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The Unbearably Cute Panda Tattoos

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panda tattoo designs

Did you know why people are getting the Panda Tattoo?

Years ago, Pandas were neglected, and their population was dwindling. But recently, due to cinematic and commercial use of Pandas in animated movies, shows, and live streaming has rightly painted them as the cutest of all living creatures. Kung fu panda is by far one of the most popular animated movie franchises.

small panda tattoo

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest.

Panda Tattoo Meaning

Just to be clear, you do not owe anyone any explanation for choosing a cute panda tattoo that is simply too cute to ignore. There is a reason why goofy panda videos on YouTube are a big hit- they’re unbearably adorable!

Everything from their soft-toy-like shape, always-hungry and lazy-infant personality, to their eyes with those bog black patches seems so attractive, that it simply makes one want to go and cuddle with them.

But not everything about them is cute and bubbly, they can very well get on the offensive side when it comes to protecting their cubs or themselves from any threat.

The short answer - It is subjective. Just as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, every panda tattoo can have a separate connotation based on how one looks at it. Most of the time, it is how the people who choose these panda tattoo designs that dictate the meaning of these tattoos. Whatever your explanation is, it is your tattoo, and nobody can ask you why you got it. Then again, there are various qualities and imagery credited to the panda and some may hope to get the tattoo based on those lines.

Picture Courtesy : Pinterest

Panda Tattoo - About the Animal

Panda is native to China, meaning it originally inhabited China. It is very easily distinguished from other types of bears thanks to its black and white color scheme and its black eyes surrounded by black fur. It has its limbs covered in black fur while the body is mostly covered in white, while its ears are black too. Pandas indulge heavily in two things that pretty much consume the entirety of their 24-hour day- eating and sleeping. They spend a whopping 14 hours of their oh-so hectic day eating! How much you ask? About 40% of their body weight. They mostly consume the stem, leaves, and shoots of the bamboo plant which provides them enough fiber.

They spend their day walking the forestland in search of their favorite thing to eat- bamboo. Despite their hefty physique, they are excellent swimmers and tree-climbers. One of the many things that separate them from other bears is the fact that they do not live in dens. They prefer strolling around forests in open areas, valleys, and densely covered mountains and hills.

Picture Courtesy : Pinterest

Let us learn a little more about their nature or personality. They usually tend to avoid confrontation and like to spend time on their own. Since they have a low-energy diet, they preserve their energy and avoid exerting their bodies physically. This is why they also avoid running, jumping, and even roaring! (Pandas bark or bleat when they want to express emotions vocally, they aren’t the aggressive type)

They are lethargic for sure, but that does not mean that they are not interesting. They are very curious and inquisitive of their surroundings. They are tenaciously infamous for stealing utensils from nearby village homes simply to play with them, make noise, and throw them away once bored- pretty much what a human toddler does with his/ her toys.

They are mostly docile- meaning they preferably would never attack humans if they ever happened to bump into us. In fact, they are very likely to cover their faces in an attempt to hide from us if they see us. The only exception is if humans try getting near to their baby cubs- in which case they might burst into flames and throw a fit to ward off any threats to their babies.

By now, you must have gotten a pretty good gist of their personality. Needless to say, their traits are relatable to all genders – masculine, feminine, and others. If you want to portray yourself as a jolly-good person, easy-going, calm, introverted, curious, playful, and cheerful, and/ or a food-loving couch potato, then a panda tattoo is your perfect match.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Panda Tattoo Designs

Let us take you through some cute and attractive panda tattoo designs done at Aliens Tattoo Studio. If you like any of these, know that you can request our artists to get the same ones or the ones inspired by these tattoos and customised to your personality and preferences.

Panda Tattoo on finger

As a general rule, we at Aliens advise against getting finger tattoos. Fingers are not only delicate but also the skin around the entire area is thin and susceptible to rupturing and bleeding. Also, tattoos look good when there is enough ink holding capacity in the skin pockets and the other prerequisite is that the area should not be frequently used. Our hands are undeniably the most used parts of our body, thus every time your tattooed finger comes in contact with water, oil, food, and a hundred other elements, it smudges the tattoo and the shiny finishing gets ruined within a few days.

Panda Tattoo on Hand

Panda Tattoo on hand can really look adorable and give you the cute vibe if that’s something you’re into. Girls love it, men think it's goofy and funny too, perfect casual ice breaker while meeting someone new.

The design itself is so simple and suave, there’s no way one could dislike it per se. Just a panda lazing around on a bamboo stem, or perhaps taking a nap. For those looking for the meaning behind tattoos, this one could portray a deep message- Take it slow. Our lives are as fast-paced as they can get thanks to technology and accessibility to literally everything through the internet.

Some also say that the category of ‘small panda tattoo’ itself is trendy because it is soothing to the eyes and makes your aura seem friendly and calming in addition to being quirky and fun.

