Feel Royal With Crown Tattoos

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

When one thinks of royalty, the imagery of a crown is immediately brought to mind. The crown is a symbol of the state's monarch, and an image of it brings forth the responsibilities and duties associated with it. This is also the meaning of the phrase ‘heavy is the head that bears the crown,’ which means that the monarch wearing a crown acquires all the responsibilities associated with it and has to bring it into fruition in the best way possible for their state and subjects.

Crown tattoos are very famous among tattoo lovers, as it represents power and strength and represents the self-control, independence, and authority a person has over their life. Since the Antiquity period, crowns are also associated with a victory because they were worn by kings who often defeated other leaders and expanded their kingdoms. When crown tattoos have this meaning, they are generally paired with a cross, as this definition was put into place in Europe, or with a sword, to show the might of the wearer.

Speaking of Europe, a crown with barbs symbolizes Jes