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Tattoo Tales: Honoring a son with an endearing tattoo

Updated: Jun 4

There's no better way to express your emotions and the things you believe than getting inked. Tattoos beautify our body, help us tell our story, and are a great way to show how much something really means to us.

We're honored to get the chance to tell your stories through ink and have seen some really heartwarming emotions come to life under the needle. One such story is about how a dad immortalized the love he has for his new-born son.

photo realism portrait tattoo

This is the story of a dad and his unconditional love for the shining light in his life. Just a few months into his journey of being a dad, he realized what fatherhood means to him and how much his son became the center of his life. Daddy wanted a tattoo with a portrait of his son along with his birthdate and time of birth. With this simple concept, he put his faith in our expert designers to brew a design that would capture his emotion and look visually stunning.

Our designers got to work and chalked up a few options before finalizing this masterpiece. What worked for the dad was that this was the perfect time to capture his son's innocence. The fundamental expectation of the dad was transformed into a design that is both unique and mesmerizing.

We added a watch that showed exactly what time the child was born and included his date of birth in roman numerals. This not only fulfilled his expectations but also gave the tattoo a sophisticated look. A rose was included to imply how a child is blossoming and growing every day.

Creating this tattoo was a touching experience for us as well as the client. It took several hours to complete the design, and while getting inked, the client shared some really soulful anecdotes about the beautiful relationship between the father-son duo. We live for such moments, which is why we take pride in our work and look forward to creating such heartening experiences.

We're sure your son means the world to you too, so why not memorialize the bond with a unique tattoo design at Aliens Tattoo Studio?

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