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From Manga to Masterpiece: The Rise of Anime Tattoos

Updated: Feb 24

Anime Tattoos

Calling all Japanese anime fans! 2023 is shaping to be the year of anime tattoos. For most of us, anime has always been a part of our childhood (think Pokemon, Shin Chan and Doraemon). As anime continues to surge in popularity, there is a rise in the number of anime tattoo shops and many fans here in India are honouring their favourite series with anime temporary tattoos as well as permanent ones.

Check out some of the anime tattoos our lovely artists at Aliens Tattoo India have recently created.

anime tattoos

Behold the intricate black and grey masterpiece featuring none other than Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan! The show was immensely well-liked and sadly ended in March 2022, it's no surprise that many of our clients have chosen to permanently etch Eren onto their skin as a tribute.

Another immensely popular anime that has a huge fan base worldwide is Naruto. A true Otaku has definitely watched at least one episode! This wildly popular anime has taken the world by storm, and its dedicated fanbase can't get enough, including the staff of Aliens Tattoo India. Countless people have chosen to immortalize their favorite Naruto characters with tattoos, and our talented artists are here to make sure that each tattoo is one-of-a-kind, even if it features the same characters as others.

Naruto tattoo

The ultimate fusion of style and substance! Our fineline Naruto tattoo boasts an edgy geometric design that is very trendy at the moment. Authentic Japanese texts and symbols were included to perfectly capture the essence of the anime. Subtle hints of red throughout the tattoo add an extra touch of sophistication that's sure to bring you a lot of compliments.

Itachi tattoo

Speaking of red ink, this Itachi tattoo is proof that you shouldn't shy away from color tattoos. A lot of people are under the impression that color tattoos don't fade well but with proper aftercare provided by Aliens Tattoo India artists, your tattoo will be vibrant as ever.

naruto tattoo design

Move over, Naruto - Itachi is stealing the spotlight in the tattoo world! Check out this custom ink featuring the enigmatic and complex Itachi alongside Madara.

goku tattoo

Goku's power and intensity are on full display in this Dragon Ball Z tattoo! The blackwork is striking on its own, but the red and yellow accents take it to the next level. Also, don't miss the paintbrush stroke dragon at the bottom. Aliens Tattoo design options are never the same; we make sure every tattoo is as unique as possible.

goku tattoo ideas

From a small kid to a Super Saiyan, Goku's evolution is nothing short of remarkable. This magnificent 4-panel tattoo of his time in the series looks straight out of the manga!

rengoku tattoo

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba took the anime world by storm, and Rengoku quickly became a fan-favorite character. The series has won numerous awards, including Anime of the Year at the 2019 Crunchyroll Anime Awards. Check out this epic tattoo that captures his cute personality and fierce spirit.

sukuna tattoo

Step aside, mere mortals, and behold the terrifying power of Sukuna! One of our clients requested the ruthless and sadistic cursed spirit from Jujutsu Kaisen to be inked on his forearm. We think he's an absolute force to be reckoned with, don't you agree?

Red and black tattoos

Dark, suspenseful, and full of unforgettable characters - that's The Promised Neverland. Red and black tattoos are all the rage right now, and this Emma ink is a prime example of why! We carefully crafted this thigh piece to capture all of Emma's leadership skills and determination. Of course we made sure to include some symbolism from the show.

Dabi tattoo

My Hero Academia fans, you won't want to miss this epic Dabi tattoo! Dabi has a burned and scarred appearance with blue flames emanating from his body. We created this lower leg piece with striking black, grey, and blue hues. This tattoo hit the mark and captured both; his unique appearance and cold, sadistic personality.

death note tattoo

Get inked with a Death Note masterpiece! Our latest anime forearm sleeve tattoo features the intense and intricate bond between Light and Ryuk, capturing the iconic anime style that we all adore.

one piece tattoo

One Piece is one of the longest running and most iconic animes, which started in 1999 and is still ongoing! Over these years, this show has also gained a huge cult following. We crafted this big, grey forearm piece for our client featuring the most popular character in the show, Luffy.

luffy tattoo

Here's another tattoo featuring the iconic character Luffy, but this time with an added twist - it's been created in colour! The result is a striking tattoo that beautifully captures Luffy's vibrant personality. The attention to detail and skill of the artist is evident in the intricate design, making it a true work of art.

kakegurui tattoo

Feeling lucky? Take a gamble with our stunning Yumeko Jabami arm piece. This jaw-dropping tattoo features the iconic Kakegurui character in striking black and grey ink, with a pop of pink to capture her captivating gaze. With a custom touch of playing cards, this tattoo perfectly captures Yumeko's addiction to gambling.

So whether you're a die-hard fan or simply appreciate the beauty of anime art, an anime tattoo is a bold and beautiful statement that will showcase your passion for years to come. Aliens Tattoo design options are aplenty— if you have any anime tattoo ideas in mind that you want to get inked on yourself, we'll bring it to reality! Contact us for a free consultation and book your appointment soon.

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