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Tattoo Ideas for Men

Gone are those days when a guy with tattoos was looked upon as a bad influence or a hazard to society. Tattoos have become an art trend, a fashion statement, and a way to express one’s feelings and emotions. They have a deeper meaning to them and have the power to cross castes as well as create a sense of unity rarely thought of. A lot of guys are now going for small tattoos to express themselves just like their female counterparts.

So let’s check out these amazing tattoos ideas for Men.

1. Minimal Tattoos For Men 

Small is the new big! Yes, it’s true. Minimal tattoos are the best option for you if you want to get inked for the first time or if you want to have a tattoo with a deep significance or meaning. Minimal tattoos are clean and easy as it takes less time than other types of tattoos. Minimal tattoos look best on the wrist or parts of the body which is more visible to you and others, people prefer to get a minimal tattoo in such places. They want to show the significance of their tattoo or the meaning they carry to the outside world. There are lots of options to select if you are thinking of getting a minimal tattoo. You can go through the images and see amazing minimal tattoos for men and pick out your favorite design.

2. Small Colour Tattoos For Men

Small color tattoos are one of the best tattoos, as these tattoos are easy to design. Sometimes even the smallest tattoos may convey a deep meaning. You can get a colorful small tattoo that you like, it could be a symbol or a quote that you like. The different shade of colors or just a particular color to a small tattoo adds more beauty to it. It brings the design to life, how adding spices gives flavor to food, in a similar fashion adding colors to tattoos brings the tattoos to life. It’s more vivid and we provide different and unique designs that might appeal to you to get one sooner.

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3. Couple Tattoos For Men

Thinking about something special to give to a loved one?  Why not give something unique and something that stays forever. There are so many ways in which couples show their eternal love and their bond. One of the most popular ways to express your love for each other is by getting a couple tattoo. You can get a customized tattoo of your choice. People usually get matching tattoos to represent the experience they have shared or the milestone they have achieved in their journey. Having a couple tattoo defines your togetherness. It contains a strong meaning and shows love for each other. There are so many beautiful couple tattoos that you can check and get an idea about what to get with your partner.

4. Back Tattoo For Men

Guys can ink their back by getting amazing back tattoos. The main thing about getting a tattoo on the back is that it hurts less as compared to other parts of the body. You can select your favorite designs, colors, and different types such as an eagle, lion, and so on. As everyone has different tastes, the type of back tattoo that they want will be based on the meaning that they want to convey. Most tattoos done on the back are large but it is not a necessary rule. As you can see above, there are different types of shapes and designs that you can get for your back tattoo. Be it a small symbol or a big design, the back is the best place to get inked.

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5. Geometric Tattoos For Men

Geometric tattoos are tattoos that are made with geometric shapes and lines. These geometric tattoos have taken the tattoo industry by storm. Geometric tattoos can vary from a simple small tattoo to a very complex tattoo. Complex geometric tattoos require high skills which can be only found with experienced tattoo artists. 

The lines and curves are drawn with precise detailing and the tattoos designs can be complex circle designs or the wavy designs as seen above in images. Geometric tattoos are very popular because a tattoo artist can create any design or even a unique tattoo using those shapes and lines. Check out these amazing geometric tattoos from a simple tattoo or big complex ones and decide which one would you want to get inked.

6. Script Tattoos For Men

Do you have a quote that inspires you? Or do you want to forever remember those beautiful words spoken to you by your loved ones? Well, what are you waiting for? Get a script tattoo as it's a perfect choice. Script tattoos are unique and even trending these days. Literary brilliance combined with exotic body art is the essence of script tattoos. These tattoos can be done in vernacular language, Sanskrit, and English as these are the most preferred languages by people for their script tattoos. The tattoos can be modified to look more artistic and manly like the tattoo with a gun or something as simple as the word ‘faith’. Calligraphy is the most preferred choice by guys when getting a script tattoo. It looks beautiful and the script inked looks eye-catching. These are great small script tattoo ideas for boys, check out some amazing tattoos, and get your own customized script tattoos soon.

7. Travel Tattoo For Men

Another popular choice for men these days is a travel tattoo. They generally represent a love of travelling and thirst for knowledge. To see the shape of the earth engraved onto someone’s skin exudes an idea of adventure and excitement. It also connects fellow travel enthusiasts who can share their stories and possibly even plan a trip together. Check some of our best work when it comes to Travel Tattoos and see what you’d like to get!

8. Wrist Tattoos For Men

Tattoos for boys on the wrist are very popular as the wrist is an ideal place to get a tattoo with a significant meaning. In ancient times the wrist was considered as a natural spot that exudes spiritual energy which makes it very significant to get a tattoo on the wrist. Mostly, tattoos for boys on the wrist are preferred to be small and minimal in size. Though they are small, there are lots of designs to choose from as the wrist is one of the favourite parts of the body for boys to get their first tattoo. Be it a word, an object, or a symbol, all designs go well on the wrist. Here you can check amazing types of tattoos for boys on the wrist and get your favourite design inked.

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9. Chest Tattoo For Men

Tattoos are a way through which an individual can represent themselves. There are various unique chest tattoos such as a heart tattoo, a quote tattoo, and many more that you can get on your chest based on your choice. As this is a painful procedure, it depends on your tolerance level, the type and size of the chest tattoo you will want to get inked. It will help you to amplify your attention. Chest tattoos are mostly covered tattoos and not visible most of the time, the reason why guys get a tattoo on the chest is mostly that they want to keep it close to their heart. It’s precious for them as the tattoo has a deep significance for them. Check out these tattoos for guys on the chest and if you plan to get a tattoo, you can always get it designed as per your preference.

10. Pet Tattoos For Men

Pet tattoos are fondly done to show love and affection towards one’s pet animal. People love their pets and they consider them a part of their family and life. Pet tattoos are done for various reasons from adopting a new pet tattoo to getting a pet tattoo to memorialize the pet which they lost. These pet tattoos are incredibly cute and you may not be able to stop yourself from falling in love. The most common pet animal tattoos are dogs as they are loved by everyone and the majority of people have dogs as their pets. If you have a pet and if you are thinking of getting a tattoo of them check these adorable pet tattoos and get yours as well.

11. Finger Tattoos For Men

Finger tattoo is one of the trending tattoos, we can see many celebrities like Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Zayn Malik, and many others getting a finger tattoo. You can choose on which finger you want the tattoo, you can just get it on a single finger or all, depending on the type of tattoo that you are looking for. Finger tattoos can include a letter or symbol or even a ring tattoo. No matter which you opt for, it will look astonishing! Finger tattoos need a lot of care as fingers get exposed to a lot of sun and dirt. The aftercare has to be followed precisely if you want the finger tattoo to last for long. This does not mean that finger tattoos are not a good option for boys, it definitely is. Remember every good thing needs proper care, so get a finger tattoo and tick the box in your to-do list.

12. Meaningful Tattoos For Men

Every person irrespective of the gender who decides to get a tattoo does it with a purpose. That tattoo means something for them, maybe it has a story behind it. Be it a script, symbol, design, portrait, or a small tattoo, each of these tattoos would mean something to the person getting it. You might want to display your love for a band, your favorite sports team, player, etc. So, if you want to have a meaningful tattoo that signifies your beliefs, faith, or is very close to something you should definitely get it inked. Check out tattoo ideas with meanings or get in touch with us. As mentioned above, these small tattoo ideas are ideal for you at any given time as you do not need hardcore commitment like in the case of bigger tattoos. So give it a shot and we bet you’ll never stop! Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and show your personality. No matter which part of the body you want to get a tattoo or what kind of tattoo you want to get inked, all those tattoos would and should have a deeper meaning and should be significant to you. These are permanent tattoos and it will be inked on your body forever. So make sure you take some time to think and then make a final decision about which tattoo you want for yourself.

13. Shiva For Men

Shiva is a symbol of power and tranquility, hence many people tend to get inclined towards this option. It shows their power or control over their own lives. It can also be used as a symbol of protection, as the Trishul that goes with Shiva was used to protect his followers from evil. Some people tend to believe in this weapon as a symbol to ward off evil and temptation from their lives and keep them on the path of good and righteousness. Check out our wide collection of Shiva Tattoos or go for your own customized version of the supreme being.

14. Portrait Tattoos For Men

Portrait tattoos symbolises the love for a piece of art or can be an expression of admiration and love for someone special to us. It is a style within realism tattoos and this is something we at Aliens are really good at. If you’re looking to represent someone truly meaningful in your life, we highly recommend you to go for a portrait tattoo. Here are a few examples of portrait tattoos done by our Aliens, but do hold on to your jaws because they’re definitely going to drop!


The most frequently asked question 

related to tattoo for Men/ Boys

Let’s check some most frequently asked
question-related to tattoo for Men and I will answer them for you!

1. What is the most popular tattoo for Men? 

Animal and tribal tattoos are the most popular tattoos for a guy. Some even prefer to show off their favorite sports teams or players to the world. The animal tattoo represents freedom and transformation and it symbolises strength and hope. Such tattoos are mostly inked using black ink than with colors.

2. Where should men get tattoos?

Wherever they want. It's completely your choice but if you want suggestions let us give you some ideas :

On the upper arm as a sleeve, where the guy can show off his muscles and his tattoo. The chest, where he can depict a topic close to his heart. The back, where he can have big tattoos which can be covered while working. These three places are perfect to get tattoos for guys.

3. What are good ideas for a first tattoo?

People usually get something that is very close to them for their first tattoo, like a meaningful quote or their family members or the person they love, names, or portraits. It can be their pet’s paw or a sentence or shlokas from their favourite book. Many guys prefer to have symbolic tattoos according to which they live their lives.

4. Is tattooing a sin?

This is a very complicated answer in terms of various religious practices. According to us, tattooing is not a sin. It's a personal choice of an individual but there are certain faiths and groups which consider getting a tattoo as sin. According to them, a person should not make any markings on the body, as it is a sacred place. Nevertheless, this is their perspective and if you want to get a tattoo it should be your choice as you will be expressing your emotions, and well, it's also your right to freedom.

5. What are good tattoo ideas?

Religious and mythological tattoos are trending in today’s time. People want to express their faith by getting such tattoos. Realistic portraits are a particular favorite as people want to get inked with the portrait of the person that matters a lot to them, who can be from their family or their idol or the love of their life. Small tattoos are best for boys who want to get inked for the first time. There are various options when it comes to small minimal tattoos and it

takes less time to get but the effect of getting a new tattoo remains the same. Animal tattoos are in trend as well, especially lion tattoos or wolf tattoos. Pet animal tattoos are popular too, along with mythical creatures like phoenix and dragon tattoos.


6. Can I design my own tattoo?

Of course, you can! Mostly tattoo artists prefer that their clients have a basic design of what they want to get and then they help their client to get that and to fit that tattoo on their body. If you know which tattoo design you want to get inked on your body, your tattoo artist will gladly ink it for you. If you only have a basic idea of your design, you can explain it to your artist and they will design your desired tattoo.


7. What is the coolest tattoo ever?

Oh there are many talented artists, who create amazing tattoos every day, but our favorite are:

Aghori Shiva tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj tattoo by Allan Gois, realistic tattoos by Devendra Palav, King of Hearts tattoo by Pratik Patkar, Krishna tattoo by Bhanu Pratap.


8. How do you choose a tattoo's meaning?

We totally get you, we have so many things that are important to us, so many things that we want to relate with, and when we are planning to get a tattoo it confuses us about what to get. It’s not easy to decide what tattoo to make or what design you want for your first tattoo. You may have a basic idea in your mind but confused about whether you should do it or not. Well, there is a solution to this. When you visit a professional tattoo studio, your tattoo artist guides you with selecting what kind of design you want. When the design is decided, they help you by modifying that design according to your wish and make the final design which will be tattooed on your skin exactly as you want.  So take your time to think, do some research about the design which you have in your mind. Find similar tattoos and check out those designs and which artists made them. Next, check the artist’s profile to check if he is good or not, and then make up your mind as to what exactly you want or get the help of your tattoo artist.

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