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Tattoos For Girls In The Modern World

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Tattoo art or body art has always been on the eye of women ever since.

The hippie era gave rise to women choosing tattoo designs as a unique portrayal of their emotions. Tattoos are seen as a mark of independence and a robust personality. Women are a vivid depiction of beliefs and ideas that drive the person. The acceptance of tattoo culture in society is increasing and is paving the way for more girls to choose their favorite designs and get inked.

Topics like wanderlust, symbolism, small/cute, geometric designs, realism tattoos, and larger tattoos fetch a great deal of interest in girls nowadays, leading them to get newer reasons to get inked. There are a variety of fresh and upcoming designs for women as these trends are kicking in, which create a high demand for wrist tattoos, floral designs, watercolor tattoos, minimal script tattoos, line art, and collar bone tattoos.

Here's a list of 9 trending tattoo ideas for girls:

Butterfly Tattoo:

Girls are often intrigued by these cute winged creatures. The evolution process of butterflies signifies a great deal to women. Girls love butterfly tattoos as it adds meaning to their lives and special situations that add color to unique experiences. The process of a colorful transformation is the striking feature that women choose to ink butterfly designs.

Floral Tattoos:

What excites girls more than a lovely rose? Nothing can replace a beautiful red rose with sacred petals signifying the language of love. Women are inclined towards floral designs as they connect them to nature and gives a sense of fragility. Moreover, love is an emotion that elevates us in all aspects, and flowers are the perfect way to convey the language of love.

Girl Tattoo - Heart Tattoo - Color Tattoo - Aliens Tattoo

Heart Tattoos:

When we talk about love, hearts symbolize a strong connect with the emotion of love. Women love these cute heart tattoos as they are a sensitive way of showering their love to their loved ones. There are many different ways to pull off the heart design - watercolor hearts, hearts pierced with an arrow, interconnected hearts, hearts inscribed with a name, and the list goes on.

Feather Tattoos:

Feathers symbolize honour and connection between the owner and the Creator. Further, it also symbolizes characteristics of birds like truth, courage, bravery, freedom, travel, wisdom and other specific traits. Woman who are in search of motivation and wish to achieve the most out of life often choose to ink feather tattoo as these keep their spirits up.

Arrow Tattoo:

Arrows symbolize a straightforward nature, focus, and a forward direction. Girls who are headstrong and have a strong purpose in life choose to ink this design as a reminder towards their goals in life. It adds to their style quotient with a strong motivation that stays with them forever.


There is a growing number of modern wanderers, and the number is ever increasing since traveling started being taken up as a hobby. Women get inked with designs as simple as a compass, as well as complicated ones. This design portrays a sense of direction as well as stability. There are many variations to this design. It can be coupled with a compass, co-ordinates from different locations, and even dates that mark some milestone in their lives.

Cute Paws:

Pet lovers are especially inclined towards such tattoos. Women are deeply attached to their pets and to mark their presence forever, for which cute paw tattoos are the best ones. Canines or felines, anything that catches your eye can be inked to make it memorable.

Zodiac Signs:

Minimal zodiac tattoos are a rage among girls who look for meaning. Zodiac designs portray immense significance towards characteristics and traits. This displays firm beliefs and a strong sense of motivation for many. Girls love to flaunt their zodiac signs, and this makes it a popular design for them.

Religious Tattoos:

Last but not least, women are also intrigued by several religious designs which were often perceived as tattoos for men. With the changing trends, girls are leaving no stone unturned to mark their presence. Among these are Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, the sacred lotus, the seven chakras, and other such designs that are grabbing a lot of attention in women.

Apart from these, there are many different styles and unique tattoo designs to choose from - quotes, dragons, Shiva, dreamcatchers, anklets, skulls, and many more stunning tattoo designs that catch the eye of women.


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