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Your favourite Celebrities Love Aliens

from the bottom of their heart 

Aliens Tattoo has become the most preferred tattoo studio in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore for celebrities and sportsmen. It has been a house for great personalities like Hardik Pandya, Ishan Kishan, Roshni Chopra and many more of your favourite celebs.

Mumbai City FC player Lucian Goian at Aliens Tattoo

Aliens Tattoo is certainly the most preferred tattoo studio by Sportsmen on a global and international level and it’s proven again as we had the star footballer who’s also the Central Defender of Mumbai City FC Lucian Goian in the house!!!

Aliens Tattoo is hive for celebrities!

Celebrities in general invest a lot in their physical appearance, and rightly so. They constantly have all eyes on them, looking for inspiration and ideas. Getting tattooed is just like wearing accessories to enhance your appearance.

Watch Charlie Chauhans Tattoo Story at Aliens

Actress Charlie Chauhan wanted to get a tattoo for 2 years but 2020 being 2020 ruined her plans for sure. Finally, her friends suggested to her their favorite location in Mumbai - Aliens Tattoo. Charlie was delighted by our professional inking services,

Watch the journey of suresh getting inked at Aliens Tattoo

The mood of our studio is usually pretty hip and groovy. But when Suresh Mukund visited at Aliens, the vibe was on another level. His presence jazzed up the aura of Aliens Tattoo Studio.

National sports day and inspirational story

National Sports Day of India which is celebrated today 29th august happens to be the birth anniversary of hockey legend Dhyan Chand.

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We listen, We advise, We design. Together our success is measured by results, the most important being how our clients feel about their experience with us.

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