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Aliens Tattoo Redefines Artistry at Kula 2024

Updated: May 22

award winning artists

At Aliens Tattoo, we are overjoyed over the stellar performances of our artists at this year’s Kula Tattoo Festival Mumbai! The second edition of Kula Worldwide truly was a splendid mosaic of diverse cultures and artistic expressions. Central to the ethos of Kula Worldwide is the powerful message that art has the unique ability to create bridges and forge connections among individuals from varied backgrounds and experiences.

This illustrious tattoo fest, which was held in the bustling city of Mumbai, became a melting pot of artistic talent and drew in tattoo artists from across the globe. Each artist brought with them a unique perspective, contributing to an eclectic mix that ranged from the intricacy of traditional tribal tattoos to the bold and innovative flair of contemporary, avant-garde designs. Kula Tattoo Festival was more than just a competitive event; it was a grand celebration of artistry in all its forms and an affirmation of the creativity that flows in the veins of tattoo artists.

Here are the artists who have represented Aliens Tattoo at Kula and won awards:

Shivani Adhikari - Best Emerging Talent / Best Blackwork 

Shivani has quickly paved her way to become one of the most sought after artists. In 2022, she began her internship with Aliens Tattoo, a pivotal step in sharpening her artistic skills and gaining valuable industry experience. Her journey led her to become a full-time artist at Aliens Tattoo Bangalore, where she quickly gained prominence for her work.

At Kula 2024, Shivani's talent shone brightly as she clinched 2nd place in the Best Tribal, Geometric, and Blackwork category, alongside being honoured 1st place as the Best Emerging Talent.

Sneha Patel - Best Black and Grey Small / Best Traditional

Sneha has firmly established herself as a seasoned artist in the world of tattoo conventions, boasting an extensive and impressive list of accolades to her name. She is currently a full-time artist at Aliens Tattoo Navi Mumbai and her portfolio is a kaleidoscope of groundbreaking designs, earning her honors in highly sought-after categories.  Her latest additions include 3rd places in the Best Black and Grey Small category and Best Traditional at Kula 2024. 

Tarun Rawat - Best Colour Large

Tarun, originally hailing from Dehradun, has carved a unique niche for himself in the world of tattoo art. He began his journey at Aliens Tattoo School in 2022, leading him to his current position at Aliens Tattoo Chandigarh. Known for his exceptional talent in bringing Anime and cartoon-themed tattoos to life, his tattoo which competed for the highly competitive Best Colour Large category, stood out for its exceptional use of color, composition, and thematic depth, securing the 3rd place.

Sunny Ghandat and Pratik Patkar - Best Collaboration

Raising the standard at the previous Kula convention, Sunny Ghandat once again made a remarkable impact at this year's edition of Kula. Having already set a high benchmark at the previous Kula convention, Sunny Ghandat returned to this year's edition with a formidable presence, ready for another winning streak. Amidst a sea of talent and creativity at the Kula convention, Sunny and Pratik’s work stood out, ultimately earning them the highly esteemed Best Collaboration award. This accolade was a recognition of not only their individual talents but also their exceptional ability to work together, creating something truly extraordinary.

Aliens Tattoo at Kula Tattoo Festival 2024

Our booth was a standout attraction and a central hub for artistic inspiration and creative expression. Far from being just a display space, it was an arena of activity, where ideas flowed as freely as the vivid ink used by our artists. Quickly becoming the talk of the festival, it became a key focal point for networking, learning, and sharing among the most influential and emerging names in the industry. It was a celebration of artistry in its most lavish form, a clear demonstration of the skill and vision of our team, and a striking showcase of our dedication to leading the way in the ever-evolving world of artistic innovation.

award winning tattoo artists at kula fest

Aliens Tattoo’s participation at Kula 2024 has not only fortified our reputation on a global stage but also underscored our role in shaping the future of tattoo artistry. As we bask in the glory of our achievements, we remain headstrong in our pursuit of pushing the boundaries of this art form and inspiring both artists and enthusiasts around the world. We eagerly look forward to continuing our journey of artistic exploration, setting new benchmarks, and contributing to the ever-evolving tattoo industry.

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