Unique Butterfly Tattoo Designs that will melt your heart

Updated: Jan 6

Butterflies have been one of the prettiest-looking creatures on our planet. They are so colourful and emit this positive energy that simply looking at them brings a smile to one’s face. No wonder they are some of the first drawings/colourings that we learn in our kindergarten days.

Butterflies are usually colourful. However, when it comes to butterfly tattoo designs, we have created hundreds of both colourful as well as black inked ones. Which ones look better? Well, here’s where we would say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. For some, the colour designs are more appealing while for some, the butterfly is just one aspect or part of their elaborate tattoo. We have also done plain black butterfly tattoos that have been cherished and loved by our customers. Let’s deep dive into different butterfly tattoo designs to help you understand the nuances and specialities behind each of them.

Unique Butterfly Tattoos

What is the meaning of a butterfly tattoo? We have answered that in detail in the FAQs at the end of the blog. However, the short answer is that the meaning varies with the type of tattoo. Butterflies resemble and symbolize many things. The struggle that it goes through to get out of the cocoon exemplifies how success can be achieved only after hard work. When a curious man tried to help a butterfly get out of the cocoon by cracking it open, the butterfly just couldn’t ever fly because its wings did not develop the strength that they needed to crack open the cocoon.

Butterfly Tattoo for Girls

Although we do not believe in gender-based or any sort of stereotyping, there are certain designs that are super-popular among girls and certain others among boys. We’ll show you some of the most demanded and trendy butterfly tattoo designs that we have done for our clients recently.

There are tons of implications behind this dazzling theme of butterfly tattoo, and it looks great in any artistic expression. You've acquired these wings – wear them with pride and joy! In the event that you're anticipating your first piece (of tattoo) or you're adding to your assortment, these excellent butterfly tattoo plans will give some motivation.