All you need to know about Ishan Kishan Tattoo: Ishan Kishan Tattoo makes Headlines

Ishan Kishan Tattoo- Behind the Scenes

How we love the pre-Covid days! It was 2019, and cricket matches were being played in full swing, with roaring stadiums. We at Aliens were chosen by none other than Ishan Kishan- the name in Indian cricket that needs no introduction, for a large portrait tattoo. He is one of the most promising Indian cricketers in the Indian cricket team and pretty much on the pathway to reach the heights of the likes of Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. It was not the first time a celebrity walked through the doors of Aliens, but this was a pretty big deal for us since we absolutely fell in love with his humility, personality, and his passion for art. Let’s just say, we resonated really well with his ideas and understood him without much effort.

Ishan Kishan Tattoo at Aliens- How did this happen?

Ishan is an art lover. He was browsing through our website and stalking our Instagram before he picked up his phone to call us for a con