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Hi! My name is

Rajesh Natekar

In inking portraits and minimalistic elements, I discover my passion, where every tattoo becomes a canvas for my creativity to flourish!

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I'm Rajesh Natekar, and my journey is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Despite facing many challenges and feeling lost, my passion for drawing and tattoo-making kept me going.
With the support of my sister, I took risks and explored new paths, even when things seemed uncertain. I showed resilience and resourcefulness by turning setbacks into opportunities for growth. I taught myself using online resources and learned from chance encounters with other tattoo artists.
Joining Aliens Tattoo was a turning point for me. It solidified my position in the industry, and now I thrive as a skilled professional. I hope my story inspires anyone facing challenges, showing that with dedication and determination, anything is possible.


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