concepts are often deeply connected to mythology and their interpretations of it.

Mythological tattoos have been elating the masses since forever, and 2019 is no different. If you're on the lookout for a perfect mythological tattoo, it is quite likely that you'd get a Lord Shiva tattoo or a Goddess Kali tattoo. The deep meanings and symbolism behind various Gods and Goddesses convey stories that are interconnected with emotions and situations in everyday life.

Tattoo artists are inclined towards mythology and recommend 'Mythological Tattoos' as a great tattoo idea. There are various options for placement, as these designs include both small and large style tattoos. You may consider getting a full sleeve, upper arm, back, armband, etc.

Let's walk you through some attractive Mythological Indian Tattoo Design Ideas for Men

Who can embody the flair and command of Lord Shiva? The sheer magnificence of the great Lord Shiva is enough for a stunning tattoo. If you're a follower of Shaivism and are in sync with the power of Shiva, you're bound to choose a tattoo that defines your devotion. There are various Avatars of Lord Shiva, which depict different instances in the journey of life. The Nataraja Pose, Ardhanareshwar, and the Aghori Shiva are a few interesting ones that you must lookup.

When you think of Lord Buddha, you may see a picture painted with peace and serenity, combined with wisdom. The sacred teachings of Buddha seem to help enlighten many young men in the modern world, you're not alone. Seekers of knowledge are bound to be amazed by Lord Buddha, and if you're one of them, you'd love these soothing Lord Buddha tattoos.

3. Lord Ganesha Tattoo

The God of prosperity and luck - Lord Ganesha - is often inked by people who are looking for balance and a new beginning. The elephant-headed deity is said to be worshipped before any other god in the Hindu religion, and there's an equally exuberant appeal to Ganesha tattoos. These tattoos are often coupled with mantras, or simple 'Om' that uplift the style even better.

Om symbolizes the base sound of the universe. If you're tuning in to a world that is advancing towards a higher plane, and are looking to get a tattoo, this might be the best option for you. There is a lot of meaning that this ancient word commands that might lift up your life, if not just the look.

There are various Mantras in Hindu mythology like the Mahamrityunjaya mantra, Gayatri Mantra, and many more. The most exciting thing about this is that you may explore different styles, fonts, and combinations with other concepts.

The Creator - Lord Brahma holds an important place in Hindu mythology. Those seeking knowledge and creativity are inclined towards Lord Brahma and choose to ink themselves as a reminder to their goals. The first in the Hindu Trinity - Lord Brahma is considered to be robust and inspiring.

6. Goddess Kali Tattoo

The destructor of evil and the protector of the innocent - Goddess Kali is a favorite amongst ardent believers. The sweeping look and the stunning depiction of power are the top qualities of these tattoos. Men who are looking for protection and motivation show an exceptional inclination towards these designs.

The symbol of love and benevolence - Lord Krishna is a favorite among men who seek calmness and wisdom. Many people strikingly resonate with phrases from the Bhagavad Gita to situations in daily life, making it an inspiration to young men.

The warrior prince - Lord Arjuna - was a staunch follower of Lord Krishna. He is seen as the symbol of perseverance and righteousness. Men inspired to follow a righteous path and keep up on the life mission must choose this tattoo.

Mythology has a variety of tales and fables that are connected to us in different ways. Tattoos symbolise boldness and add courage to the lives of those who believe.

Have you chosen your perfect mythological tattoo design?






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Anggota tidak dikenal
17 Feb

These tattooes are absolutely gorgeous. You've done a phenomenal job on them. I would suggest just one change (not to the actual tattooed ofc but to the writing on this blog post). Hindus ardently believe in these gods and so I think it would be more respectful to say Hindu lore rather than 'mythology'. Mythology implies that these belief systems are myths as compared to Abrahamic religions which are 'facts'. Rather than using this antiquated term 'mythology', it would be better to use words like 'folklore'. That way you are neither saying that any religion is in fact true / the ultimate truth, nor are you saying that any one religion is false over others. :)



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