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Franchise Business In India: A 19 Year Old Became The Youngest Franchise Owners Of Aliens Tattoo

Updated: May 3, 2021

franchise business owner piysh gupta of aliens tattoo
Franchise Business Owner Piyush Gupta

When we talk about a successful person, we always think about how someone became a hero from zero. We quickly picture a person who once had nothing and overcame countless obstacles before achieving real success. Well, this is not your cliche success story. Piyush's road to success is a topic that's entirely "out of the syllabus."

Speaking about 'syllabus,' Piyush was never really worried about studying and studied just for the sake of it. In fact, he flunked his examinations in 11th grade and was on the verge of quitting school. The kid in Piyush has always been into arts & drawing, and this passion was born because of his mother's artistic skills. She was really good at painting and drawing, Piyush was really intrigued by it. You must be thinking 'art' probably runs in his family. Well, that is not at all true.

Much-needed Support

franchise business support of aliens tattoo

More often than not, when kids are born with a silver spoon, they tend to develop a laid-back attitude and take advantage of their inherited wealth. They think that if everything is readily available to them, why put in the extra effort? Piyush's parents are both established doctors. Money has never been a cause for concern in his family. Usually, when parents are doctors, lawyers, or even CAs, they try to push their kids to follow the same path. Luckily for Piyush, he was allowed to write his own story and pave his own way.

franchise business help your passion

This is where Piyush's mentality comes into the picture. He did not want to be like those spoilt kids living off their parent's money. He wanted to do something for himself and by himself. This is why he chose to follow his passion rather than following his parent's footsteps. Deciding to make a career out of your passion takes immense courage, determination and requires support too. Thankfully, Piyush had all three.

How It All Began

franchise business success story by aliens tattoo

The tattoo bug had bitten Piyush when he was only 15. From there on, there was no looking back. He now has over 20 tattoos on his body! It was when he first got inked that Piyush's love for art really started evolving. He realized that art wasn't just about drawing and painting on a canvas. It could be expressed through ink as well!

Along with a new tattoo machine, Piyush also picked up freelancing and started practicing making real tattoos on real skin. However, he knew that the world of tattoos was vast. Intricate designs require a high level of skillset, and mastering these skills on his own was simply impossible. This was when Piyush started researching and looking around for a place that could satiate his thirst for knowledge about the tattoo industry.

Discovering Aliens

franchise business discovering aliens tattoo

While discussing his desire to learn more about the tattoo industry with his friend, he was told that there is a place where he could learn everything about the world of tattooing. That place is none other than Aliens Tattoo Art School. Upon doing further R&D, Piyush realized that under the guidance of world-class mentors, he could go on to achieve his dream (which by then was already a burning desire). To open his own tattoo studio and run his own business.

Taking The Leap of Faith

After completing his 12th board examinations, an 18-year-old Piyush packed his bags and left the comfort of his lavish lifestyle to a foreign city. He had only one thing on his mind, to return home as a highly skilled tattoo artist, but that wasn't it. Piyush wanted to learn everything about entrepreneurship from the man who has been there and done that. Sunny Bhanushali is somebody Piyush looks up to for the way he is building a tattoo empire of his own. Piyush wanted to emulate him, and he knew if he managed to do half the things that Mr. Sunny does, he could also run his own business, live on his own terms, and make loads of money.

Studio Owner at 19

franchise business get aliens tattoo

The three months that Piyush spent in Mumbai doing the Complete Tattoo Course by Aliens Tattoo Art School paid rich dividends. Piyush not only became a skilled tattoo artist but also knew what it would take to set up his own studio. A year later, after gathering enough funds, Piyush became an Aliens Tattoo franchise business owner. The studio has been a tremendous hit in the capital of India - Delhi. Like always, our experts worked together with Piyush in the initial stages. Within a year, the collective effort ensured that the studio stands firmly in the streets of Delhi with customers flocking in regularly every single day.

For Piyush, Sky Is The Limit

for franchise business owner sky ls the only limit

Looking at his Delhi studio's success, Piyush has now set his eyes on taking over Chandigarh. He has acquired the franchise business rights and is looking forward to bringing quality tattoos to the people of Punjab and Haryana. Stepping out of the shadow of successful parents and building your own business is by no means a piece of cake. Like I said earlier, kids born with a silver spoon can easily stay in their comfort zone and choose to spend their parents' money without batting an eyelid. Piyush chose to do it the hard way. He chose to work hard for his passion and make it his own thing.

While he has already achieved a hell lot at a very early age, the 21-year-old man from Delhi is not resting on his laurels just yet. He has lived his life by one simple motto:

Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great -John D. Rockefeller

These are words that all young and upcoming entrepreneurs who wish to write their own story instead of joining their parent's business or line of work should stand by.

Impressed by Piyush's success? Want to run your own tattoo studio successfully? Get in touch with us and we can discuss how you can also become a successful business owner!

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