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Here ends your hunt for India's best tattoo shop!

Building a legacy is not a cakewalk. Ask any legend of their respective field, and you’ll find how tough it is. It takes rigorous planning, accepting failures, falling only to get right back on your feet, and so on. Aliens Tattoo Studio had gone through many hardships and difficulties before becoming the best tattoo shop in India.

Best Tattoo Shop in India

Many have tried but failed in their quest to become the best tattoo studio there is. Aliens have only touched the tip of the iceberg and have ambitions of bigger and greater things.

Aliens Tattoo Studio is the brainchild of India’s leading Tattoo Artist. There are not many who can match Sunny Bhanushali’s expertise in bringing designs to life. However, just mastering the art of tattooing is not enough to make it big in this industry. Many efforts are put behind the scenes, like creating a comfortable environment for clients and artists.

Little things can go a long way in leaving a lasting impression on the customers if you want them to return for future tattooing needs. Also, the employees at the Tattoo Studio need to have a positive work culture if they want to optimize the quality of their work.

Because of our meticulous style of functioning, we have seen exponential growth and managed to multiply in a quick span of time.

Currently, we have studios in the following locations:

Our UFO landed in Mumbai back in 2009, and since then, we have been serving clients from all over. We even have the best tattoo artist in Mumbai. With around 10 to 15 artists at hand, we serve several customers daily and ensure everyone is given equal care and attention.

The best tattoo shop in Mumbai is located in Malad, and you can find more information about the same here.

With the rousing success of our Mumbai studio, we got the confidence to spread our business to other locations in India. With that, our expansion plans began. Pune was next on the list, and since its inception in 2019, it has gained excellent popularity.

The studio is located in Viman Nagar, and you can find more information about the best Tattoo Shop in Pune, it's right here.

Best Tattoo Shop in Vizag

2019 was a memorable year as we began touching new bases. One after another, we opened our franchises in many parts of the country. Our studio in Visakhapatnam has seen immense love and success. If you’re looking for a custom tattoo or even a consultation, check their website to set up a free consultation!

The best tattoo shop in Vizag is located in Pandurangapuram. Check it here!

When it comes to the best tattoo shop in Delhi, the capital of India had been screaming for a premium tattoo studio, and we finally invaded the city in 2019. Aliens Tattoo Delhi has uplifted the creativity and beauty of the city for sure. We aim to set higher standards with our artistic outlook and bespoke designs.

The best tattoo shop in Delhi is located in Punjabi Bagh, do check them out!

Next on the agenda was Ahmedabad. Like our other studios, this franchise has rapidly become a place for tattoo lovers in Gujarat. The ethos of Aliens is synonymous with all our studios, and this one is no different.

Want to know more about the best tattoo shop in Ahmedabad?


What Makes Us Unique?

So, how does one ensure that their Tattoo Studio is the best tattoo shop in the business? Aliens Tattoo has cracked that code, and we’re happy to share what it took for us to become the leading Tattoo Studio in India. Our first and foremost emphasis is on the quality of work. We’d definitely not be where we are now if our Tattoos were not up to the mark.

This is why we have the best-in-class products and equipment that money can buy. This way, not only are our clients satisfied, but our employees get a sense of pride knowing they are working with equipment of such high stature.

The secret to Aliens’ success also lies in the fact that no matter which Aliens franchise you go to, your experience will always remain the same. This has truly helped us lead the line when it comes to being the best tattoo studio in India. We believe in consistency not only when it comes to our work but also in our service, culture, and vibe.

We’re trying to say that there’s no studio of Aliens that is better than the other. Be it our main headquarter in Malad or a studio in Visakhapatnam. The Aliens culture is imbibed so that nobody can tell the difference once they walk in.

Of course, a studio cannot be claimed as the best tattoo studio in India without its artists. Ultimately, they are the face of the company and shoulder the burden of carrying its name. Without their hard work, efforts, and dedication, Aliens would be like any other tattoo studio in India. This is why we have focused on grooming some of the best and talented artists on the circuit.

Our Tattoo School is the first of its kind institute recognized by the government that grooms artists for the future. During their four months of education, these budding artists learn not only the basic to expert level tricks in inking, but they are also taught how to provide an excellent overall service. We believe that to be the best tattoo studio, you must set the bar as high as possible.

This is why we are very particular with our tattoo makers. You can read further on some of our best tattoo makers here.

Firstly, the artists are taught how to communicate with a client and make them feel comfortable. We understand that a client is already anxious about getting a tattoo because it is permanently going to be etched onto their skin. They need to feel safe with their artists and put their faith in him/her completely for the process to sail smoothly.

Hence, our artists will try to understand your needs and requirements, and if they feel there can be an improvisation or customization, they’ll let you know. This way, there is transparency in communication, and more often than not, the clients like what their artist tends to suggest.

The difference between our Aliens and other tattoo makers in India is that the others prefer a set design, artwork on a stencil that can be traced with ease. In comparison, tattoo artists in Aliens have a creative mind that always flows with concepts and designs that can elevate a template art.

After finalizing a design, the artists plan on the right type of ink and tool to be used based on your skin tone and sensitivity. Tattooing for us is similar to a surgeon performing surgery. Everything needs to be done with precision, and we cannot emphasize enough how seriously we take this.

Maybe the care with which our tattoo makers go about their work makes us stand out and get classified as the best tattoo studio in India. Once you’re inked, it’s not the end of the service. This is when things get real and proper aftercare is of utmost importance if you want the best output.

All this is done in a step-by-step and systematic process, which is not common in a tattoo studio. This again sets us apart and gives clients the feel that they are in a premium tattoo studio.

Moving on from the actual work that happens at Aliens, we have also created a unique ambiance and helps set the mood. From the furniture to the type of music played, we have curated every tiny detail so that our customers immediately feel the vibe. We like to keep up with the trends and stay hip. Our line of work demands this.

So, as clients enter the parlor, they look around and don’t get too overwhelmed because nothing here is out of the ordinary except our tattoos.

All in all, Aliens has managed to climb the ladder of success to become one of the best tattoo studios in India only because of the customer-centric focus and the systematic style of service provided by our studios.

Our boss, Sunny Bhanushali, started with one studio, and within a year, we have managed to multiply into 18+ studios around India. However, this is just the beginning. We are confident that with the way we have been growing, we will be able to open another 100 studios in the coming year. All we’ll need is your continued love and support. Then, the sky's the limit when it comes to becoming the best tattoo shop in all the cities!

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