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Small Tattoos: The Next Big Thing

Tattoos are a fantastic way to show off your love or adoration regarding a particular concept or person. You can have the same tattoo as thousands of others in the same city, but the meaning you associate with it makes it unique.

Small tattoos have been taking the tattoo world by storm since the time people invented this art. These tattoos are so popular that they can hold a lot of meaning in a small area of the skin. They are also easy to cover with make-up or clothes if you work somewhere with strict dress codes. Suppose you’re getting a tattoo for the first time. In that case, almost everyone will suggest getting a small and minimalistic tattoo so that you can gauge your body’s response to the continuous pricking of the tattoo needle and how sensitive your skin is.

Take a look at this specially curated list of small tattoos you can get:

Small arm tattoos:

Such tattoos are usually placed on the lower arm, making it easier for the person to see the tattoo whenever they want. It is also easily coverable with long-sleeved shirts or even makeup. This area is also in the list of ‘least painful places to get a tattoo’ due to the abundance of fat and muscle to cushion the pricking needle. The skin regenerates slowly, which means that you would not need frequent touch-up sessions for your tattoo.

On the arm, there are various places you can get small tattoos that can be camouflaged easily. People prefer to get these tattoos on their wrists so that they can show others their tattoos. Others tend to go for the hand or fingers, but these areas are generally more painful than the arm. Finger tattoos can be hidden by closing the fingers into the palm or with jewelry. These tattoos would need frequent touch-ups as the palm's skin changes quickly as it gets into contact with a lot of abrasive surfaces.

Tiny leg tattoos

Leg tattoos are generally easier to hide from the world, as most people opt to wear full pants in regular life and professional settings and only wear shorts while on vacation or while relaxing when they are more prone to showing off their tattoos.

People, especially women, love to get ankle tattoos as it shows off a feature that they are proud of. The ankle is the perfect place for cute small tattoos that don’t require many colors or shading and hence cause less discomfort.

Petite back tattoos

Tattoo enthusiasts prefer to get full-back tattoos, as they are not visible unless you’re shirtless. On the other hand, people tend to get small tattoos on the nape of the neck, as it looks cute and trendy.

If you think of getting an upper or mid-back tattoo, you should place it right in the middle, unless you wish otherwise. You should also know that tattoos placed right in the middle of the back, above the spine, will hurt a lot due to the spine being the starting and ending points of many neurons in the body.

Minuscule neck tattoos

The neck is also a sensitive area for getting a tattoo, as the skin is thin and right above a bunch of bones, blood vessels, and nerves. Previously linked to criminals and gangs, neck tattoos have slowly shifted into the mainstream tattoo industry and now portray strong and bold personalities.

Women prefer to get small tattoos behind their ears so that they can hide them with their hair. In contrast, men prefer small tattoos on the side or front of their neck. Both these placements are not for the faint-hearted, as one can feel the vibrations of the tattoo needle in their skull. You can hide the tattoo with collared shirts, turtlenecks, shawls, or their hair.


Small and minimalist tattoos have always been in fashion. Still, they are now even more popular since working professionals can check off ‘getting a tattoo’ off their bucket list without jeopardizing their career.

If you have been INKspired by these tattoos, check out our tattoo categories for more such tattoos. While you’re on the Aliens Tattoo Studio website, don’t forget to fill up our consultation form to avail your free consultation with our world-famous tattoo artists for your next tattoo, because getting a tattoo from Aliens is an experience!

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