10 Trendy Tattoos To Get On Your Hand!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Tattoos are a well-known sign of self-expression and rebellion against the strict norms of society. Hippies in western countries brought this inky art into the mainstream, and it was slowly taken up by most of the youth in countries that were influenced by their principles and society.

Hand tattoos are said to be one of the most painful ones to do. This is because the bones are quite prominent than other body areas, and the skin is thinner with no muscle cushioning. The skin cells also regenerate quicker than the skin on different parts of the body; hence the wearer would have to redo the tattoo after a couple of months regularly or fade very quickly. This phenomenon is known as ‘ink fall-out’ and happens on surfaces that undergo repeated and abrasive actions due to contact with various textures. Sometimes, artists may try to combat this phenomenon with thickly filling ink in the skin, which might later cause imprecise or blown-out designs. Expert artists will suggest you have hand tattoos with thick line work, which can last longer.

Hand tattoos are also called ‘jobstoppers’ as corporate offices are hesitant to employ tattooed individuals, especially those who have tattoos that are difficult to cover up with clothing. Previously, any tattooed individuals were denied employment, but now it is restricted to those with visible tattoos. This is also because such tattoos were associated with lower and outcast classes, such as criminals and circus performers.

It is sometimes also seen that tattoo artists refuse to tattoo hands, which might be due to various reasons such as the great necessity to retouch the design frequently, or if they don’t think these trendy tattoos are a good idea for anyone. Nevertheless, many professionals don’t oppose your tattoo decisions, and if they believe it is a wrong placement, they will recommend another body part.