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48 Unique Small Tattoos & the Meaning Behind Them

Updated: Apr 29

It's funny how the first thing that comes to our minds when we look at a small tattoo is - what does it mean? This blog is for those who are looking for the meaning behind unique small tattoo designs.

The Starry Night : Small Tattoo

This design needs no introduction, but for those who have not seen this piece of art before, here you go. In 1889, one of the most decorated painters, Vincent Willem van Gogh gave birth to an iconic piece of art. It was coined; The Starry Night. There's a deep meaning behind these unique small tattoo designs, similar to the original painting. Van Gogh was religious with a devout uncle who was a theologian. The Starry Night carries intense emotions of hope within the twinkling lights of the stars glowing down over the dark landscape and night. In 1888, Van Gogh wrote a personal letter described; "a great starlit vault of heaven… one can only call God".

The Cursed Seal : Small Tattoo

If you're a Naruto fan, this tattoo is undoubtedly something that you might want to consider. If not, let's tell you why going for these kinds of unique small tattoo designs could be something you should consider. This seal is a significant symbol for the characters and even the fans of Naruto. In the first season, Orochimaru concealed himself as a Genin called Shiore and attacked Sasuke right in the neck, almost like a zombie. This leads the affected part to turn into a seal. The cursed seal is instrumental in convincing him to team up with Orochimaru. Therefore, Sasuke is under the influence of this seal for most of the series.

The Humpback Whale : Small Tattoo

The Humpback Whale is plausibly one of the most recognizable whales in the world. From insurance commercials and movies to books, this whale's unique look and personality have let it be one of the more common whales to be tattooed on the body. Moreover, the Humpback is also well known for its whale songs. Scientists have examined the complexities of their songs for years. It is said they sing to entice mates, but they use these songs for so much more.

The Cloud of Change : Small Tattoo

The meaning that stands behind this kind of unique small tattoo design is far less concrete. Sometimes, the cloud can symbolize bad luck, or misfortune, particularly when it is followed by rain or lightning. For example, in the culture of China, clouds were used to symbolize change and transformation. In the Zen faith, they represent detachment and impermanence. Like any other tattoo, the cloud can hold more intimate meaning and significance to you, not included in the list above. That is excellent. Tattoos are unique to every individual, and they should be worn with some self-esteem.

Mountain Tattoos : Small Tattoo

Here's a tattoo that is a mixture of multiple elements; mountain, clouds, sun, water, and forest. Mountain tattoos are commonly done to express one's love for nature and travel. This love is further signified by the inclusion of the woods in the backdrop. The meaning behind the sun is that it represents the balance of life because, without the sun, we would not exist on earth.

Flower Tattoos : Small Tattoo

Flower tattoos signify beauty, feminity, and love. Also, they look beautiful, and that's enough of a reason to get one! The particular tattoos on top are Forget Me Not Flower Tattoos. Named after a particular type of flower, it could mean remembering someone special or a specific memory. As a result, they make for a beautiful tattoo tribute to your other half, or you could get a couple's tattoo or matching ink with your best friend. These tattoos can be customized with elements like the moon or sun-sign to express our likes and beliefs.

Laurel Wreath Tattoo : Small Tattoo

Another sought-after flower tattoo is the Laurel Wreath Tattoo. The most common meaning of this tattoo is victory. More often than not, this kind of tattoo is inked to express victory over oneself and their bad qualities.

The Cactus : Small Tattoo

A cactus may not be the most beautiful flower on the planet, but the beauty of a cactus tattoo is more in its meaning than the way it looks. Generally, cactus tattoos represent endurance, protection, warmth, and care.

Pet Tattoos : Small Tattoo

Pet tattoos have always been close to our hearts. They are done to immortalize the bond we share with our furry friends despite the short time spent with them. If you have a pet and want to express your bond, check out our collection of unique small tattoo designs of Pet Tattoos for some inspiration!

People have been fascinated by animals since the start of time. Getting a particular animal tattooed usually conveys something that the animal represents. Wild animals are frequently tattooed because of the rawness they possess.

Travel Tattoos

Travel Tattoos are an excellent advert for those who enjoy exploring new places and meeting new people from different corners of the world. These simplistic unique small tattoo designs express one's love for getting into a plane and flying off to exciting new places. They can also be customized with elements we're passionate about, as shown above.