Next, up in our line of cute tattoos is this happy cute little baby panda running around with a plant. Takes one back to the good-old-days in childhood when our happiness lied in simpler pleasures rather than material pursuits. Weird how we could not wait to grow up! The baby panda tattoo on hand reminds us of the pureness of being a child, the naivety, the playfulness, the lack of ulterior motives and worries to compete, etc.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Another hidden meaning for the bearer of this tattoo could be for an expecting mother or a father waiting to welcome their newborn to the world. Although there is limited research on the safety of pregnant women getting inked, the main reasons behind the concern are the risk of infection and transfer of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis A/ B, etc. – which is the same even for a regular human being if contaminated needles and cheap ink are used. Thankfully, a professional tattoo studio maintaining US health standards and protocols will be easily prepared to provide reasonable assurance to anyone who is anxious regarding tattoo and


Panda tattoos are unique thanks to their black and white contrast, which makes them appealing to look at even as animals. When it comes to tattooing, the same black and white combo create beautiful art worth being called eye candy. Adding colors to the tattoo further enhances the appeal of the tattoo and gives it a nice painting effect. Such minimal tattoos are easy to cover up and hide if professional obligations desire you to present yourself accordingly.

Panda Tattoo for Male/ Panda Tattoos for Females

This tattoo is unisex, meaning for both men and women, however, we have seen men with artistic backgrounds gravitating towards this tattoo and similar ones. If you want to go all out and get a mesmerising and jaw-dropping panda tattoo, look no further. This watercolour panda tattoo is simply the cutest and the most candid one you could find. You can replace the script on the top-left with something you find more relevant if you so desire. The tattoo gives a very Dreamworks studio vibe- artsy and impactful at the same time. The tattoo pretty much oozes out characteristics of peace, mindfulness, being one with self, and serenity.

Being present comes out of one of the themes from one of the Kung fu panda movies. Po was first intimidated by the prospect of being the Dragon Warrior and the responsibilities that came with it. When he's about to quit up, Master Oogway appears and gives him some advice: "Yesterday is history." Tomorrow is a complete unknown. Today, on the other hand, is a gift. That's why it's called a present.”

Everything else is merely white noise compared to the present moment. There is no way to go back in time and correct mistakes that have already occurred. The only thing one can do in the face of history is to learn from it. What does the future hold? There's no reason to be concerned about something that has yet to come.

Kung Fu Panda tattoo

kung fu panda

For our show-stopper, we have Po the panda, the dragon warrior from the famous movie franchise. Let’s talk about the art first. You have to admit, the detailing in this tattoo is simply mind-melting. Check out the dragon warrior symbol at the bottom of the dragon warrior panda. The Yin-yang sign is in the cusp of the dragon’s claws. Such a portrait takes years to master to get it accurate on skin. The artist who created this tattoo- Devendra Palav is one of the senior artists at Aliens Tattoo who is notoriously known for his impeccable line art and calligraphic tattoo skills. This hyper-realistic portrait of Kung Fu Panda is what any fan of the movie would die to get on their body- the Kung Fu Panda supremacy.

If you are wondering why someone would get an animated character inked on their body, keep reading to learn the deep meaning behind this epic animated franchise.

The movie franchise is popular for many reasons, and we understand why people would want Po the panda inked on their bodies. The movie franchise has many life lessons and hidden gems throughout its movies. "Because we pandas don't walk, we roll," we get to hear in one of the movies. When Po returns to his native town, he discovers that he eats less, sleeps less, and walks more than other pandas, which prompts the young Pandas to teach him to roll, which became the movie's punch line and will undoubtedly make you remember this conversation. "You have to find ‘you’ in yourself". The talks, just like in Kung Fu Panda 2, teach you important life lessons. The movie's main theme is the latter dialogue.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Another lesson that the movie preached was to embrace yourself. Instead of focusing on your shortcomings, concentrate on your strengths. Sometimes the defects you see aren't actually flaws at all. Small flaws that you despise about yourself may one day become one of your greatest assets.

Take a look at Po; nothing about him screams Dragon Warrior. He is, however, the only one capable of defeating Tai Lung. Why? Po is gentle and powerful at the same time. Against Tai Lung, his fluffy physique was the most effective weapon. Po appears to be innocent on the surface, yet he understands how to use his physique to his advantage during battles.

We believe uniqueness matters. You are unique, with your powers and your mistakes. Also, unlike our competitors, we focus on tailoring tattoo designs to your individual needs and personality. If you bring us a tattoo design from the internet, we will be happy to tweak it a bit to give the tattoo a taste of your personality so that it doesn't turn into another similar design that is placed directly on your body on the internet.

After all, we are obsessed with and known to serve our customers well. We'll pamper you with everything you need to make you feel comfortable in our studio and before you know it, our aliens will befriend their charms;)

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

So, feel free to bring down your favorite panda tattoo design to our studio and we will help you turn them into beautiful tattoos that will amaze everyone around you and most importantly, will amaze you. We will suggest a few modifications to the tattoo, and you can brainstorm ideas with our professional graphic designers who provide free tattoo consultations before you get inked.

As a company, our vision is to change lives through art and creativity. How do we change lives through art? The answer to the question is found in the opinions of our clients. You enter our tattoo parlour like the old you and you leave as a new person We offer an immersive study experience that you will remember for a long time,

probably forever.

Do feel free to check out our Google reviews by clicking here. Also, follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages to stay updated on the most recent tattoo trends and to avail offers and discounts on tattoos.

See you at the Aliens Tattoo Shop :)

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