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K2, Old Sonal Industrial Estate, Kanchpada, Malad Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai, India 400064

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+91 9833065209 | +91 9833065207

getinked@alienstattoos.com | ink@alienstattoos.com


Hour of Operations

Monday :            12:30 - 22:00

Tuesday :            12:30 - 22:00

Wednesday :      12:30 - 22:00

Thursday :          12:30 - 22:00

Friday :                12:30 - 22:00

Saturday :           12:30 - 22:00

Sunday :              12:30 - 22:00

The most Amazing team of

tattoo artists

in mumbai


The reason why we are rated as the best tattoo studio in Mumbai and highly recommended even at an international level is our outstanding team and their expertise. Designing is in our veins!  We are Aliens!  We specialize in various styles of tattoos, be it Realistic Tattoos, New-School, Old-School Tattoos, Bio-Mechanic, Geometrical tattoos and you name it. Customizing is our way of life :P . Come to us with any craziest or simplest idea or even a mere thought of getting inked and we’ve got you. We’ll turn those ideas into mind blowing tattoo designs that you can only imagine. 

We are a team of 12 top tattoo artists in Mumbai out of which 5 are highest award winning tattoo artists who bagged awards at some biggest tattoo conventions. We set trends! We got some incredible concepts like double-exposure tattoos and minimalism into Indian Tattoo circuit. Tell us you want something unique and it’ll be your best decision ever!

We strive hard to give you your best tattoo experience, whether it is your first tattoo or your hundredth. Being an upscale tattoo parlour in Mumbai, we boast a portfolio flashing more than 40 tattoo categories. Our tattoo designs rank top in the Google search results and Facebook results. We give our best to every tattoo design and tattoo ideas that you have.


Globally renowned for his outstanding work on conceptual and hyper-realism tattoos, Sunny has pioneered photo-realistic tattoos in India and is one of the highest award-winning tattoo artists in Asia. 


He is one of the senior most tattoo artists at Aliens Tattoo and boasts a remarkable portfolio. Precision and Beauty is coming your way if he is doing your tattoo.  Be it minimalist tattoos, line-art, portrait tattoos or the new school, his style will make him your favourite artist.


Bhanu Pratap, our Pahadi coming from Himachal finished his training under us and joined us as a tattoo artist. He is one of the finest artists in the industry who makes things happen with his charm and talent. If you are looking for a great tattoo at an affordable price, you must scroll down to check his portfolio. Every project that he has taken he did with high precision and beauty. 


Ali Usmani, is a young champ who earned his place at Aliens with his dedication and sincerity. Today he is a tattoo artist and the Piercer at Aliens Tattoo. If you want to get pierced be it a facial piercing or a body piercing, it cannot get any smoother than in Ali's hands. He will make the entire process fun giving you your best piercing experience ever. Ali also has great skills in tattooing.


Talk about pure young talent and Allan’s work will blow your mind. From dot-work tattoos, portrait tattoos, realism to new school tattoos, Allan has a portfolio that’s too diverse and exquisite for his age. He is one of the youngest tattoo artists to win the number of awards at the biggest international tattoo conventions happened in India. Allan has it all to make you have your best tattoo experience.


DevendraPalav is a digital wizard when it comes to designing! His designing and calligraphy skills are just amazing. If there’s a script in your mind and want to jazz it up, he is the ultimate guide! Creating outrageous fusions is his forte.


Anikesh is one of the fastest grown artists in the industry and has made Aliens extremely proud with his constant progress and amazing tattoos that he has done back to back. He is one of the most demanded artists at Aliens.  His love for art is clearly seen in his way of working and not to forget his charm and humorous nature which will make you more comfortable than ever. 


Pratik Patkar, one of the students of Aliens Tattoo School is now a part of Aliens Tattoo Studio. It's been a year now since he is been tattooing and his work will definitely sway your mind off.