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50+ Cute Small Tattoos for Girls and Boys

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

There must be something that you’ve always had on your mind that reflects your persona. Something that you wanted to get tattooed, that you wanted to show off proudly or have something that means a lot to you and want to have just for yourself. Well, a little ink would be great to compliment your personality.

A tiny cute tattoo can fulfill your wish to wear something significant that denotes a memorable event in your life, a person or your ideas and beliefs. Small/cute tattoos for women can be carried easily without causing many regrets even years later.

Here are some best small tattoo ideas and small tattoo designs for girls and boys that will inspire you to get yours.

We have compiled a collection of few small/cute tattoos for girls and boys done at Aliens Tattoo Mumbai. You can use these tattoo ideas for small tattoos as a reference for your next tattoo, let your tattoo artist add his own magic to the one you like the most out of these amazing tattoo designs for men and women.

Script tattoos:

Script tattoos can be a great choice to keep it classy. There are endless tattoo fonts to look for online or you can make it really special by customizing it for you. Your tattoo artist can do some great calligraphy for you. Another great idea for a script tattoo is the Ambigram tattoo. Ambigram Tattoo generator is an amazing concept which lets you blend two words into one in a way that it can say anything you like in either direction.

Check out these few beautiful script tattoos we have compiled for you :)


Minimal Tattoo Designs:

If you want to have something beautiful and subtle go for these. Minimalist tattoo designs look simple yet beautiful and can go easily any personality. Minimal tattoos can be designed out of any tattoo idea such as flower tattoos, butterfly tattoos, simple religious tattoos, script tattoos, fingerprint tattoos, watercolor tattoos, custom calligraphy tattoos, ambigram tattoos, tree tattoos, name tattoos, skull tattoos, etc. Explore a few options below, they look so beautiful.


Small Animal / Bird Tattoos:

Cute animal/bird tattoos are adored by all of us, right? Getting a tiny tattoo of an animal or a bird that you really like or means something to you could be a great choice. Adding a spice of creativity to these tattoo ideas can make your tattoo stand out more than ever, check out a few of the amazing small yet creative tattoos done an Aliens Tattoo India.


Small Flower and Butterfly Tattoos:

People tend to think that this is the most common concept for female tattoos as it is widely searched on the internet, however, let me tell you that these concepts can be the most creative ones. The meaning related to these tattoo designs are so inclined towards positivity and grace, you will never regret to have one.


These are few of the best small and cute tattoos done at Aliens Tattoo, If you are planning to get a tattoo soon, and still not figured out your tattoo idea or concept, we recommend you to visit our studio for a FREE CONSULTATION. We can have a discussion over it, understand your requirement and suggest you the right custom tattoo design for you. Please visit and fill out the subscription form, we will get in touch with you in less than 48 hours.

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