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Hi! My name is

Rohan Gurav

Driven by my passion for realism, I bring life's pure essence into my art, capturing it with every stroke.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I became a tattoo artist despite facing challenges. Because of travel restrictions, I couldn't go far for training, so I learned locally for three months. Then, in March 2022, I joined Aliens Tattoo School to learn more. My mentors there helped me a lot, teaching me techniques and giving me encouragement.
Even when things got tough, I didn't give up. I worked hard to get better at talking to clients and making different kinds of tattoos, like sketch-style and realistic ones. Seeing myself improve over time was the best part. My journey shows how important it is to take advantage of opportunities to grow. I hope my dedication inspires other people who want to be tattoo artists.


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