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Aliens medical grade tattoo hygiene and safety protocol

Committed to build world class ultra-hygienic tattoo studios to serve you better

Below mentioned are

The top measures we take to eliminate the chances of


Studio Sanitisation 

At Aliens, we follow a strict hygiene protocol & sanitize the studio premises at regular intervals daily.

Equipment Sanitisation

We make sure all our tattoo equipment is clean & sanitized using autoclave and other sterilizers.

Personal Hygiene

All our artists follow a strict personal hygiene routine to avoid cross-contamination during the tattoo sessions & otherwise

Station Set up

We ensure everything on the tattoo station is sanitized before and after each tattoo session

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Pre-tattoo care

(Prior your tattoo session)

  • Get at-least 8 hours of sleep prior to your tattoo appointment.

  • Eat well before your tattoo appointment.

  • Do not consume Alcohol a day prior or several hours before your tattoo appointment as it can lead to excess bleeding during the tattoo. Alcohol also affects the healing process of your tattoo.

  • Do not wax or shave the tattoo area by yourself as it can cause rashes/redness on the day of your tattoo appintoment. Let your tattoo artist do it for you :)

  • Make sure that you are well hydrated before your tattoo appointment. being well hydrated can cause your skin to bleed less, making the overall process less stressful.

  • Wear comfortable clothes to avoid discomfort throughout the process.

  • Avoid going out in the sun or getting tanned 1 week prior to your appointment.
    Cover the tattoo area or apply sunscreen.

  • Do not do drugs before tattoo.

Studio Sanitization

Aliens Tattoo Studio Hygiene

We at Aliens follow a specific hygiene protocol to prevent the spread of illnesses during tattooing. The precautions are part of the Blood-borne Pathogens Rule issued by the Indian Health Service (IHS).

These same rules apply to hospitals and doctors’ offices. Tattoo artists must also take special safety measures regarding their hands. While gloves help prevent disease transmission, bacteria thrive in the warm, damp environment of gloves. Some of these precautions include:

  1. Sanitizing hands thoroughly and often, with Surgical spirit.

  2. Inspect hands for cuts or sores, and use bandages to cover them.

  3. Remove hangnails and keep nails short to prevent punctures to gloves.

  4. Refrain from tattooing when experiencing cold and flu, covid-19 symptoms or any other allergic reactions.

  5. Checking gloves for pinhole tears during tattooing, since petroleum-based ointment erodes latex.

  6. Needles should always be a single-use product.

  7. Anything that touches the skin should be a single-use product, including the pencil or marker used to outline the design or the transfer paper.

  8. Using clean tissue to open ink bottles during tattooing.

  9. Preventing ink bottle nozzles from touching contaminated surfaces.

  10. Floors are wiped with a strong disinfectant such as Dettol/Lizol or similar product for de sanitisation before the start of day and after the shift.

  11. Surgical spirit solution is sprayed on every Chair, tattoo beds, Lamps, workstations and basically the entire studio on a daily basis to maintain highest level of hygiene to prevent spread of deadly diseases such as COVID-19. This has to be performed across all Aliens Tattoo Franchises.

Studio Sanitization

Equipment Sanitization

Tattoo Equipment Sanitization

Tattoos are almost a medical process, and we take all measures necessary to ensure that it is done correctly. We make sure that only the premium & the best world class tattoo products are used for your tattoos.

Cheyenne is one of the best tattoo machine equipment worldwide, and we use the needles which are imported from them. These needles give the best results on your skin. And are 100% safe.


We At Aliens are known for creating Stunning Jaw dropping Tattoos. They are very intricate, Detailed and photo realistic. These needles give the edge the artist needs to create these stunning tattoos.

Not only that, How can you identify if the needle is genuine/sterilised or not?

Here's how:

FYT Sterilised needles
Cheyenne Sterilised needles


All the tattoo needles are sterilised with a chemical called Ethylene Oxide and they also have an EO indicator on the packaging which indicate that the needle has been sterilised and the indicator has changed its colour.

The colour of the EO indicator can differ from brand to brand. For eg: Pink turns brown, Pink turns blue etc.


Not only that, Every needle has an expiry date printed over it which means that the needle can be used only until a certain period of time before its expiry.


