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Bishal Majumdar

Tattoo artist • Tattoo Designer

Bishal is another tattoo maker who knew what he wanted to do since he was a kid. He was into drawing from a young age and saw himself doing something related to this in the future. Bishal started his tattooing journey while he was studying but because he could not focus on his studies, he decided to pick up tattooing full-time. He made the switch from Kolkata to Mumbai in 2015 and did his apprenticeship at a tattoo studio in Bandra. After five years of practice, he decided to contact Sunny Bhanushali as he wanted to join Aliens Tattoo Studio as an artist. Bishal is one of the few self-taught artists who’ve managed to crack it in the big leagues but believes this would not have been possible with the mentorship of Sunny Bhanushali. Though Vishal is comfortable with all kinds of Tattoo Designs, he specialises in Realism, Watercolour, and Abstract Realism designs.

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