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Human blood cannot be manufactured it can only be acquired from a blood donor. Be the greater human, donate blood and help humanity!

The Red Vision

'RED' is an initiative under

Evolve - Aliens Foundation which conducts Blood Donation Drives to support fellow humans who require blood.

You gain more while you give

Your support to humanity makes you

an important human on Earth.

Your generous RED effort shall revive a needy.

How We Flow

Our Mission

Mother Earth is our cradle, and we all are its children...
We believe in giving back to nature as our humble responsibility. With RED - Evolve by Aliens Foundation aims to help our fellow humans and make Mother Earth sparkle with joy.

Widespread Network

We have a network of clients which hail from different strata of society. We're driven to cater to humanity with our influence and good deeds

Medical Expertise

We have joined hands with one of the top hospitals in Mumbai - Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre for taking care of the medical responsibilities during blood donation drives.

Promoting Awareness

Under the Evolve - Aliens Foundation we aim to promote awareness towards pressing issues of the society and help remove any obstacles that are present. With consistent efforts, we intend on creating a better future for further generations.


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