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Jim Morrison Tattoo

Jim Morrison Tattoo
3 May 2016





Jim Morrison Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Client is a huge fan of Jim Morrison and wanted a solitary artwork of him to bestow a tribute to his idol. I worked very firmly on this after reckoning and diminishing elements a few times and convincingly came up with this. Client loved it very much. Share it if you like it. :)

This image is one of the most controversial Jim Morrison stories of all time. Here’s the scene: The Doors and Jefferson Airplane were on tour in Amsterdam on September 15th of 1968. The bands walked down the street seeing the sights when fans recognized them and handed them joints, hash, or whatever they had. The others, very prudently, took a drag off a joint or put it in their pocket. Morrison in a more excessive Rock ‘n’ Roll gesture smoked, or took, on the spot whatever was handed him. Paul Kanter and Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane explained what happened in “The Doors in Europe 1968.”

Later that night both bands were playing at the Concertgebouw. The Airplane went on first playing “Fantastic Plastic Lover.” Inspired by the music Jim Morrison comes twirling out of the wings, doing a Sufi dance, slumped to the floor, was taken backstage where he passed out, and then taken to the hospital. This photo was taken when he was almost pass out lying on the stage.

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