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Remember The Name: 6 Award-Winning Tattoo Artists in India You Must Know About

Updated: Apr 26

Searching for a suitable tattoo maker can be just as confusing and complicated as looking for your perfect match on a matrimony platform. At Aliens Tattoo, we have a diversified portfolio of artists who can cater to your specific needs with perfection. With over 15 award-winning tattoo makers at our disposal, we have experts in every genre of tattoo art.

Here’s a look at some of the best tattoo makers in India and Aliens Tattoo.

The tattoo business is booming, and we’re so excited about this growth. However, there’s a drawback to this rise in tattoo popularity. Many tattoo makers who’ve had no education in this field have emerged. We believe that the art of tattooing is no different than performing an intricate surgery. Sound knowledge and expertise are of utmost importance before one starts practicing tattoo making.

Aliens Tattoo believes in perfection. We simply do not compromise on this front. This is why we are known to be tattoo makers who are national and international award winners. On top of that, we have developed and streamlined a hygienic aftercare process. Due to this, our tattoos have the best after-effects and glow compared to any other tattoo studio in India.

Here are some of our best tattoo makers in Mumbai

Sunny Bhanushali is globally renowned and is said to be the best tattoo artist in India for his work on Photo-Realistic tattoos, Hyper-Realistic tattoos, and conceptual tattoos based on Hindu Mythology. He is not just the best tattoo artist in Mumbai or the best tattoo artist in India. He is one of the best tattoo artists in the WORLD!

Sunny has won numerous awards in various international conventions and has been mentioned in multiple tattoo magazines. It is no wonder that Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, and many more celebs have put their faith in him, being the best tattoo artist in India, for their tattooing needs. Sunny Bhanushali is also the founder of India’s first tattoo school, Aliens Tattoo School, which is revolutionary and recognized as a successful startup by the government.

Allan is best known as one of the youngest and best tattoo artists in Mumbai, whose work leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. Though he has mastered all types of genres in this business, he specializes in hyper-realistic and portrait tattoos and is one of India’s top tattoo artists for these genres. He wears many hats at Aliens today: from managing all the activities, client’s requirements to delivering the best tattoos, providing excellent customer service. He aces at everything, which is why he is famously one of the top tattoo artists in India.

Allan has bagged quite a few awards in India’s most significant international tattoo conventions at a young age and is among the best tattoo artists in Mumbai. With his victory in the Heartwork Tattoo Festival, 2020, where he bagged the Best of the Show award for his full-back tattoo, Allan's wall of fame has many awards from national and international tattoo conventions within four years. He is also one of the youngest and top tattoo artists in India, a part of the judging panel at tattoo conventions. Needless to say, Allan’s name crops up when you search for some of the best tattoo artists in Mumbai.

Devendra Palav is our digital wizard because of his graphic design background and for being one of the top tattoo artists in India. However, he was not convinced that there was a future in that field for him. Fortunately, he found a way to amalgamate his skills in designing and passion for tattoos by enrolling with Aliens Tattoo School. Devendra’s calligraphy skills are second to none, and he’s the best tattoo artist in Mumbai when it comes to scripting. Creating outrageous fusions is also one of his fortes. Dotwork Tattoos, Line-Work/Line-Art Tattoos, Blackwork Tattoos, Calligraphy, and Script Tattoos are part of his exceptional portfolio. Devendra was rewarded for his talent at the Goa Convention and Delhi Heartwork Convention, where he won awards for Best Collaboration and Best Realism Tattoos, respectively.

Bhanu Pratap

Things were not easy for Bhanu Pratap, who had to join medical school due to his family’s pressure. However, he dropped out after a year due to his lack of interest and thus had a depressing time worrying about his future. After stumbling upon Aliens Tattoo School, Bhanu knew this was his calling, and with the support of his mother, he enrolled. Getting into the Tattoo industry was a dream come true for him, and he made it count and slowly but indeed became the top tattoo artist in India. He joined Aliens Tattoo as a pro and started doing small tattoos before eventually moving on to bigger ones. Bhanu’s skills and charms earned him positive reviews from his clients, and with the proper guidance, he grew into a leading artist and one of the best tattoo artists in Mumbai. In time, his efforts reaped the rewards, and most notably, he won the award for Best Calligraphy Tattoo and Best Portrait Tattoo at the Bhopal Tattoo Convention in 2019.

