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Unique Butterfly Tattoo Designs that will melt your heart

Updated: May 29

Butterflies have been one of the prettiest-looking creatures on our planet. They are so colourful and emit this positive energy that simply looking at them brings a smile to one’s face. No wonder they are some of the first drawings/colourings that we learn in our kindergarten days.

Butterflies are usually colourful. However, when it comes to butterfly tattoo designs, we have created hundreds of both colourful as well as black inked ones. Which ones look better? Well, here’s where we would say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. For some, the color designs are more appealing while for some, the butterfly is just one aspect or part of their elaborate tattoo. We have also done plain black butterfly tattoos that have been cherished and loved by our customers. Let’s deep dive into different butterfly tattoo designs to help you understand the nuances and specialities behind each of them.

Unique Butterfly Tattoos

What is the meaning of a butterfly tattoo? We have answered that in detail in the FAQs at the end of the blog. However, the short answer is that the meaning varies with the type of tattoo. Butterflies resemble and symbolize many things. The struggle that it goes through to get out of the cocoon exemplifies how success can be achieved only after hard work. When a curious man tried to help a butterfly get out of the cocoon by cracking it open, the butterfly just couldn’t ever fly because its wings did not develop the strength that they needed to crack open the cocoon.

Butterfly Tattoo for Girls

Although we do not believe in gender-based or any sort of stereotyping, there are certain designs that are super-popular among girls and certain others among boys. We’ll show you some of the most demanded and trendy butterfly tattoo designs that we have done for our clients recently.

There are tons of implications behind this dazzling theme of butterfly tattoo, and it looks great in any artistic expression. You've acquired these wings – wear them with pride and joy! In the event that you're anticipating your first piece (of tattoo) or you're adding to your assortment, these excellent butterfly tattoo plans will give some motivation.

Happy Scrolling!

Simple Butterfly Tattoo on Arm

minimal butterfly tattoo

Nothing screams elegance and suave like a minimalistic butterfly tattoo. The tattoo does not have colours yet looks clean and attractive. Bigger isn’t always better applies here as well!

A simple butterfly tattoo on your arm gives you the cool girl-next-door vibes. If you are deciding on getting inked for the first time and you want to take it slow, such tattoos are a great start. These tattoos also act as perfect add-ons to your already large or mid-sized tattoo. For those of you who love scribbling cute designs on the backs of your notepads or books in your spare time, these tattoos would look the quirkiest.

Such tattoos are easily hidden under clothes if your work environment demands. Don’t they just look quirky and adorable?

3D Butterfly Tattoo

3d butterfly tattoo

Aliens Tattoo is known for curating hyper-realistic tattoos that simply look like a scene from a 3D movie. The USP is in the details of such tattoos. For instance, deeply observe the shading, highlights, and texture effects given while making the hands. You can appreciate the little nuances of the art by looking at the bending of fingers, light falling on specific parts of the hands.

Our founder Sunny Bhanushali is considered one of the pioneers of hyper-realistic tattoo art. His immense learnings and techniques can be seen across most Aliens Tattoos branches since many of them have been his students at Aliens Art School.

This one is kind of a cute storytelling butterfly tattoo of two people who love each other.

Butterflies add beauty, poise, and serenity to any theme or concept. Here as well, the placement of butterflies and their details have added to the beauty of this cute tattoo.

Here’s another 3D Butterfly Tattoo with intense shadow effects to make the tattoo pop. You can almost see the amount of artistry that went behind this one. The abstract design surrounding the butterfly too is mesmerizing and stellar, wouldn’t you agree?

Such tattoos are special and can take years to perfect. It is hard to believe that it has been made using just two colours – black and white.

Such pieces of portraits are never a bad idea. You would grow old, but they never get outdated. They retain their value as a pretty portrait of a 3D butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo on Back

unique butterfly tattoo design

The placement of a back tattoo can be subjective. You can choose to place it near your shoulders, below the neck, on the spine, or above the waist. There are plenty of options, both placement-wise and art-wise.

Below the back of the neck and above the waist are two prominent positions many women get their butterfly tattoos. These places make your tattoo more of an apparel to your outfit ( clothes such as shoulder cut, sleeveless, crop tops etc.)

There is no doubt about the aesthetic appeal of butterfly tattoos on the back. Just ask the boys!

Any simple design combined with dot work and line art would look fantastic regardless of your skin tone, texture, or other factors you can think of.

minimalist butterfly tattoo

If you love minimalistic tattoo designs, know that you can never run out of a creative amalgam of deep meanings within the genre. For example, this simple butterfly tattoo on the back hides a semicolon in its body. Semicolon tattoos have been in vogue for a while, and they hold great value for tattoo wearers. It is used to portray solidarity against depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, addiction, and an array of mental health issues.

The blend of a butterfly and semicolon tattoo addresses strength and flexibility and grandstands conquering tough situations and battles. This ink is a staggering decision for the individuals who need a strong token of their internal solidarity to address the difficulties throughout everyday life and the capacity to re-compose their story.

