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Sunny Bhanushali Gets Featured in Forbes India Magazine

Updated: Apr 11

In an inspiring feature by Forbes India, the spotlight is cast on Sunny Bhanushali, a celebrity tattoo artist who has worked on iconic and famous tattoos for celebrities like Virat Kohli, Arjun Kapoor, Hardik Pandya and more. This compelling narrative is not merely a tale of achieving business milestones; it's an ode to human resilience, a journey of a man who transformed his challenges into stepping stones, crafting an empire known as Aliens Tattoo from the ground up. Forbes featured Sunny's story, a saga marked by humble beginnings, a battle against personal adversity, and the adventure of building a renowned brand against all odds, making him one of the best tattoo artists in India.

A Tale of Tenacity and Triumph

Born into modest circumstances, Sunny Bhanushali's early life was a battleground, marred by financial constraints and a stammer that posed a formidable obstacle to his communication. Yet, Sunny viewed this not as a limitation but as a challenge to be surmounted. His mastery over realism tattoos and hyper-realistic tattoos serves as a poignant reminder that personal hurdles are only as constrictive as we permit them to be.

The tattoo industry, known for its rigid gatekeepers and entrenched hierarchies, often presents a formidable challenge to newcomers. Sunny, however, armed with his passion for customized tattoo designs and a strong will, blazed his own trail. His journey from confronting industry skeptics to overcoming financial hurdles underscores a narrative of relentless perseverance and resilience.

Aliens Tattoo: A Pillar of Creativity and Innovation

Sunny Bhanushali's enterprise, Aliens Tattoo, stands today not just as a business, but as a monument to his artistic vision, creativity, and the resilience needed to forge an empire from scratch. Starting from a modest studio, Aliens Tattoo has blossomed into a prestigious chain, celebrated for its innovation, stringent hygiene standards, and the exceptional artistry of its tattooists. It’s now a luxury brand with a valuation of nearly 150 crore INR. Under Sunny's stewardship, the brand has played a pivotal role in transforming tattooing in India from a niche pursuit into a respected and sought-after art form, with specialties like realism and color surrealism tattoos elevating the art to new heights.

Beyond Tattoos: Fostering Future Talents

Sunny's remarkable journey as an entrepreneur is a story filled with passion, perseverance, and vision. Yet, what truly distinguishes him is his profound dedication to nurturing the next wave of talent within the tattoo industry. This commitment comes to life through his creation of the Aliens Tattoo School. This place is not merely a school; it is a forge where aspiring tattoo artists are shaped into masters of their craft, mirroring Sunny's own path.

Aliens Tattoo School stands as a vivid example of Sunny's belief in the transformative power of education and mentorship. It's a space where creativity and discipline converge, where artistry is not only celebrated but carefully refined. Through a comprehensive curriculum covering both the artistic and technical sides of tattooing, Sunny ensures that students receive an education that is both broad and deep. But the impact of the school goes beyond just technical skills. Its real success lies in creating a community of artists, united by their love for tattooing, that the school truly makes its mark.

Sunny Bhanushali's feature in Forbes India is a celebration of his remarkable achievements and a story that finds resonance with many. It's a universal reminder that our origins do not define our destiny, and often, the biggest obstacles we face are the ones we construct ourselves. Overcoming them requires bravery, persistence, and a strong belief in one's dreams.

As Sunny Bhanushali continues to inspire a new generation of artists and entrepreneurs, his story epitomizes the essence of true success: the power to overcome one's limitations and to pave a path that not only leads to personal achievement but also illuminates the way for others. Sunny's journey from stuttering to stardom is not just his story; it's a guiding light for anyone daring to dream big, making it a must-read feature in Forbes India for those seeking motivation and inspiration in their own journeys towards success.

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Unknown member
Apr 05

Sunny's journey as an entrepreneur is truly inspiring, but what stands out to me is his commitment to giving back to the tattoo industry through Aliens Tattoo School. It's heartening to see someone not only achieve success but also actively work towards nurturing the next generation of tunnel rush artists.


Unknown member
Apr 02

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