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Tattoos & Tees, Aliens Tattoo x The Souled Store

Updated: May 11

Unleashing Ink and Style

A world where tattoo art meets fashion, where creativity knows no bounds, and where connections are forged through shared passion. This was the essence of the Aliens Tattoo x The Souled Store event, two unforgettable gatherings that brought together tattoo artistry, style, and community engagement in the most vibrant way possible.

The journey began in Lucknow on the 23rd of March, where Aliens Tattoo studio opened its doors to clients of The Souled Store for a day of exploration and discovery. From the moment guests arrived, they were welcomed with open arms and a sense of excitement as they stepped into our world of ink and creativity.

The atmosphere was electric as attendees explored our studio, soaking in the sights and sounds of tattoo artistry in action. With free consultations on offer, guests had the opportunity to sit down with our talented tattoo artists and discuss their tattoo ideas, dreams, and aspirations. It was a chance for personal connection and creative collaboration, as our team worked tirelessly to bring each individual vision to life.

But the real magic happened with flash tattoos, custom tattoos created on the spot by our skilled artists. From intricate patterns to bold statements, each tattoo was a masterpiece of self-expression and creativity, reflecting the unique personality and style of its wearer.

Meanwhile, our tattoo workshop provided eager participants with the opportunity to delve into the world of tattoo artistry themselves. Under the guidance of our experienced professionals, attendees learned the basics of tattooing and gained hands-on experience using real equipment on artificial skin. It was a chance to learn, to create, and to unleash their inner artist.

Of course, no Aliens Tattoo event would be complete without giveaways, and this time was no exception. Our collaboration with The Souled Store resulted in exclusive Souled Store themed canvases created by Aliens Tattoo artists for customer engagement, along with 1500 vouchers.

But the journey didn't end in Lucknow, it continued in Bangalore on the 6th of April, as we brought our tattoo workshop to The Souled Store's doorstep. The response was overwhelming, with attendees eager to learn, explore, and connect with the Aliens Tattoo experience.

As we look ahead to future collaborations and events, we're excited to continue sharing our passion for tattoo artistry with the world and inspiring others to unleash their inner artist. 

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