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Can You Get Rid Of Your Bad Tattoo

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

What could be worse than carrying a regretful tattoo all your life? It's like walking dead, just kidding!

But seriously, when you end up getting a regretful tattoo, rather say a bad tattoo on your skin, it's a continuous subtle mental disturbance in your head all the time.

The reason for a bad tattoo is mostly because good tattoos are expensive, as they say, Good tattoos aren't cheap, cheap tattoos aren't good :). However, in some cases, it's not the price factor, but the tattoo was done in a rush of the moment. There are thousands of people carrying names of their Ex-es (Ex-Boyfriend/Ex-Girlfriend), regretting everyday why did they do it in the first place.

With all the great inventions and the discoveries a man has made, there is still no full-proof method for tattoo removal — nothing which can bring your original skin back.

My name is Sunny Bhanushali, and I am a well-known tattoo artist, globally recognized for realism tattoos. I am introducing myself because the statement I am about to claim to be true, has to be backed up by the experience in this field.

There is no full-proof method to get rid of your original tattoo and get your original skin back. In other words, there is no way to remove the tattoo completely without leaving a bad scar on your skin.

I am sure in the coming year we will have a perfect solution for it, however as of today, we don't.

Don't get disappointed! I am not done yet :)

Even if you are not going to get your original skin back, but you can still get rid of your tattoos using the following methods. You can choose one of these methods or combine two based on your reason to remove it. Some people may want to get rid of the tattoo because of professional reason, like some profession won't accept tattoos :P. Some people want to enhance a tattoo because it is looking ugly, some want to have a better tattoo over the old one. Few want to hide the names of their mistakes :)

Cover Up Tattoo (Recommended)

This is the best option to get rid of your bad tattoo. Technically you are not removing a tattoo. Instead, you are getting a new tattoo over the old one. It's like hiding your mistake with a new tattoo. Luckily, as it is experienced by most of the people who get cover-up tattoos, it is a less painful process.

If you are making up your mind to consider this option, then there is a whole new world waiting to open up for you. Getting a Cover-up tattoo is as good as getting a completely new tattoo; however, this time you are choosing the artist and design consciously. A good cover-up tattoo can change your life for good, and you will be gracefully showing off your tattoo instead of hiding it. For many, it is an entirely new experience to have a good tattoo on their body, and they feel much positive and unblocked. This effect is because subconsciously that bad tattoo was killing you slowly from within. And now by getting a super-amazing tattoo on your body, it not only resolves your past issue, but it enhances your beauty, your outlook.

Doesn't matter how bad is your tattoo, there is always a better design to cover it up. You got to choose the right artist though. You got that only one more chance to rectify your mistake, you can't make another one. Cover-Up tattoos are comparatively cheaper than Laser Tattoo Removal. However, good tattoo artists are ain't cheap, it will cause good damage to your pocket, but it's going to be worth every penny, it will save your life.

Laser Removal

This is the most widely used method for tattoo removal. However, it is also crazily expensive and way more painful than the pain you experienced while getting that tattoo; some say it is three times more pain. You need to be careful about finding the right Doctor for your laser tattoo removal. Consult a few doctors, take opinions from all and then decide who is the right one for you. The result of laser removal method depends on the tattoo you have; however, remember it will never be 100% gone. It will also leave a subtle scar on your skin. If you have a color tattoo than the laser removal is the least effective method as few colors won't be affected by the laser.

However, this method is ideal for the people has no option than to remove it, maybe for professional reasons, like some jobs won't allow people with tattoos :P.


I don't recommend this method of tattoo removal. This process involves removing the entire area of the tattooed skin and re-stitching it. It leaves deformation and a significant scar on the surface. You can consider this option if your tattoo is tiny. Consult a right skin specialist or dermatologist before getting into this method of tattoo removal.

Home Made Remedy (Barely Works)

This method is super time consuming, may take years to fade away the tattoo by half. A mixture of aloevera, salt, honey, and yogurt. Combine 2 tablespoons (30 mL) of aloevera gel, 2 tablespoons (34 g) of salt, 2 tablespoons (30 mL) of honey, and 2 tablespoons (30 mL) of yogurt in a bowl. Apply the mixture to the tattoo and let it soak in for at least 30 minutes. I don't know for how long you got to do this as it varies as per the tattoo. However, eventually, you will have to get a Cover-Up Tattoo over the faded one to make it look better. Otherwise, your skin will look like it is infected.

Liberate and Accept

This option is for the people who think their tattoos has got old and they want something new and fresh. I, personally, being the tattoo artist for years, recommend accepting the old ones as they are. Because it old, old is gold, ancient stuff, antique, you know what I mean. It may have more value than you think if you believe in it. If you are bored with the old tattoo then you are not one of those who needs a cover-up or removal, you need acceptance. Every new tattoo gets old, today's tattoo will be old in a few years, but that generation will never get that what you have. Still, if you have made your mind to do something to it then, Cover-Up is the best option.

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