Manohar Koli

Manohar Koli is one of our most ambitious Tattoo Makers and one of the top tattoo artists in India. He was always inclined towards art, and after much consideration, he decided to learn Tattoo Making from Sam’s Tattoo, Bandra, before moving to their Goa franchise. He then joined Moksha Tattoo Studio to sharpen his skills further. However, something was still off, and after four years in Goa, Manohar moved back to Mumbai to join Aliens Tattoo Studio. He picked up valuable experience, and after three years, he felt it was the right time to open his own Tattoo Studio. After running the studio for four years, Manohar realized that he still had a lot to learn about the industry and so we welcomed him back with open arms. Manohar has become the best tattoo artist in Mumbai when it comes to Realism and Portrait Tattoos. He has also won awards in different tattoo categories at various conventions in India.

Dipti Chaurasia

Dipti is one of the most talented Tattoo Makers in Mumbai, and we are blessed to have her as part of the Aliens family. Surprisingly, Dipti had zero experience in art before she got into the industry. Dipti was studying B.Com, but she dropped out because she was not very interested in that field. Due to financial issues at home, she had to start working at the age of 18. This was when she was introduced to the tattoo-making industry as she was managing a studio for a friend. Around this time, she started getting intrigued by tattoos and tried her hand at Tattoo Making. Since then, there was no looking back for her, and she’s been in this field for four years now. Dipti specializes in Black & Grey as well as Realism Tattoos. She has an endless list of awards to her name in various conventions since 2019. Among her many accolades, Dipti has won three awards in the Gujarat Tattoo Festival and is now one of India’s top tattoo artists.

Vishal Maurya

Vishal has had a thing for art since his school days, and he aspired to become an Interior Designer. However, financial difficulties ended his hopes of ever pursuing that dream, and thus he chose Tattoo Making as an alternative career option. Vishal has always been a hardworking guy, and the fact that he juggled college and tattoo-making for three years is a testament to that. He knew that he always wanted to work with the best in the business, and there was no one better than Sunny Bhanushali himself. Unfortunately, his work was not polished enough to land a job with Aliens at first, but he did not give up. He trained for a while at a different studio before trying again with Aliens, and this time he was selected. Vishal is now one of the top tattoo artists in Mumbai with Aliens and has honed his Calligraphy, Geometrical/Abstract, and Realism Tattoos skills.

Rajesh Natekar

Rajesh had a very troubled childhood, and it felt like nothing was working out for him. With his sister’s guidance, Rajesh decided to follow his passion for drawing. He generated enough funds to join a Tattoo Studio where he was supposed to learn and practice Tattoo Making. However, after two years, he realized this was not the right place as he was not learning anything. He then started learning things by himself by looking at YouTube videos. Rajesh then felt he did not have a good guide in this field, and he dropped out of the industry entirely and started doing part-time jobs to make ends meet. A helpless Rajesh was looking for a way back into the tattoo industry and met Sunny Bhanushali coincidentally, who told him about Aliens Tattoo. He knew this was where he wanted to be and decided to get himself associated with them. This felt like a dream come true, and after four years of learning about Tattoo Making, he felt like this was a fresh start in life. He has been training and practicing Tattoo Making as a pro for a year and is continuing to sharpen his skills, and is now a top tattoo artist in Mumbai.

Bhavesh Kalma

Like many other engineers before him, Bhavesh quickly realized that IT is not the job for him. Initially from Gujarat, he tried his hand making tattoos for his friends using a friend’s tattoo machine during college. When he found out his true calling to Tattoo Art, he joined a local studio. But this did not satisfy the artsy bug in him, which kept itching for something more in this arena. He joined Aliens in 2017, and he has not looked back ever since. His specialties are in Black and Grey tattoos and Realism, and he is now one of the top tattoo artists in Mumbai. He has also participated in two tattoo conventions to date.

