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Miniature Tattoo
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Miniature tattoos are a great way to memorialize or pay homage to a person you miss or admire. Such tattoos make sure that the souvenirs of your idols stay with you wherever you go. Miniature tattoos are all the rage in this era of small, cute, and minimalistic stuff!


Terms & Conditions

  • The last date to register is 10th December 2020

  • The winner should be able to visit the Mumbai studio for their tattoo.

  • One lucky winner will get a free tattoo (maximum size 3 by 3 inches).

  • Winner will be announced on 12th December 2020.

  • All contestants have to fulfil all the criterias mentioned in this post.

Free Consultation
Free Consultation

Contest Info

Get a chance to win a free tattoo from Aliens! Here's what you have to do

Step 1
Follow us @alienstattooindia
on Instagram
Step 2
Register yourself in the link in our bio
Step 3
Comment below whose portrait you would like to get as a miniature tattoo

Wanna know what it’s like to participate and win the tattoo of your dreams?

Check out what our past contest winners have to say about their experience at Aliens!

Terms & Conditions

You have to Register before 12/1/2020

One lucky winner will get a free tattoo (maximum size 3 by 3 inches).

winner will be announced on 18/1/2020

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