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A reminder of a reawakening - Virali Modi

Updated: 5 days ago

"15 years ago, my life completely changed at 180 degrees. When I was 15 years old, I was declared dead thrice, I went into a comma for 23 days. And what's shocking is that I ended up coming out of comma exactly on my birthday, at exactly the same time that I was born. I wasn't able to walk anymore and my life really had changed. But I got to live and that's really everything! That's why when I was ready for a tattoo, I got a pocket watch done with my birth time as it felt like a rebirth to me"

This is Virali Modi's life story depicted in the above video through a beautiful custom tattoo. To those who do not know who she is, Virali is a motivational speaker, a model, a disability rights advocate and an influencer.

Her journey is mind boggling and inspiring as she looks at life through a positive lens and doesn't believe in being differently abled just because she has to depend upon a different lifeline than others. She believes that like most humans are dependent on their legs and consider legs as their lifeline, she considers her wheel chair as her lifeline. As most humans take the stairs, she'd take the ramp. It is normal to her. In fact, in her words "Normalcy is subjective!" What's normal to her might be completely abnormal to others and vice versa. She is against the notions like being differently abled, specially abled etc. She'd rather like people to accept the reality and take it positively just like her.

Ever since the life changing incidence took place in Virali's life, she has lived her life to the fullest with no complaints, being one of the most inspirational women in the world. She has won second place in The Miss Wheelchair India pageant in 2014. She started writing about her life's experiences on Quora and earned 80,000 followers that are getting inspired and motivated by her writing. She is working to bring awareness about disability and woman rights through her writing.

Virali's tattoo was a customised design of a realistic pocket watch that showed her birth time. It was designed by Sameer Kureshi and inked by Abhishek Panchal at Aliens Tattoo Mumbai. After this tattoo, Virali got multiple tattoos from Aliens Tattoo, all customised for her depicting her memories and things that mean to her the most.

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