Siddhesh Gawde

An engineering graduate on paper, Siddhesh quickly realized that the technical field was not his calling. Like many tattoo artists at Aliens, Siddhesh has had a thing for art since a young age. This inclination pushed him towards graphic designing, which he decided to make a career out of. However, he felt his work was not getting due credit. Siddhesh decided he needed to change things and do something that gave him artistic freedom. He came across the art of tattooing and knew right away that this is what he was searching for. Since he was an amateur in this field, he wanted to get the best training, so he joined Aliens Tattoo Art School while working a day job. Siddhesh worked hard, and his efforts finally paid off as he learned everything there was to know in the tattoo industry. Aliens invited him to participate in India’s most prominent tattoo festival- Heartwork Tattoo Festival 2019. He did well and bagged the Dr. J. A. Kohiyal Memorial Award. This was just the beginning for him as he landed a job as a full-time resident tattoo artist at Aliens Tattoo Delhi. Over the years, Siddhesh has become an expert at Black and grey realism tattoos and is now one of the top tattoo artists in Mumbai.

Pooja A.J.

A confused Civil Engineer from Karnataka, this childhood painter tried her hand at tattooing by making tattoos on herself and was hooked on forever on this art. She thought that if getting tattoos was so enjoyable, how fun would designing and making tattoos on others be? A friend suggested she join a tattoo school, and with her parent’s incredible support, she chose to join Aliens Tattoo Art School in Mumbai rather than some school in Bangalore. She started learning this art as a Fresher and performed her best as she knew that there was no going back. Out of the blue, she was hired at Aliens Tattoo Studio mid-way through her course, as her mentors knew how focused and passionate she was about tattooing. She is currently a mentor at the Tattoo School and teaches others like her, who want to follow their dreams, and is also one of the top tattoo artists in Mumbai.

Pratik Patkar

An artist specializing in hyperrealism, he first got interested in tattoo art in 2009. After a failed transport business, he was suggested by a friend to learn tattooing at Sunny Bhanushali’s Aliens Tattoo Art School, which he joined in 2017. Sunny Sir and Allan Gois personally tutored him, and due to his stellar performance, he was offered the job of the senior artist and mentor at the Art School and is now one of the top tattoo artists in Mumbai. He made us proud by winning an award at the Heartwork Tattoo Festival.

Sameer Qureshi

A native of Beed, Maharashtra, he was captivated by art and wanted to create a career in fashion designing, which did not work out well for him. He migrated to Mumbai looking for work when, one day, he passed by the Aliens Tattoo and was intrigued by the fascinating facade of the building. He had a talk with Sunny, who recommended he join the Tattoo School to further alleviate his art by learning sketching, Photoshop, and Illustrator. He chose to make a career in designing tattoos rather than making tattoos himself and has become a Lead Designer and creates 70-80% of the tattoos at Aliens Tattoo Studio. Many of his works are award-winning designs.

Omkar Pawar

An ever-smiling persona such as Omkar’s is hard not to notice when you walk into our studio. Omkar was always interested in sketching and painting since his schooling days. He came across the tattoo industry through social media and television shows like LA Ink. While plying his trade at local studios, Omkar came across Aliens Tattoo and saw Sunny Bhanushali’s work online. The quality of tattoos immediately grabbed his attention, and at the first opportunity, he applied for a job with Aliens. Upon seeing the kind of work he had done and witnessing his determination to learn further, he was selected. With an experience of over 4 years, Omkar’s a natural talent and can make your tattoo dreams come true effortlessly, which is why he is said to be one of the top tattoo artists in Mumbai!

