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Hi! My name is

Mahendra Sachdev

With effortless strokes and a minimalist approach, I breathe life in every art.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

Hi, I'm Mahendra Sachdev, a skilled tattoo artist with seven years of experience, specializing in line art. My journey into the tattoo industry began in 2015 after being inspired by the artistry and the potential for a fulfilling career. Despite facing financial challenges initially, my dedication and the unwavering support from my mother and wife helped me establish myself in the field.
Before becoming a tattoo artist, I had a successful career as a professional dancer, where I won numerous awards. I craft every tattoo with great dedication, making each one unique and memorable. I draw inspiration from my idol, Sunny Sir, and find immense joy in understanding and connecting with my clients. At the age of 28, I continue to blend my love for ink art with my passion for creating meaningful tattoos.


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