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Tattoo Trend Alert: Are Watercolor Tattoos the next big thing?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

In recent years, the world’s obsession with aestheticism has brought in many more beautiful tattoo species. Watercolor tattoos are one of them. Watercolor tattoos are very new, and many tattoo artists assumed they were going to be simply another passing fad. But watercolor tattoos are here to stay. Evidently, because Color is timeless.

Watercolor tattoos, as the name implies, are works of art that use the body as a canvas and give delicate gradients and texture to the skin. A great watercolor tattoo creates the appearance of a real thing or concept that comes to mind. It's as if they're fluids, flowing and appealing to the sight. And their fluidity is what makes them more flattering.

You might think that this kind of tattoo needs some special or different equipment. But in reality, they are made with the same machine. Artists have to master some techniques such as blurs, bleeds, fades, runs, etc and they have to work with the saturation. This is what makes us value this art even more. Hence, while getting a watercolor tattoo, choosing the right artist is very important.

Here is the best part though, our expert artists at Aliens Tattoo have mastered this art and form. So you can always trust us.


Now enough of waiting, Take a look at these 10 best watercolor tattoos made by artists at Aliens, that will drop your jaws.

Whirling Dervish

There are a number of ways in which this stunning watercolor dervish surpasses your expectations. Our artist decided to add a splash of color to convey the genuine spirit of the Dervish’s personality.

Adam's Tempera Creation

Line art quenches the need for tattoos that are aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to all of the hues that have been mixed into it, it is much more eye-catching. It's a gorgeous jumble.

Colorful Warbler

This bird is much more attractive. Color blending has a certain feel about it. Although it appears to be incredibly bright, it is also very soothing. Clearly, some magic was involved in the creation of this work.

Into the universe

Imagining this design without the splashes of colors, would still be a great design yet not that enticing. As discussed, color adds beauty to the imagination. And this one is a great example!

Prismatic Cat

We may have seen many cats. But this one is special! The spectator is drawn to it because of the brilliant colors in the backdrop. So say bye-bye to the old dull animal portraits, because these vibrant ones are pawing their way.


Perspectives are never black and white, hence executing this needs a different outlook. Amazing how the color gives so much significance to this!

Flamboyant skull

People often associate skull tattoos with gothic and macabre designs. But is skull just that? We think it has a far deeper meaning. With the aid of colors, this message is enhanced.

Anchoring your heart

Showing off a heart without its statement red color is quite sad. This blend of a heart-shaped balloon and the anchor has a sweet meaning behind it. But this was only able to bring out with these cute colors.

Psychedelic Mandala

As far as tattoos go, Mandalas are very prevalent. In a mandala, different shapes and symbols move in a circular motion. But this mandala has a distinct touch because of the watercolors.

Harlequin compass

Even though the compass itself has a very broad meaning to it, there could still be a bigger imagination added to it. Honestly black doesn't do justice to it. Because of how beautiful of an idea it is. Only these colors can explain its magic!


We are pretty sure after reading this, even you might be craving for such beautiful colorful inks on your body. Well if you are, what are you waiting for? Come put your ideas into reality with Aliens! And click here to find out more brilliant and colorful designs by our artists.

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