*Make sure that the artist unwraps the needle in front of you*

_0003_Wire wipe.jpg
_0004_Wire cover.jpg

Machine cable

The Machine Cable and other wires are also wiped clean with surgical spirit and covered with the clip cord sleeves, so that there is no direct contact on the skin.

_0001_Machine Wipe.jpg
_0002_Grip Tape.jpg

Tattoo Machines

Every Tattoo machine is wiped clean with surgical spirit before and after every tattoo.

We make sure that it is covered with a protective barrier call magic tape, this helps to prevent cross contamination as the tattoo machine remains same for every tattoo.

Piercing Equipment Sanitisation

At aliens we sterilise all the piercing equipments by using the autoclave method. Before a piercing is performed, Equipments such as Studs and forceps are rinsed with a strong disinfectant such as surgical spirit and packed into autoclave pouches.

Autoclave pouches are then placed in to the autoclave machine and are heated at a temperature of 120 degrees to get rid of the germs and bacteria.

Medical grade Surgical spirit is used throughout the piercing process to eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

Disposable and in-disposable equipment and sterilization of the in-disposable items

Equipmet Sanitization

Personal Hygiene

Tattoo Studio Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is how you care for your body. This practice includes bathing, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and more. Personal hygiene practices can help you and the people around you prevent illnesses.

Steps taken to make sure CD team is following personal hygiene

  • Wearing mask at all times in the studio.

  • Fully Vaccinated staff.

  • Hand sanitiser and temperature check upon entry.

  • Customer vaccination certificate check.

  • Regular health check up.

  • Clean clothes, well groomed, no alcohol, no drugs.

Personal Hygiene
Station Set-up

Station Set-up

Station Set-up.jpg

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Station set-up saftey check points

  • Use of Surgical spirit as a hand sanitiser.

  • Tattoo station must be covered with a protective barrier called dental Bib.

  • To check if Sterile disposable ink cups are being used.

  • Vitamin A&D ointment which is one time use sachet.

  • Medical grade sterile water to dilute the tattoo ink.

  • Disposable razor which is one time use razor.

  • Packed Needles which are one time use.

  • Make sure that the tattoo machines are wrapped with bandage called magic tape.

  • Artist must wear mask at all times.

  • Artist must wear Apron at all times during the tattoo process.

  • Use of Sterile surgical gloves throughout the tattoo process.

  • Use of Biomedical waste bags during the tattoo process instead of black bags.

  • Lamps to be wrapped with cling wrap to avoid cross contamination.

  • Tattoo bed to be wrapped with a disposable white sheet.

  • Pillow to be wrapped with a disposable pillow cover if it’s being used.

  • Cable attached to the tattoo machine must be wrapped using a cord sleeve.

  • Arm rest must be wrapped with cling wrap throughout the tattoo process.

All about the station set-up and the process of tattooing

Step 1. Setting up the tattoo station


  • Start by cleaning your hands with surgical spirit.

  • Wear black gloves to do the following things:

    • To Apply Cling/dental wrap on the setup.

    • To Place all the materials (A&D, Distilled water, tissues, razor, needles, green soap, sterile ink cups etc) on the setup.

    • Wrap the machine cable and power supply with the same gloves.

    • Wrap the tattoo machines with Magic wrap.

    • Discard black gloves into the red dustbin


Step 2. Cleaning the tattoo area


  • Wear fresh pair of surgical gloves.

  • Wet the tattoo area with green soap and shave it by using a disposable razor.

  • Make sure that there are no unwanted hair on the tattoo area.

  • Discard the razor into the red dustbin.

  • Discard the gloves into the red dustbin.


Step 3. Pre tattoo prep


  • Wear fresh pair of surgical gloves.

  • Open A&D ointment.

  • Open sterile ink cups and arrange them on your setup.

  • Fill the cups with Ink.

  • Discard gloves into the red dustbin.


Step 4. Tattoo Process


  • Wear a fresh pair of surgical gloves

  • Insert the cartridge into your machine and start the tattoo process

What do we do before taking a break?

  • Remove the apron and place it on the middle section of the setup.

  • Discard the gloves into the Bio Medical Waste dustbin.

  • Clean our hands with surgical spirit.

  • Take a break.

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