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Top 15 Trendy Wrist Tattoos For Women

Tattoos are a new trend all over the world and have now seen a rise in the female population. It is not such a taboo as it was a couple of decades ago. Many women prefer to get small tattoos, as they are most aesthetically inclined and give off a feminine vibe. Such tattoos are generally placed on the wrist area, as they are easy for people to see, or cover with clothes with long sleeves.

Tattoos were not done by women at the start of the 20th century. They were a typically masculine art and women who did do it were circus performers or rebels. As the decades passed, women took over this art form for themselves, especially celebrities.

The wrist is a rather painful part to get a tattoo on, as there is not much fat there and the needle can prick close to the nerves and tendons. Yet, many people choose to get a tattoo there as it is believed such tattoos can enhance one’s personality and beauty.

Women tend to get various aesthetic tattoos on their wrists such as birds, dreamcatchers, celestial bodies, or the names of their loved ones. It can have various meanings: to show their freedom and independence, portray their personality through their zodiac signs, or as a memory for someone they have lost but will never forget. Some tattoos, like a dreamcatcher or a wild animal like an eagle or a wolf, can show their inner fighting spirit and can show its historical and cultural meanings. Women also love to get their loved ones’ names tattooed, especially a significant other or their child, to make their intangible love concrete. Cartoon tattoos are a new fad too, and gives a sense of nostalgia and marking their advent into adulthood.

Let’s have a look at some Wrist Tattoo inspirations for women:

small dreamcatcher tattoo

Roshni Chopra, an Indian celebrity and social media influencer, got this beautiful dreamcatcher tattoo with an eye in it. This symbol protects the wearer from evil and is a traditionally significant mark in India.

dog tattoo

A famous quote says “A dog is a man’s best friend’, and this tattoo makes the love between a dog and their hooman concrete. This is a particularly famous design among pet parents. The use of colours in the tattoo shows how a pet adds colours to a person’s previously grey and drab life.

matching couple tattoo

This couple wrist tattoo includes a heartbeat making a heart, showing how the partner’s heart beats with love for the other. The hearts are also wearing a King and Queen crown, which shows that their partner is royal for them!

small travel tattoo

This tattoo exhibits the wearer’s love for travel, which features a plane’s route which creates a heart. The sun in the corner of the tattoo tells people that the person loves sunny areas! This truly unique design shows the passion of the person to the world.

memorial script tattoo

This remembrance tattoo immortalizes a parent’s love towards their child. Such tattoos keep the memory of a person with the wearer long after they are gone, and hence are famous for people who don’t want to forget their loved ones and their memories ever.

script tattoo

The word ‘rêveuse’ means ‘dreamer’ in French. It portrays that the person is often in their perfect dream world, and away from the problems and troubles of the physical world.

leaf symbol tattoo

The maple tree has a wide dictionary of symbolism linked to it. It is an ancient tree, and hence a lot of European countries have links to it. It is a well-known symbol of the country of Canada and is believed to repel evil spirits and demons. It is also a symbol of strength and protection.

unalome tattoo

The lotus is a symbol of resurrection and purity and is a standard image in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The lotus submerges every night in the muddy waters of the water body it resides in and resurrects the next day in pristine condition. This feature of this beautiful flower makes it a famous tattoo for women.

music note tattoo

Music is an integral part of any human’s life, without restrictions of area or culture. It’s not a surprise when people around the world choose to get music-related tattoos or lines from their favourite songs in a wrist tattoo!

 small color bird tattoo

A bluebird has many positive connotations, such as hope, joy, and upcoming happiness. They also show honesty and hard work and are a reminder to people to check out their surrounding environment and not stay in a world which revolves around them.

small color butterfly tattoo

Butterflies are a symbol of hope and metamorphosis, a symbol that hard times will help the person turn into a whole new and awesome person! Butterfly tattoos are a particular favourite among young girls, as they look similar to the fairies from children’s stories.

small infinity sign feature tattoo

The peacock feather holds a high position in Hindu mythology as a dress feature for Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi. Peacock feathers represent nobility and virtue, and sometimes even incorruptibility and immortality as peacocks are said to eat poisonous plants without any repercussions.

om namah shivay matching tattoo

This ‘Om Namah Shivaay’ Tattoo, is a religious incantation linked to Lord Shiva. It describes the faith the wearer holds in the world and their allegiance to the god. This phrase is said to calm one’s mind and bring spiritual insight to the person.

small elephant tattoo

Elephants live in a matriarchal herd and are hence a very important symbol of feminism. They hold great importance in Hinduism and are associated with good luck, fertility, and protection.

There you have it: some of the trending wrist tattoos for women! If these photos have INKspired you, you can get a similar yet customized tattoo today. Visit our website to book your free appointment with our in-house tattoo artists and you can get an experience for a lifetime!

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