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Let’s Celebrate Men’s Day With Aliens!

Updated: Jun 10

Hello boys! We will be celebrating Men’s Day on 19th November, and this time, we will be talking about YOU and tattoos for men! You do a lot of stuff for us, starting from taking things down which are too high up for girls to reach, till dropping us a block away from our homes at night because it is unsafe for us to roam around at that hour, but if those gossipy aunties find us together it will be the end of any and all outings for both of us.

Hence, we are going to go in-depth concerning all the little things and sacrifices you make for us, without giving it a second thought. Buckle your seat-belts and get ready for this ride through the various tattoos for men!

tattoo for brothers

Brothers, we forgive you for beating us up WWE-style for a TV remote, but at the same time taking the blame for us eating all the chocolates and breaking the vase while playing football in the house. Thanks for saving us from our bullies, both physical and mental. 😎

tattoo for friends

Bro, tu toh bada aadmi bann gaya yaar! No time for us and our drunken tirades on ex-girlfriends and college professors, no? You go and sit with your girlfriend and boss all day and watch that cheesy rom-com, okay. No more IPL matches, no more Man Utd matches, and definitely no more Fast and Furious movie marathons! 😕

tattoos for men

Almost all of us have been called by our siblings’ names at least once by our grandfathers. This is why you should get all your relatives’ names tattooed on your body...with their relation to you...also with their portraits…’cause why not? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

tattoos for husbands

This is, honestly, a great idea, for if you forget this you will surely be a major part of the creation of World War III. 🤬

tattoos for son

Boys, SWITCH OFF THE LIGHTS, IT’S NOT DIWALI! You’re not Tesla, Franklin, or even Edison that you will be able to use that electricity in some productive way. 💡

tattoos for dad

This tattoo is inconspicuous enough that people will think that it is a tribute to your kids, but only you will know the grave mistake that warranted such a reminder… 😬

There you have it: some nice tattoos for men for you or the men in your lives. If you too wish to get such tattoos or one that is customised to your wishes, visit the website of Aliens Tattoo Studio, India to avail a free consultation with our world-famous tattoo artists, who have tattooed celebrities like Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, Tushar Kalia, Lucian Goian, and many more. Fill up our consultation form today to contact us!


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