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Cover Up Tattoos: Turning Your Tattoo From Zero To Hero

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A cover-up tattoo will transform your worst tattoo regret into a tattoo piece that you would love to flaunt

Even though tattoos are forever, your opinion or approach to one might not be. One of the biggest fears folks have when it comes to being tattooed is tattoo regrets. There can be many reasons as to why one would no longer like a tattoo.

coverup tattoo with Aliens Tattoo

Maybe it has become too cliche. Or it just healed very badly and feels smudged or not up to the mark. When you find a better artist and already have a tattoo you regret, a cover-up tattoo is a really good solution. With tattoo cover-ups, you can reach a whole different level of art and it also helps hide those regrets. And it is always a better alternative to getting a laser removal. It costs less and is also less painful. So if you are looking to transform your tattoo from zero to hero, here is a list of things that you need to know.

Finding the Artist

Buddha Cover-up Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali
Buddha Cover-up Tattoo

They're far more complex than tattooing a blank piece of flesh with a design. A lot of strategic planning is needed for the design and a deeper grasp of inks is also required for this work. The importance of finding a cover-up artist cannot be overemphasised. You should always check out their portfolios and reviews. Do not just look at the new output, but also at how the cover-up appears after it has healed. Your tattoo will appear awful if you do not locate an artist that has a lot of expertise with cover-ups. We at Aliens Tattoo have a huge record of successful tattoo cover-ups that have actually healed to look far better.

Design Possibilities

Shiva cover up tattoo at Aliens Tattoo
Amazing Shiva Cover-up Tattoo

When it comes to covering up a tattoo, there are certain restrictions on what you may do. Obviously, the new design must be larger than the old one. So do not try to cram in the coverup in the same amount of space. A larger design gives the artist greater creative flexibility, and he or she can execute it much more effectively.

Another question is how should one’s imagination be while getting a cover-up tattoo?

Well when you have an artist that is specialized in coverups, you are more likely to have more options of designs. The right tattoo artist will always try their best to incorporate your ideas into the design rather than just doing what is comfortable. It is the artist’s job to find the design that will be structured properly for the placement. It's important to keep in mind that the ideal cover-ups are well planned.

Ink blending in cover-up tattoos

watercolor lion coverup tattoo by Allan Gois
Covering Up A Black Tattoo With Color

A minimum of one millimeter of tattoo ink is put into the skin during tattooing, Because of this, your initial tattoo ink is still in the skin's lower layers. New ink doesn't merely settle on top of the old ink in a cover-up. As a matter of fact, it mixes in with it. For those who are only interested in getting black and grey tattoos, the process isn't all that difficult. Changing the hue, however, will result in a somewhat different result. This new hue will be created by mixing the old and new inks together.

So do not think that you will be able to build an orange color on top of a black tattoo. However when the orange and black mix, you will get a good brown, if that is what you desire. It is best to listen to your artist when it comes to the colors. They will have a better idea of how to mix the color to get a particular result. And if the possibilities are slim, then maybe you should just go for the colors your artist says.


Take a look at how artists at Aliens Tattoo transformed these not-so-great tattoos into complete Heroes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should you get laser removal before getting a cover-up?

It is not always essential to get a laser treatment before every cover-up. If your tattoo is already a little faded, chances are that your cover-up won’t need any laser removal treatment. But in some cases, your artists might ask you to get at least one or two sessions to fade your tattoo.

Does a cover-up tattoo hurt more?

The artist needs to ink over a wounded tissue while doing a cover-up tattoo. There is a chance that it will hurt a bit more than your first tattoo. Although it depends from person to person. There are people who feel no difference in the pain between the first tattoo and the coverup tattoo. It is, nevertheless, considerably less painful than laser tattoo removal.

Does a cover-up tattoo cost more?

Well, they are bigger than your first tattoo, so those are going to surely add some more to the bill. Also, the artist has to put more effort in planning and design, as well as the execution. So it should come as no surprise if the cover-up tattoo costs more.

Can you still see old tattoos under cover-up?

As discussed before it is very important to find an artist who has good experience with cover-ups. Because in many cases the cover-ups look very nice and opaque when it's fresh. But once the tattoo is healed the previous tattoo may start showing up. Hence it is really important to go to an artist that has a good result of cover-ups even after healing.

Can you cover up a black tattoo with color?

In general, cover-ups should be in deeper colors. So it's not really possible to hide a black tattoo with color. A little faded black tattoo can be covered with a dark color in some circumstances, although this is rare. But if the black part is very prominent, only black and grey cover-ups are the options.


At Aliens Tattoo, we have a very good track record in covering up tattoos that have healed perfectly. So if you are looking to cover up a regret, then you know where to look!

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We can completely turn unwanted tattoos into tattoos that you absolutely love. This is something worth noting for art lovers. eggy car


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