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Chief Marketing Officer

Branding & Marketing

Mumbai, India

Your Mission

Reporting to and partnering with the CEO, the chief marketing officer (CMO) will set the marketing strategy and direction while also being an active participant in, and driver of, the organisation’s overall strategy. You will lead all marketing administration, planning, budgeting and guide the marketing team. As a member of the senior leadership team, the CMO will work closely with a motivated and engaged senior leadership team. A creative vision, understanding of company values, and business leadership skills are essential.

About us:

Aliens Tattoo is a premium chain of tattoo studios that has been at the forefront of the tattoo industry since its founding in 2011. We have seen astronomical success in the past decade, with our revenue growing 8X in the last 5 years and our team expanding from a small group of artists to a team of 150 employees across various functions and departments.

In addition to our core services of tattooing, art, design, and piercing, we are also pioneers and revolutionaries in the tattoo education industry. Our tattoo education platform and school have helped aspiring tattoo artists learn the skills and techniques they need to succeed in the industry. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality and service to our clients, and we are deeply committed to helping our employees find their purpose and grow as individuals and professionals.



  • Develop, scale and build brand leadership and marketing well-being by planning, developing, implementing and monitoring the overall marketing strategy, including market research, pricing, product/service marketing, marketing communications, advertising and public relations.

  • Develop organisational (Online + Offline) strategies by contributing marketing information, analysis, and recommendations to strategic thinking and direction, establishing functional objectives in line with organisational objectives.

  • Partner with the CEO on all marketing and strategic issues as they arise; provide strategic recommendations to the CEO based on marketing analysis and projections, cost identification and allocation, and revenue/ expense analysis.

  • Participate in the ongoing strategic planning process as an integral member of the senior management team.

  • Oversee budgetary planning & cost management in alignment with the brand’s strategic plan.

  • Engage senior management and department heads to align marketing strategy with short and long-term financial planning and projections.

  • Review all formal marketing-related procedures, processes, and administration, recommending improvements to the systems in place and managing the systems going forward.

Financial and operational management:

  • Oversee budgeting, and the implementation of budgets, so as to monitor progress and present marketing metrics both internally and externally.

  • Determine KPIs for the marketing department, work with sales, business development and customer success teams to ensure an integrated approach to customer attraction, support and retention.

  • Oversee market research, pricing, product/service marketing, marketing communications, advertising and public relations.

  • Execute online and offline marketing campaigns customised to drive the brand’s digital marketing positioning (localisation of Website, SEO, SEM, Digital campaigns) as well as to fill and grow the lead pipeline with high- quality leads and brand growth

  • Analyse market trends and success of marketing campaigns; create reports and implement improvements as needed.

  • Plan, organise and execute various marketing events such as prospect and customer events, conferences, exhibitions to increase brand awareness.

Team management:

  • Develop and manage direct staff; guide larger multidisciplinary teams outside of direct span of control.

  • Engage other members of the senior management team to facilitate cross-department collaboration that ensures that all financial, IT, and HR solutions positively support the brand’s evolving strategy

  • Provide guidance on attracting and developing key national team members for the brand.

  • Cultivate relationships with vendors and partners.


The CMO will be a seasoned and mature leader with at least 12-15 years of broad marketing experience, followed by experience gathering and evaluating marketing results and making actionable recommendations to senior leadership. You will ideally have experience across categories, Digital Advertising, media, product marketing, demand generation, content marketing, branding, public relations, channel marketing, marketing analytics, and events, product launches for a mid-sized organisation.


The CMO will have the following experience and attributes:

  • Bachelor’s degree in media, marketing, communications, or equivalent experience.

  • Master’s degree preferred.

  • At least 12 years' experience in managing a team marketing is a must, including examples of demonstrable excellence in the workplace.

  • Mature and proactive, with evidence of having worked as a true business partner to the chief executive of a similar sized organisation.

  • Proven experience and success across all disciplines of marketing (product, branding, strategy, social media, communications, business development).

  • Strong analytical skills and experience interpreting a strategic vision into an operational model.

  • A collaborative and flexible style, with a strong service mentality. Needs to be seen as a team player who is committed to lifelong learning.

  • Strong understanding of inbound and outbound marketing for E-commerce, retail and lifestyle brands.

  • Demonstrable experience of positioning a company in a competitive

  • market and winning market share.

  • A hands-on manager with integrity and a desire to work in a dynamic, mission-driven environment.

  • An effective communicator, with strong oral and written skills.

  • Strong commitment to developing team members.

  • Proficiency with marketing tech software’s technical proficiency with other

  • digital solutions including creating and managing MarTech stacks

  • Being Passionate, inventive and having the ability to work in fast-paced

  • environments will be critical to the role

Image by Marvin Meyer
What does it mean to be an Alien?

Our Pride:

At Aliens Tattoo, we pride ourselves on our amazing company culture. We are a diverse, inclusive start-up filled with creative, candid people who care about each other's growth and success. We are a cool place to work, where you will be surrounded by a team of talented artists, craftspeople, and storytellers who are passionate about using their skills and talents to elevate lives through art and ink. We believe in creating experiences and are super committed to creating a highly experiential environment for our clients.

More than just a job:

We believe that work should be more than just a job - it should be a place where you can find purpose, explore your passions, and be your authentic self. We offer a challenging, dynamic work environment where you can grow and develop as a person, both personally and professionally. Whether your profile is of an artist or not, we believe everyone is an artist who loves to serve through his/her purposeful work and we are committed to helping you reach your full potential and achieve your goals.

Found our purpose:

Aliens are deeply people-centric and strive to build meaningful relationships with our people, and we care intensively about serving with purpose. If you are looking for a place to work where you can be part of a fun loving, supportive, collaborative team and make a real difference in people's lives, Aliens Tattoo is the place for you. We are a supportive, collaborative team that values diversity, inclusivity, and creativity. We believe in having fun and enjoying what we do, and we strive to create a positive, engaging work culture where everyone feels welcome and valued. This is a place where we, all of aliens, have found our purpose and got to be more than who we are and we welcome you to find yours.

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