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Tattoos During Pregnancy: Is It Safe To Get Inked When Pregnant

Being pregnant is a wonderful time for a woman. She goes through so many beautiful changes and gets a whole new identity to her. Apart from that, a new life comes in, that teaches her so many things she couldn’t have learned without it. It is quite natural to have 1000 different changes in a woman's life during the time of pregnancy.

And Tattoos are something that many women turn to, to symbolise a significant change in their life. So yeah, there are pregnant women out there who want to depict this stage of their life with a tattoo. Although pregnancy is a very delicate period for a woman and everything must be handled with care, many questions arise when pregnant women want to opt for a tattoo. If you are someone who is considering getting a tattoo during this time, you need to keep these things in your mind.

Is it safe to get a tattoo during pregnancy?

Tattoos are like a fresh wound on your body. And fresh tattoos are prone to bacterial skin infections. So, one thing you need to understand is that tattooing while you are pregnant is a bit riskier. It involves the risk of many blood-borne diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis if you don't get it from a reputed and professional tattoo studio who follow medical grade hygiene protocol. And chances are that this can be transmitted to your unborn baby as well. So, it is really important to choose a reputable studio which is known for having medical grade hygiene protocol.

Additionally, you also need to check the inks/pigments used by the tattoo studio as some tattoo inks have harmful ingredients such as mercury or lead. These are also something that can affect your body during pregnancy. As always it is very essential to avoid harmful products for pregnant women.

And due to the change in your hormones, your body might develop new allergies to some ingredients. So it is important that you check with your doctor before getting inked.

But that being said, it is not completely impossible to get a tattoo during pregnancy. Women all around the world still do get tattoos during pregnancy. You too can still actually get a tattoo during pregnancy. We as a team at Aliens Tattoo would recommend you to wait till the baby is born. But if you do feel like getting a tattoo and you are firm about that decision, we would like to give you these tips to ensure your safety.

1. Find a Reputable Tattoo Studio

There might be some studios that might not care as much for the safety of their clients. So just make sure to find a studio that is reputable and that will make sure to maintain the best possible hygiene, we at Aliens Tattoo follow the medical grade hygiene protocol.

2. Choose the Right Placement

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes. So you have to make sure if you are getting a tattoo, you find the safest & the best possible placement. For instance, a tattoo on your ribs is definitely not the best choice. This body part is prone to change the most during this time. So do your research on which body part is less possible to stretch. And then you can place your tattoo on that part. We recommend forearms, wrists as the safe placements.

3. Avoid tattoos if this is your First Time

If you are a tattoo newbie, now is certainly not the time to experiment with your body. If you are experienced you might know how your tattoo will react. But if you are new to the tattoo experience altogether, you don’t know what the possible dangers could be. So it is best to wait until you have your baby. Let’s say you do go through any infections, your body will also have to go through the infection medication. Then you will also have to go through the side effects on these medications. So it is better to stay away from a situation like that.

4. Consult your Doctor

You should also consult your doctor about this decision. They know more about your pregnancy and if there are any risks, they will know the best. So it is always good to have a professional’s advice. Maybe they can also advise you some more precautions that are altered to your situation. And this way you will be more sure and safe.

5. Check the Ink Ingredients

Do your research on what ingredients in the tattoo inks can be harmful to your body. Make sure you know what ingredients will go into your tattoo. When you go for the appointment, ask your artists to show you what inks they will be using. Remember a good tattoo studio will always be transparent to their customers. And if they are not, there is a red flag you don’t want to ignore.

6. Do the Hygiene check

In order to avoid any possible infections, make sure that the tattoo studio you go to follows the best of hygiene protocol. Keep a check on their tattooing procedure. Make sure your tattoo artist is using new gloves or changing their gloves whenever required. When using any needles, ensure that they are brand new, opened in front of you. And if they are using razors, check that each of these are individually packed.

7. Know the Best Time to get a tattoo

It is recommended that you avoid getting any tattoos, in the first and third trimester of your pregnancy. The first trimester is where the baby is developing all the organs, so any external activity that can affect that should be avoided. And the third trimester is where the body of a woman’s body is going to bear the brunt. Tattoos need to heal properly, with all this your body can get exhausted. So you need to make sure to avoid any complications. It is best to not get a tattoo in the second trimester as well. If you want to get a tattoo during pregnancy, then the second trimester is the best time.

8. Tell your Artist about the Pregnancy

Now this might seem a bit weird. You might wonder why I should tell my artist about my private information. But think about it, once he/she knows about this, they will also go out of their way to ensure your safety and to make you feel comfortable. Also, they can inform you properly of any precautions that you might need to take.

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Even though you have all these tips, we at Aliens Tattoo would only want the best for our clients. Just know that you should think through this decision. Take your time and do not rush. And follow all the necessary precautions. If you do have a tattoo in your mind, let’s get in touch! So that we can give you the best and safest possible experience.

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