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All you need to know about Ishan Kishan Tattoo: Ishan Kishan Tattoo makes Headlines

Updated: May 22

ishan kishan's tattoo artist

Ishan Kishan Tattoo- Behind the Scenes

How we love the pre-Covid days! It was 2019, and cricket matches were being played in full swing, with roaring stadiums. We at Aliens were chosen by none other than Ishan Kishan- the name in Indian cricket that needs no introduction, for a large portrait tattoo. He is one of the most promising Indian cricketers in the Indian cricket team and pretty much on the pathway to reach the heights of the likes of Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar. It was not the first time a celebrity walked through the doors of Aliens, but this was a pretty big deal for us since we absolutely fell in love with his humility, personality, and his passion for art. Let’s just say, we resonated really well with his ideas and understood him without much effort.

Ishan Kishan Tattoo at Aliens- How did this happen?

Ishan is an art lover. He was browsing through our website and stalking our Instagram before he picked up his phone to call us for a consultation. It so (embarrassingly) happens that we Aliens were not as addicted to cricket as the rest of the country, so admittedly, we did not know who he was back then.

Little did we know, he was playing in the IPL being a part of the iconic Mumbai Indians Team and the captain of Under-19 Indian cricket team in the 2016 World Cup.

Ishan Kishan had been stalking our art for quite a while, and he admitted to loving Sunny Bhanushali’s art work. Aliens founder Sunny describes him as a humble, friendly, and a kind human in his limited interaction with Ishan.

“I am absolutely in love with the tattoo artiste Sunny Bhanushali’s fine work. He has amazed me with his creativity”, he said. He had performed well in the IPL and as we realised who he really is, we decided to celebrate his achievements with a cute Cake with his picture on it.

Ishan Kishan Tattoo- The Art

Ishan Kishan tattoo right hand – Let’s talk about that tattoo he got on his left forehand first. He had planned to get a full sleeve tattoo inked on his arm. The art he chose was inspired from Roman culture. The tattoo he wanted was complex, filled with details and was a large one. So, it needed more than one session to complete, of which he has finished one, and is scheduled to visit the Aliens for the remaining sessions soon enough.

Ishan gave Sunny full freedom to go all wildly creative with his chosen design, and Sunny being the master of hyper realistic tattoo art, created this magnificent piece of art on Ishan’s arm. On Ishan’s right fore-arm, he has a portrait of Sai Baba inked to show his devotion and faith. Just beneath the portrait, he has roses tattooed at the near end of his forearm. Roses depict grace, passion, resilience, and emotions.

The tattoo is a portrait that accurately depicts the Roman sculpture that Ishan desired. Check out the insane levels of detailing done with the beard, the eyes, and the wrinkles. Well, they don’t call Sunny the pioneer of Indian hyper realistic tattoos for no reason!

The hyper realistic portrait is given an edgy contrast through inanimate designs, all-in-all, the tattoo could not have turned out any better, and Sunny felt pride and joy to ink one of India’s jewels. Roman portraits and art typically talk about wars, stories of courage, grit, and valour. Needless to say, Roman tattoos are one of the most sought after tattoos by many.

Fun fact, for those who are Ishan’s fans, you must be knowing that him and Hardik Pandya are good friends. Ishan introduced our artsy tattoo paradise called Aliens Tattoo to Hardik. Hardik too fell in love with our art and got inked at Aliens!! If you want to know more about Hardik Pandya’s tattoo journey at Aliens, click here to read the blog on “Things you didn’t know about the Hardik Pandya Tattoo”.

Aliens Tattoo- Art for Everyone

Hope y’all got a good enough glimpse of the subtle story and meaning behind Ishan Kishan tattoo. We’ve had many celebs come for getting inked. To check out the full list, click here. Also feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get regular updates on crazy tattoo videos which might include your favorite celebs.

If you liked Ishan’s tattoo and have been planning to yourself get tattooed for a while, feel free to reach out to us through out website or DMing us on our Instagram page. Following our Instagram page will allow you to not only check out your favourite celebs get inked by us Aliens, but also will notify you of all deals and offers we run around the year. (We also take EMI payments for tattoos!!)

We are currently proud of being India’s best tattoo studio with multiple branches across the country. We’re also the first in India to start a tattoo training school and have succeeded in converting young inexperienced artists to international award winning artists.

We have several branches across India – Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Kochi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Gurugram, and Bangalore. We aim to be the most preferred tattoo space for the entire human race. We are proud experts at our tattoo game and wish to enable you to express yourself through this beautiful and ancient form of body art we call tattooing.

You can try to benefit from a free tattoo consultation from our expert Alien artists. See you at the studio ☺

As we try to understand what our readers are browsing and wanting to read, we stumbled across a few FAQs regarding the Ishan Kishan Tattoo and other miscellaneous questions:

What is the tattoo on Ishan Kishan hand?

The tattoo on Ishan Kishan’s hand is a roman themed sculpture portrait representing ancient Roman culture.

What is Ishan Kishan height?

Ishan is 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cms tall.

What is Suryakumar Yadav Tattoo?

Suryakumar Yadav Tattoo- He has 18 tattoos in total. He has parents portrait on his shoulder, their names on his forearm, life lesson on another arm, tribal tattoos, love tattoo, maori face tattoo, faith tattoo, arrows tattoo, rose tattoo, diamond tattoo, etc.

The Captain of Indian Cricket Team has 11 tattoos as of 2021. They include God’s eye tattoo on his left shoulder, a Japanese samurai tattoo on his left arm, ‘175’ and ‘269’ numeric tattoos, his parents’ names – ‘Saroj’ and ‘Prem’, Lord Shiva tattoo, Scorpio Tattoo, and a tribal tattoo.

Does Rohit Sharma have a tattoo?

None that we know of. But if he plans to get one done, we know where he would go for getting inked ;)

What is the meaning of Ishan Kishan Tattoo?

Some say that without the Romans, the world would not be the way it is today. Ancient Rome was an epicenter of revolutionsary leaders, throughts, and culture. The tattoo of Roman sculpture is to commemorate just that- the legacy of Roman culture.

Ishan Kishan Age- How old is Ishan?

Ishan Kishan is 23 years old. He was born on July 18, 1998

Ishan Kishan wife- Is he married?

Ishan is not married yet. He is rumoured to be dating someone. Best stay out of someone’s personal life and give them privacy eh?

Where is Ishan Kishan biography?

He is merely 23 you guys, let’s give him a few more years to earn us a few more trophies for our country. Although the way things are going, it seems plausible that we might get to see his Bollywood biopic, that is after we get one for our current Inian team captainVirat Kohli!

Although it isn’t every day that we get to see celebrities set their foot at our studio, we sure as seeing a rise in the frequency of many celebrities from various backgrounds such as sports, music, Bollywood, fitness, Instagram influencers, etc. Besides tattooing, we also do piercings for our clients with of course, the safest techniques and instruments beyond industry standards.

Getting inked at Aliens is often described as a must-have experience – somewhat like an amusement park. Not only are we obsessed with recommending the best designs to you based on your preferences, but also we provide what no other tattoo studio in India provides effectively- an immersive experience. Tattoos are permanent, they’re a big deal! We like to think of it that way. We also celebrate tattooversaries with our clients and stay in touch with our regular ones. Many of our clients are now our friends who pop-in the studio just to vibe and chill with us. We’re your friendly neighbourhood Aliens after all.

Do feel free to check out various tattoo categories on our website We can bet on whether your jaw-drops after seeing few of our portrait tattoos or not ;)

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