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Quote Tattoos and why they are perfect for your lifestyle

Many people get tattoos linked to a specific memory or person they know. It can be said that even if thousands of people around the world have the same tattoo, the different meanings given to them by each individual makes it truly and utterly unique. This is one of the top reasons people get quotes that inspire or motivate them to face every problem, for they know that they will emerge victorious on the other side.

A picture says a thousand words, but the power of words by themselves should not be underestimated. They can create good vibes and help keep it forever. You can choose the placement, font, design, language, additional symbols, and quote you want to be featured in the tattoo, according to how the thought speaks or means to you.

You can decide to place your quote anywhere on your body, but if you’re getting a tattoo for the first time, you should go for an area that has a lot of muscles and fat underneath. Otherwise, you would be in a lot of pain, which will put you off tattoos for a long time. People generally use weird and wacky fonts for a funny quote or bold, cursive, or typewriter fonts for profound quotes for the fonts. You can add various symbols, even ancient tribal symbols if you feel that it would add to the tattoo's beauty, but bear in mind not to offend or appropriate any culture with your tattoo. In the end, you can also choose the language of your tattoo: it doesn’t have to be in English; you can choose any other languages too. But bear in mind: CHECK FOR SPELLING ERRORS!

Spelling error in tattoo
Have Zero 'Regrets'!

Take a look at these fantastic quote tattoos for your next dose of ink inspirations:

Fandom quotes:

This includes quotes from movies and TV series, which make up the pop culture in its entirety. These entertainment mediums are some of the oft-used methods to escape the real world's problems and troubles and retire into an idyllic and fantasy environment with your favorite fictional or non-fictional characters.

Some of the famous fandom tattoos are related to series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the Simpsons, Doctor Who, and movies like the Marvel and DC multiverse, Fast and Furious series, and Disney movies.

Literary quotes:

These bookish quotes are one of the most popular tattoo requests studios get. The art of reading is prevalent and does not look like it will ever stop, no matter what our parents say!

Many people go for these tattoos because books can transport you to places and worlds, meet thousands upon thousands of people, animals, and aliens without you moving from your chair.

Simple quotes:

These do not belong to a fixed category. It could be something you’ve written or a traditional or cultural quote linked to a particular group of people. It could be in any language or script too, but it should be something that resonates with you, not randomly picked off of Pinterest or Instagram.

You can choose quotes that have been tattooed a lot of times or phrases that have never been tattooed: it’s totally your choice. You can add symbols like birds or hearts around the tattoo too, or write it in the handwriting of a loved one.


Frequently Asked Questions related to quote tattoos:

What quote should I get tattooed?

It is your choice! Some famous quotes are mentioned above, and you can find more on the Internet. You can choose your own selection or something you’ve heard from friends or family too.

Where should I get it tattooed?

You can flaunt your tattoo anywhere on your body. People generally prefer to get theirs on their arms, as the pain level is less. You can also choose to ink your legs, chest, or back, but if you are sensitive to pain, make sure to not do it in an area where the skin is thin and right above the bone or even in places where the skin cells regenerate quicker than other parts, like the palm or the inside of your lips.

Why do people get quote tattoos?

Each person’s reason for getting a tattoo is unique to them: it could be a phrase that inspires or motivates them or just something that they like. You could use quotes from your favorite book, movie, series, song, or even something someone told you once, and it resonated with you.


Quote tattoos are a particular favorite of many people around the world and are in trend in 2020. Jump on the inked bandwagon by getting a quote tattoo from Aliens Tattoo Studio, now in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Vizag, Chennai, Ahmedabad Bangalore, with more new franchises popping up in cities around India and the world. Fill up our consultation form to meet our expert tattoo artists, who will guide you in the process of designing your next tattoo for free. What are you waiting for? Get inking!


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