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An Arm for Canada, an Arm for India - Armeen's INKredible Tattoo Transformation

Armeen Jasavala, an expat from Toronto, Canada, is one of our most loyal clients. She has loads of tattoos on her body, most of which have been created by the talented tattoo artists at Aliens Tattoo Studio. For tattoo enthusiasts, a split second gaze at Armeen is like a Disney World visit for those who love their Disney shows.

armeen's tattoo journey
Leveling up, like a boss!

Armeen has several tattoos, but before we dive into her tryst with tattoos, here's a little bit more about her. Armeen's an amiable soul with a million-dollar smile that can sweep you off your feet. Her quick-witted persona makes her an instant hit when it comes to engaging in a conversation. She loves to curate her own DIY diet meals and doesn't mind sharing (keep an eye out for her Instagram stories) her culinary skills with those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. During her free time, Armeen likes to let her hair down with the company of her Ukulele. The Canadian also loves to travel and surround herself amidst the tranquility of nature.

Armeen and her Ukulele
Armeen and her Ukulele go hand-in-hand

There's more to this bright and lively soul, Armeen shares our love for tattoos - and how!

Check out our gallery to have a look at Armeen's own tattoo gallery ;)

Image credit: Instagram (@armeenjasavala)

We told you her tattoos are a treat to the eyes! Well, these tattoos aren't there just for show. Each of her tattoos represents a memory or a story that she has personally encountered throughout her life. How cool is that? To be able to tell your tale through art is just so empowering; at the same time, there's a mystic feel to it. Because let's face it, we'd never be able to guess what's her story unless we master the art of mindreading ourselves!

hand and finger tattoo
There's always more than what meets the eye

If this is not enough to impress you, we've got more startling revelations coming your way! Armeen has dedicated each of her arms to Canada and India, respectively. Her left arm has tattoos of her experiences in India, while the right arm tells anecdotes of her time in Canada. Her tattoos hold immense meaning to her, and whenever something new comes up, she eventually gets it inked!

aesthetic tattoo designs
Be your own kind of beautiful!

You must be wondering how she can get so many tattoos without making it look like a mess, right?

Well, we had the same question for her, and here's what she had to say in reply. Armeen has planned her tattoos very well, and she makes sure to keep a balance when it comes to the placement of every single one of her tattoos.

tattoo journey
Balancing what you need to do with what you want to do

This way, if she gets new tattoo inspirations, she can always pick a spot while maintaining the space and aesthetic aspect of it all. While Armeen has tattoos that signify her roots, the bulk of her tattoos are influenced by her love for nature and travel. For example, she has the maple leaf inked on her wrist to represent where she's from and the fact that the country is full of maple trees.

unique small tattoos
Spot the maple leaf!

Similarly, on her left arm is a tattoo of her favorite leaf in India, the Gulmohar. Interestingly, she plucked a leaf from her backyard and scanned the same at the studio to get it inked exactly how it was! Armeen shared the story of her tattoos, and the tattoos themselves with us through a cute (just like her tattoos) little video, which you can watch below!

Armeen's tattoos are really one of a kind, and we enjoyed inking each and every inch of them. If you too have similar desires for aesthetically placed tattoos that signify the little things in life, you now know where to go!

Fill up our consultation form to customize your tattoo designs, or talk about the best tattoo to suit your personality!

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