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Feel Royal With Crown Tattoos

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

When one thinks of royalty, the imagery of a crown is immediately brought to mind. The crown is a symbol of the state's monarch, and an image of it brings forth the responsibilities and duties associated with it. This is also the meaning of the phrase ‘heavy is the head that bears the crown,’ which means that the monarch wearing a crown acquires all the responsibilities associated with it and has to bring it into fruition in the best way possible for their state and subjects.

Crown tattoos are very famous among tattoo lovers, as it represents power and strength and represents the self-control, independence, and authority a person has over their life. Since the Antiquity period, crowns are also associated with a victory because they were worn by kings who often defeated other leaders and expanded their kingdoms. When crown tattoos have this meaning, they are generally paired with a cross, as this definition was put into place in Europe, or with a sword, to show the might of the wearer.

Speaking of Europe, a crown with barbs symbolizes Jesus Christ's martyrdom and his suffering and undying love for humankind. In India, the crown is linked to gods and kings and shows divine right and power.

People get crown tattoos as a metaphor to be like kings of ancient times: just, fair, progressive, and kind. Some prefer to give it the power of future prosperity, abundance, riches, and evolution, not only in an economic sense but also in friendship, love, relations, admiration, and gratitude. Many couples tend to get ‘king and queen’ tattoos as a symbol of pride, bond, and love in their relationship.

Several people choose to add names of important people in their lives and dates to personalize it. Traditional definitions usually talk about honor, pride, and loyalty to one’s family and the qualities and virtues they believe in. Sometimes, wild animals like lions and elephants are included in the design. The lion is known as the king of the jungle and has leadership qualities, which many men relate to. On the other hand, elephants are a quirky choice to be designed with a crown, as they are generally noted as calm creatures, connected to wisdom and longevity, which are virtues according to which some like to live their lives.

Crowns also have an emblematic meaning, all the way from the Roman era. Along with the explanation that a crown showcases the intangible achievement of the mind over the body, it also portrays wisdom and brilliance. The Latin term ‘genius’ originally meant a guiding spirit for a person or a family, like a divine intervention depicted in art as a halo. The halo developed later into the crown, displaying kings' genius, like angels and saints. This explanation creates a union of the historical kings' divine power and the guiding spirit to help the ruler be wise and just. On the other hand, skulls with a crown are a gothic approach to the typical crown tattoo. These tattoos define a victory and understanding of one’s mortality.

The crown always has a place on a person’s head, but in the modern world, one must be content with having a tattoo on their body to represent their royalty. One can choose to have a crown tattoo on their head, but it is a moderately unpopular area close to the skull and would hurt a lot. The pain factor can be a big deal for sensitive skin, but some people might not be in much pain inversely. Predominantly, people choose to have these tattoos on other body parts, a list of which parts and why people select those are given below.


The hand and wrist are popular places to get crown tattoos, as it is visible all the time. It is undoubtedly a painful part, as the skin is relatively thin and close to the bone. Wrist tattoos should be placed in the middle, as it looks quite strategically weird if it is closer to one end of the wrist than the other. You can choose any art for the tattoo, like watercolor, realistic, line art, and many others.


This part is certainly less painful, as the skin and bone are separated from each other by a substantial amount of fat. Men could get arm sleeves, including animal crown tattoos, which display their tattoos and biceps. If the tattoo extends to the shoulder, it should be noted that it could be painful as in many people, the shoulder bone juts out.


The chest is a big enough canvas for the daring and adventurous. Most of the chest has a layer of muscles, which will significantly reduce the pain, but beware if you choose to get one on your ribcage, as it can be a susceptible area. Many choose to get minimalist tattoos on their collarbones too.


Like the chest, the back is also an excellent choice for people who want to get big tattoos. The only thing people who want to get a back tattoo should keep in mind is that the needle can go fairly close to the spinal cord, which, for some people, is very prominent and can cause discomfort. Nevertheless, the back is the right place for those who want to hide their tattoos if they work in an environment with a strict dress code.


As for the upper arm, the legs are also a moderately less painful area, especially the thigh and the calf area, where there are many muscles. These areas are also wider than the arm, so a giant tattoo will not be congested or wrap around the limb. Ankle tattoos are also a trend where many people go for simple and minimalistic crowns.

Source: Aliens Tattoo & Pinterest

The crown has various meanings, and you can give it your own if you wish to, along with your desired additions in the design. Contact our tattoo artists at Aliens Tattoo Studio to get a free consultation now. You can also go through the artist portfolio to find your preferred artist and a style you will never be tired of!

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