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Good things in life cost more. Be it a smartphone, car or a house, the more you spend, the better product you enjoy. Getting a tattoo is no different. You don’t need to pay Big to Go Big. With our easy instalment plans, you don't need to settle for any less. Go for your big time desired tattoos with a price that won't be hard on your pocket :)



“Yeah tattoos are amazing and we love them, absolutely true!! But what about the fat price that comes with it." - Customer 


“I don’t wanna settle for less, I wanna go biggg. I’d love my tattoos to be really big, but I’d not love the hole it’s gonna make in my pocket.” - Customer


“F*#k small tattoos, I ‘m gonna wear it for my entire life, eh! I would flaunt a massive one!!” - Customer


“I wish tattoos were cheaper, no offence!” - Customer


“I’d totally take a loan for getting a tattoo because it’s absolutely worth it!! There’ s no second thought to it!” - Customer

Well, Well...


We’ve got all this covered! We know most of you guys have had these thoughts crossing your mind. They probably suggest you to completely forget about it as it’s going way over your budget. Right? How many of ya’ll relate to this? 


Tattoos are shit expensive, we know it too. Being a tattoo studio, we would like to explain in brief, why they’re so expensive and why they’re still worth it. 


Permanent tattoos are like beautifully planned scars. You put your heart, and a hell lot more into planning these tattoos so you can get the best possible outcome. The reason we called it a scar is ‘coz there’s a very thin, ahemm, incredibly thin line between your tattoo turning out into a beautiful piece of art or a disappointing one that you’d regret for the rest of your life. And the complications start with, whether you’d want to redo the tattoo, modify it, cover it up or remove it completely and what not. Chill, you ain’t there yet. You are still at the first step of this super-serious process which will turn out only into an absolute beauty and pride unless you mess up at the very first step. 


Choosing the right tattoo artist is very very important, and we’ve been spreading the word since years now. It could be any well-reputed and experienced artist, and not necessarily just us! And when you choose one of the best and professional artists, you won’t get tattoos for a cheap price. You must understand this! Good tattoos come with a big price attached to them. Unless and until you are not convinced that they are worth it, you are not ready for them. 



What makes them expensive: 


1. World-class tattoo equipment, colours, and hygiene standards.

2. International level tattoo artists who have art ingrained from within.

3. Ever-increasing demand for good tattoo artists.

4. Limited artists in the industry.

5. Tattoo designs that are thoughtfully planned with accurate knowledge of human anatomy, proportions and personality.

6. The final output that’s incomparable to other artists who offer tattoos for a cheap price.


Reasons why they’ll be worth the price: 


1. You’ll have a tattoo that’s one of a kind.

2. You won’t have to worry about regrets later in life.

3. Your artist will provide with lifetime support.

4. You’ll steal the show when you flaunt it, people are gonna ask you about it all the time!




Enough said! We hope by now you have a clear idea about how it looks like from the inside. You can’t be half-educated about this if you wanna be happy with it. 


We’ve spoken our part to explain why our price peak for these massive tattoos, but that’s not why we’re here. We have a lot more that you’d love to hear.


Here’s the catch!!! 

EMI on tattoos - you can now pay in instalments for big tattoos. You can get a piece that’s worth thousands or even lakhs, and pay gradually in intervals for the same. We’ve come up with these EMI plans because we want you all to have beautiful tattoos on you. We cannot really go lower in terms of prices but we can surely give you this leverage to get your favourite tattoos on your skin.


Don’t compromise on the quality if you’re into something as serious and permanent as this. Why settle for low-quality, shabby-looking tattoos when you can get inked from the best artists in the industry. It’s your chance to live the dream!!

Tattoos Ranging from

35k - 50k

(Down payment 60% , Rest 40% to be paid in 3 following months)

Check out our EMI plans below:



Tattoos Ranging from

20k - 35k

(Down payment 60% , Rest 40% to be paid in 2 following months)

Tattoos Ranging from

51k - 1lakh

(Down payment 60% , Rest 40% to be paid in 6 following months)

Easy peezy yeahhh??? 


These instalments allow you to plan your tattoo much sooner than you think and would cost much less than the amount that you thought as your actual budget. The rest of it could go into smaller instalments which you won’t be a trouble to your pockets.


Art is valuable and artists are to be respected. But people who love art and wanna get inked are our priority. They deserve good art and nothing less!!



People who love art and wanna get inked, deserve only the best!

With EMIs on tattoos you don't have to settle for less and you can get the best of the kind tattoos going easy on your pocket! 


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