50+ Cute Small Tattoos for Girls and Boys

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

There must be something that you’ve always had on your mind that reflects your persona. Something that you wanted to get tattooed, that you wanted to show off proudly or have something that means a lot to you and want to have just for yourself. Well, a little ink would be great to compliment your personality.

A tiny cute tattoo can fulfill your wish to wear something significant that denotes a memorable event in your life, a person or your ideas and beliefs. Small/cute tattoos for women can be carried easily without causing many regrets even years later.

Here are some best small tattoo ideas and small tattoo designs for girls and boys that will inspire you to get yours.

We have compiled a collection of few small/cute tattoos for girls and boys done at Aliens Tattoo Mumbai. You can use these tattoo ideas for small tattoos as a reference for your next tattoo, let your tattoo artist add his own magic to the one you like the most out of these amazing tattoo designs for men and women.

Script tattoos: