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Tattoo Ideas for Men

Gone are those days when a guy with tattoos was looked upon as a bad influence or a hazard to society. Tattoos have become an art trend, a fashion statement, and a way to express one’s feelings and emotions. They have a deeper meaning to them and have the power to cross castes as well as create a sense of unity rarely thought of. A lot of guys are now going for small tattoos to express themselves just like their female counterparts.

So let’s check out these amazing tattoos ideas for Men.

1. Minimal Tattoos For Men 

Small is the new big! Yes, it’s true. Minimal tattoos are the best option for you if you want to get inked for the first time or if you want to have a tattoo with a deep significance or meaning. Minimal tattoos are clean and easy as it takes less time than other types of tattoos. Minimal tattoos look best on the wrist or parts of the body which is more visible to you and others, people prefer to get a minimal tattoo in such places. They want to show the significance of their tattoo or the meaning they carry to the outside world. There are lots of options to select if you are thinking of getting a minimal tattoo. You can go through the images and see amazing minimal tattoos for men and pick out your favorite design.

2. Small Colour Tattoos For Men

Small color tattoos are one of the best tattoos, as these tattoos are easy to design. Sometimes even the smallest tattoos may convey a deep meaning. You can get a colorful small tattoo that you like, it could be a symbol or a quote that you like. The different shade of colors or just a particular color to a small tattoo adds more beauty to it. It brings the design to life, how adding spices gives flavor to food, in a similar fashion adding colors to tattoos brings the tattoos to life. It’s more vivid and we provide different and unique designs that might appeal to you to get one sooner.

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3. Couple Tattoos For Men

Thinking about something special to give to a loved one?  Why not give something unique and something that stays forever. There are so many ways in which couples show their eternal love and their bond. One of the most popular ways to express your love for each other is by getting a couple tattoo. You can get a customized tattoo of your choice. People usually get matching tattoos to represent the experience they have shared or the milestone they have achieved in their journey. Having a couple tattoo defines your togetherness. It contains a strong meaning and shows love for each other. There are so many beautiful couple tattoos that you can check and get an idea about what to get with your partner.

4. Back Tattoo For Men

Guys can ink their back by getting amazing back tattoos. The main thing about getting a tattoo on the back is that it hurts less as compared to other parts of the body. You can select your favorite designs, colors, and different types such as an eagle, lion, and so on. As everyone has different tastes, the type of back tattoo that they want will be based on the meaning that they want to convey. Most tattoos done on the back are large but it is not a necessary rule. As you can see above, there are different types of shapes and designs that you can get for your back tattoo. Be it a small symbol or a big design, the back is the best place to get inked.

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5. Geometric Tattoos For Men

Geometric tattoos are tattoos that are made with geometric shapes and lines. These geometric tattoos have taken the tattoo industry by storm. Geometric tattoos can vary from a simple small tattoo to a very complex tattoo. Complex geometric tattoos require high skills which can be only found with experienced tattoo artists. 

The lines and curves are drawn with precise detailing and the tattoos designs can be complex circle designs or the wavy designs as seen above in images. Geometric tattoos are very popular because a tattoo artist can create any design or even a unique tattoo using those shapes and lines. Check out these amazing geometric tattoos from a simple tattoo or big complex ones and decide which one would you want to get inked.

6. Script Tattoos For Men

Do you have a quote that inspires you? Or do you want to forever remember those beautiful words spoken to you by your loved ones? Well, what are you waiting for? Get a script tattoo as it's a perfect choice. Script tattoos are unique and even trending these days. Literary brilliance combined with exotic body art is the essence of script tattoos. These tattoos can be done in vernacular language, Sanskrit, and English as these are the most preferred languages by people for their script tattoos. The tattoos can be modified to look more artistic and manly like the tattoo with a gun or something as simple as the word ‘faith’. Calligraphy is the most preferred choice by guys when getting a script tattoo. It looks beautiful and the script inked looks eye-catching. These are great small script tattoo ideas for boys, check out some amazing tattoos, and get your own customized script tattoos soon.

7. Travel Tattoo For Men

Another popular choice for men these days is a travel tattoo. They generally represent a love of travelling and thirst for knowledge. To see the shape of the earth engraved onto someone’s skin exudes an idea of adventure and excitement. It also connects fellow travel enthusiasts who can share their stories and possibly even plan a trip together. Check some of our best work when it comes to Travel Tattoos and see what you’d like to get!