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Couple Tattoo Ideas


Love is mystical, divine, blissful and god-like. Couples are a perfect example of this heavenly emotion. No wonder then people in love tend to find ways and means to exhibit this emotion, and that too in an innovative way. One of the avenues is a 'couple tattoo'. When two people fall in love, it is assumed that the relationship will continue for perpetuity and therefore the same needs to be immortalised.

It is this unwavering belief that leads couples to portray their commitment and affection. However, every couple feels that their love is different, redeeming to say the least, and therefore commands full glorification. Thankfully, "Love tattoos for Couples" offer amazing choices and combinations. 

So, how do you find that one of a kind tattoo which complements as well as conveys your love in its purest form for your beloved. Some of the obvious ways are mentioned below...

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Or you can visit our studio and share your needs and what you aspire. It will save time and frustration. We will also provide you a deep insight into the psyche of tattoos and tattooing. Most folks when they opt for a couple tattoo generally seek designs which are not too clichéd and at the same time stand the test of time. 


This post is dedicated to such designs :) Read on to see the 7 most unique couple tattoos designs. Use them, and dilute them with your own ideas, or simply mix and match various subjects. You can also fetch some ideas on https://www.alienstattoo.com/best-small-tattoo-ideas as we have some real out of the box designs there.


Incidentally, couple tattoos look good in their minimalist avatar. However, you can also experiment with other forms such as portrait tattoos, water colour tattoos or single coloured. So, without further ado let's start.

1. Anchor Tattoos

One of the best couple tattoos, anchor is one subject which can be rechristened in amazing avatars and combinations. Moreover, the anchor itself reflects so many virtues which complement a couple’s aspirations and life long commitment. Anchor tattoo can be split two ways. One half for each partner. However, it can also be etched solo, depending on the couple’s decision. Is your beloved the pillar of strength, grounded firmly, and provides that rock steady emotional and physical support? Then he is the right person. On the other hand, you can sport a colourful / white rope, a perfect companion for an anchor.

If you are looking for couple tattoo ideas, and running short of it, go in for lifeline tattoo because a human heart has always been synonymous with love. When in love the heart flutters, and behaves irrationally, somewhat similar to an erratic ECG. Go for it if you feel it complements your love. The couple can modify this graph by incorporating heart illustration or maybe a heart icon. In its purest form, an ECG graph and heartbeat tattoos scream of perfect love. Wear it on the same arm, and exactly in the same location. Let the world know that your hearts beat as one.

2. Heartbeat Tattoo

3. King & Queen Tattoo

Look at these couple tattoo images. Don't they look royal? King and Queen tattoo design reflects unparalleled bond… a bond which surpasses all human expectations. In contemporary times it signifies harmony and mutual respect for each other. Isn’t that what love teaches us? Etch this iconic design on the same place and show the world that the old values still thrive and you are one of the ambassadors. The king queen design can be inspired from playing cards or maybe from the chess pieces, either way, the intense consideration for each other doesn’t dilute in any way. Go a step further. Use calligraphy fonts to append the same with a subtle statement. Calligraphy is a perfect tribute to "Couple hand tattoos".

4. Infinity Tattoos

The range of couple tattoo designs has been growing steadily. Infinity is one such example. Although this symbol may not be considered as a potential candidate, the fact is couples have started recognizing the full impact of this small, nondescript and unassuming symbol. Although infinity hieroglyph is synonymous with mathematics, recently it has been used to define its value for a myriad of subjects and emotions; love being one of them. Use it solo or in conjunction with matching calligraphic word/s. Looks super cool on couples.

5. Tie the knot with tattoos