Sakshi Panwar

Sakshi Panwar started as a student of Aliens Tattoo Art School and is now part of the team of expert artists at Aliens Tattoo. in fact, she was the youngest artist when she started her career at Aliens. Sakshi discovered Aliens Tattoo Art School during a tattoo convention. Upon researching more, the 20-year-old from Rajasthan was convinced that this would be the right place for her to kickstart her career in tattoos. Over her tenure with Aliens, Sakshi has developed her skills and can now make flawless tattoos, big or small. She can ink them all. She believes that the best part about ourselves is the art that has always been there. After all, what’s life without a little ink on your body?

Sachin T.S

Before entering the tattoo industry, Sachin played his role as a driver and a mechanic while also staying in touch with his artistic side by doing freelance paintings. Sachin first came in contact with tattooing when he witnessed the art of hand-poked tattoos at a local fair. This intrigued him, and despite his financial struggles, he managed to collect enough money to buy his machine. With the machine now, his best friend, Sachin started learning about tattoos through online courses. This is when he came across Aliens Tattoo School and knew right away that this would be his gateway into the tattoo industry. Under the guidance of world-class mentors at Aliens Tattoo School, Sachin got to expand his skillset. He eventually graduated with an A+, the first time he aced any examination in his life. Sachin is one of our youngest prodigies at Aliens Tattoo and within a short period, has already created some stunning tattoos and become one of the top tattoo artists in Mumbai. So, if you have a complex tattoo requirement and don’t know where to go, Sachin has to be your go-to man.

Look out for offers

At Aliens Tattoo, we’re all about winners, and we like to celebrate winning in style. To that end, we conduct multiple contests on our Social Media pages with lots of exciting perks and giveaways. These perks can be in the form of a free tattoo or special offers curated exclusively for you!

The cost of a tattoo at Aliens depends on who the Tattoo Maker is. It also depends on the complexity of the design, positioning, and size. Generally, the average cost of a tattoo per square inch ranges between ₹700 - ₹1500. This does not include our base price, which begins from ₹2500. It’s true that this seems steep, it’s also true that it is totally worth it!



How to Become a Tattoo Artist?

First and foremost, passion for art is a must for budding Tattoo Makers. If you have this, we, at Aliens Tattoo School, can take care of everything else. We have carefully planned and developed a unique ecosystem that acts as a catalyst in tattoo learning for all aspiring Tattoo Makers. Our Tattoo School is the first of its kind in India, and many top Tattoo Makers have emerged from under our wings. If you’ve been exploring this avenue as a career option, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

There is no precise data to show which is the best piercing studio in India. Hence, stating any piercing studio as the best in India would not be too credible. Aliens Tattoo is home to some of the best piercing professionals in India. They have mastered the art of piercing any part of the body and also know what the best aftercare practices to guide you through the process are.

It is no secret that the Aliens Tattoo studio is the hub for celebrity Tattoo Makers in Mumbai. We have more than three celebrity Tattoo Artists at present - Sunny Bhanushali, Devendra Palav, and Allan Gois. To put things into perspective, personalities like Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya chose these Tattoo makers for their tattoos.

Best Tattoo Makers in Navi Mumbai?

At present, we do not have any studio in Navi Mumbai. However, we have a studio in Malad, roughly around an hour away from Navi Mumbai. In our opinion, because getting a tattoo is something for most is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, an hour’s traveling should not matter. We do not plan to open multiple studios in one city, so Aliens Tattoo might not always be in close proximity.

Best Tattoo Makers In Malad?

If your search for a Tattoo Maker leads you to Malad, trust us, you’re at the right place. Aliens Tattoo Studio is conveniently located on Link Road, Malad. The Aliens Tattoo Studio is the number one tattoo studio in India, and you can even get a free consultation. Simply walk in, and our expert Tattoo Makers will greet you at the door and show you how the magic happens.

Best God Tattoo Artists in India?

One of our USP is that we are the leading Tattoo Makers for Religious Tattoos in India. We boast a wide portfolio of Spiritual and Religious Tattoos, which you can go through here: God Tattoos and Religious Tattoos is a diversified segment in all the designs and concepts of tattooing and Aliens Tattoo has mastered them all. All you have to do is think of a concept and we’ll bring that idea to life!

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