Remember The Name: 6 Award-Winning Tattoo Artists in India You Must Know About

Updated: Jan 17

Searching for a suitable tattoo maker can be just as confusing and complicated as looking for your perfect match on a matrimony platform. At Aliens Tattoo, we have a diversified portfolio of artists who can cater to your specific needs with perfection. With over 15 award-winning tattoo makers at our disposal, we have experts in every genre of tattoo art.

Here’s a look at some of the best tattoo makers in India and Aliens Tattoo.

The tattoo business is booming, and we’re so excited about this growth. However, there’s a drawback to this rise in tattoo popularity. Many tattoo makers who’ve had no education in this field have emerged. We believe that the art of tattooing is no different than performing an intricate surgery. Sound knowledge and expertise are of utmost importance before one starts practicing tattoo making.

Aliens Tattoo believes in perfection. We simply do not compromise on this front. This is why we are known to be tattoo makers who are national and international award winners. On top of that, we have developed and streamlined a hygienic aftercare process. Due to this, our tattoos have the best after-effects and glow compared to any other tattoo studio in India.