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While 2020 happened in the blink of an eye, some of our best tattoos caught many eyes, check them!🤗

This year has been an actual roller coaster, hasn’t it? The murder hornets had taken over the world like a couple of months after Harry and Meghan quit the royal family (we think it’s related: #AliensAreEverywhere).

Even we Aliens had a rather eventful year. The Pentagon found out about some of our employees roaming around in our UFOs, but we were able to squash that news by releasing our murder hornets (okay, yes, we did it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). Nevertheless, we also invaded three new cities, and surprisingly, all of you accepted us as your overlords!

Furthermore, we started to actively talk to all of you on our social media channels (if you haven’t had a chance to speak with us yet, follow @alienstattooindia or Aliens Tattoo on your fav social media). You, too, communicated LOUD and clear on our pages and showed a lot of love for our tattoo artists and their artwork!

Hence, without any ado, here are our best tattoos of the year 2020: a slideshow!

All of you really loved our religious tattoos, huh? Like literally all of our religious tattoos on Instagram have been liked, commented, and shared unto eternity. We’d like to give some credit for this to our incredible tattoo artists, who take our client’s belief systems and give them a tangible and beautiful form on their bodies. The genuinely excellent shading and colors used throughout the artwork brings the whole design to life!

Tribal tattoos really took India by storm this year! We received so many wonderful clients who wanted to either show off their ancestors’ values and culture or aesthetically beautify their bodies. And as always, we took your words to heart and created some unique masterpieces. Tribal tattoos have their own magic, something different than the other categories. We try hard not to appropriate or offend any culture with our work, which sometimes gives us a narrow road to wander upon with our inks and needles, but we try hard to make lemonade out of colored limes!

The list of best tattoos of 2020 would be incomplete without mentioning portrait tattoos. We saw so many people who wanted to get a tattoo of their loved ones for many different reasons, but all the reasons tugged at our heartstrings. We also saw an increase in people getting miniature portrait tattoos of their favorite people in the world, be it their family or their favorite actor from that action movie. Anyhow, the stellar shading in the tattoos gave a realistic aspect to these designs, making it seem like these people were beside us all the time. :,)

Geometric tattoos are one of the best tattoos of 2020 and the apple of our eyes 👽! The fine lines and circles remind us of our home planet of Lineria and give off cool vibes 🤙. The symmetry in these tattoos makes our brains relax on a beach with a pina colada, and the circles love to energize us! There's one particular Alien who does real justice to this category of tattoos and that is Devendra Palav, or like how fondly call him - Deva.

Aesthetic tattoos are the new in-thing in this industry and, inarguably, the best tattoo genre of 2020. These tattoos are made to ameliorate the vibes and go along with the person’s aesthetic. These are somewhat subjective; hence not everyone would think of these designs as aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of what people think, you can get any tattoo that you think goes along with your vibe!


So here are some of your and our most favorite tattoos made at Aliens. We hope you keep continuing to shower your love and admiration upon our best tattoo artists this year too. Stay tuned for all the exciting stuff we have in store for you!

See you on the other side...

Love and light,

Team Aliens.

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