These are some examples of Script Tattoos that one can go for! Script Tattoos are simple yet unique in many ways. You can customize tattoos to say precisely what we want to express with different unique small tattoo designs, fonts, and placements. From a simple word such as "Euphoria" to Calligraphy and much more... the world of Script Tattoos is just as vast as it's interesting. They can remind us to keep our emotions in check when needed or can give us strength during tough times.

Sunflower with Eyes

Sunflowers with eyes are a designer collection that people opt for to get the Egyptian sense of tattoo designs. The eyes signify the all-seeing eye, which is an Egyptian folk tale. This sunflower tattoo design is a kind of complex art that is much appreciated along with youngsters.

The Om tattoo is much more than a religious symbol. It is not limited to just the Hindus because of what it symbolizes. 'Om' is regarded as the first sound of the Universe, or the sum of all sounds. It also serves as an honor for the creation and an understanding of the celestial motion of the Universe.

These are some teeny-tiny unique small tattoo designs that are all the rage in this era of small, cute, and minimalistic stuff. Such tattoos are also easy to disguise with clothing when you're in professional work environments where tattoos are considered taboo.

A Mother's Love

This tattoo shows the love between a parent and the child encompassed within a heart. The color pink represents the mother, whereas the color blue represents the father. The symbolic placement of this tattoo on the client's chest portrays that the subjects of the tattoo are near and dear to their heart, and they love their parents from the bottom of their heart. The heart is made of flowers and leaves, which shows that this kind of natural love can never be replicated or taken away.

Girl Power

Tattoos of a ballet dancer are growing more and more popular. In the past, getting such a tattoo was only a women's privilege, but nowadays, an image of a girl's slender silhouette can be found on men's bodies. A ballet dancer tattoo is mostly prevalent among people living in European nations. The second tattoo expresses how a woman holds the key to her growth. It is beautifully portrayed by the girl watering the flowers on her head to signify responsibility and maturity.

Fibonacci Spiral Design

Known as the Golden Spiral, this is a form of a graph used to calculate and convey the Fibonacci numbers' patterns. Nature utilizes this number sequence for everything we know, from the blooming and structure of something as simple as a flower, to the galaxy. If you are deliberating about getting a tattoo of the Fibonacci spiral, odds are you are very educated in the field of mathematics.

The Fibonacci spiral design can be done in several complex ways, literally, and those who have a passion for geometry, mathematics, and engineering are more than likely to love the concept of this graphic as a unique small tattoo design. The spiraling effect is very hypnotizing, and the geometry behind it is mysterious and intricate.

A New Direction

This design has an arrow shooting through one of the compass's directional points to symbolize a new direction, implying anything from a new chapter in one's life to a new relationship.

It's all about 'Zen'

This unique small tattoo design is an illustration of having reached enlightenment. By removing the obstructions or "blocks" from one's path, you can come into alignment with yourself and the Universe. The lotus flower is also a popular token in yoga. It's identified as a representation of being fully grounded yet striving towards the spiritual.

Pyramids & Purpose

The pyramid has been a symbol of great accomplishment by man for several years. The pyramid is an ancient Egyptian symbol that, in a sense, defines the incredible capabilities of the Egyptian civilization. The pyramid can be a symbol of solidarity and purpose, two factors that associate with their creation.

Tree Tattoo

Trees are considered to be stable and irrepressible. They last for years and years (from 50 to 5000 years), enduring storms and elements, making them a symbol of durability and adjustability to many communities.

The Medusa

Medusa tattoos can symbolize female strength, and she is seen as a feminist figure. That is not the only meaning affiliated with the snake-haired maiden, though; she is further linked to the ideas of independence and transformation, or corruption and envy.

Spaceship Endurance | Interstellar

Small Tattoos can be fandom-related from our favorite movies. This is an example of one such fandom tattoo. The Endurance Spaceship from Interstellar is the product of a much-earlier NASA project to produce a viable, long-range, high-efficiency interplanetary spaceship. It was designed to be self-sufficient for several decades, enabling it to prolong crew life for a protracted mission. This symbolizes independence and the will to keep going on in life until our purpose in life is fulfilled.

If you found a tattoo that you liked from this collection of unique small tattoo designs, let's connect and discuss your tattoo idea.


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