The butterfly design simply adds charm to the serious message thereby giving it elegance.

To know more about ‘what is the meaning of a butterfly tattoo’, keep reading.

Unique Butterfly Tattoos- Portrait

portrait butterfly tattoos

If you aspire to go big or go home, then we got some stellar bold butterfly tattoos for you. You can place such tattoos on your back, leg, arm, etc. These are classic art masterpieces that might take more than one session to complete.

Portrait tattoos can be anything you want; it is up to you to decide the level of detailing that you want for your tattoo.

Check out this lovely portrait of a woman’s face morphed with a butterfly. We have full-time graphic designers with years of experience creating immensely creative designs for our clients.

We are proud to boast about the uniqueness our artists bring to mundane repetitive tattoos designs that have become pretty common.

Geometric Butterfly Tattoo

geometric butterfly tattoos

Geometrical tattoos are one of the most mixable genres of tattoos. Add pro-level detailing, line art, and contrast techniques to get this magnificent geometrical butterfly. There is something inexplicably beautiful about such tattoos. IYKYK (If you know, you know).

Sport a tattoo so cool, it becomes an extension of your personality? Absolutely cool. It’s a vibe.

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos

watercolor butterfly tattoo

We can definitely add in the biggest USP element of a butterfly tattoo- its colours!

Watercolour tattoos have risen as a trend since 2020 (at least something good that year left behind !)

These tattoos can be in a variety of shades of colours based on your skin tone and personal preferences. They look absolutely stunning and mesmerizing. You can also match them with your nail paint colours to jazz it up further for a party or a casual meeting. Always eye-candy- Quirky watercolour tattoos.

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos on Shoulders

color butterfly tattoo

These are the most eccentric and eye-popping tattoos of all the other butterfly categories too. Creating such a piece itself takes a decent amount of skill and control, and a decent sense of colours.

If you want to bring a colourful tattoo on your body to lift your mood every time you see it or get a compliment about it, this is the one to get!

Colourful tattoos usually fade out faster if kept in direct sunlight on a prolonged and regular basis. Ensure you always cover up with a piece of cloth so that you can cherish its beauty for years to come.

For similar designs, you could also go for a butterfly tattoo on the neck (behind your neck).

Here are a few FAQs regarding butterfly tattoos that many people have looked up:

What does a butterfly tattoo mean? Or What does a butterfly tattoo symbolize?

The short answer- it is subjective. Different butterfly tattoos can mean different things depending on the art itself. Say, a butterfly tattoo that has nothing else except the butterfly means that if the artist wants to focus on the elements of the butterfly. Generally speaking, butterflies symbolize hope, happiness, beauty, and grace. It signifies serenity and prosperity because butterflies do not appear in places that are too polluted or are too dry. They appear in and around lush gardens filled with blooming flowers.

Another perspective for the butterfly tattoo narrative can be the butterfly effect- A butterfly flapping its wings in one end of the world can cause a storm on the other end. It explains the idea of small things having non-linear impacts in a complex system.

A butterfly tattoo also portrays poise and elegance at all times. If you are a Suits fan, you would have heard Gretchen and Donna say, “Never let them see you sweat”. How they make everything seem effortless! A butterfly tattoo can also depict the persona that you wish to attain. Working hard and struggling will always remain in every person’s life, but it is our choice whether to make it look like a struggle or handle it with maximum grace.

We hope you have found all the necessary information regarding butterfly tattoos and that we have helped you understand and narrow down your butterfly tattoo design. We are a legacy of over a decade of tattooing run by celebrity tattoo artists. Most, if not all of our artists are award winners at various international tattoo conventions.

Moreover, we understand you and your needs. We are highly rated by our customers as the most approachable and friendly set of professionals they wanted for their tattoo. We pride ourselves in maintaining ultra-hygienic tattoo spaces that provide above-average tattoo art quality that never disappoints in inspiring and being admired.

We believe that you are one in a million, and so should be your tattoo. We strive our best to provide customized tattoo designs for our clients. We have had clients come to us with a picture of a tattoo design they saw on social media and get impressed by the modified designs curated by our designers taking inspiration from the original one.

When it comes to pricing, we understand that getting a decent tattoo can burn a hole in your pockets. Thus, to enable everyone to be able to express their inner selves through this lovely skin art form, we have introduced EMI on tattoos costing more than INR 15,000.

Please feel free to glance over at to know more about our Brand and our artists. We are present on most social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Pinterest-lovers too can find us and pin their favourite tattoos from our collection of tattoo designs. Do keep an eye out for special discounts and competitions run on our social media handles.

Even if you do not wish to get a tattoo in the near future, but want to talk about a tattoo design that you might consider getting a few months down the line, feel free to reach out to us through our social media handles or our website. We would love to hear your ideas and help you find a tattoo just perfect for your persona and preferences.

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