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Famous Tattoo Artist: 15 Gems In The Tattoo Industry You Must Check Out Today!

The tattoo culture has really picked up pace in the past couple of decades. The general stereotype of it being associated with gangs, criminals, and negative influences has diminished. Nowadays, people opt to ink their bodies as an expression of art, emotions, and passion for various things in life.

With the rise in the popularity of tattoos, there has been a directly proportional rise in talented tattoo artists to complement the demand for body ink. People have started training themselves in the art of tattoo making, and thus, there are many famous tattoo artists around the globe. Some of them are real hidden gems! ;)

Famous Tattoo Artist in the world

Here are some of the best tattoo artists all over the world etching magic on people’s skin:

Sunny Bhanushali is globally renowned for his work in photo-realistic tattoos, hyper-realistic tattoos, and conceptual tattoos based on Hindu Mythology. He is one of the pioneers in bringing realistic tattoos and portraits to India and is also one of the most famous tattoo artists in India. Sunny has won numerous awards at various international conventions. It is no wonder that the likes of Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya have put their faith in him for their tattooing needs. Sunny Bhanushali is Aliens Tattoo's owner and the founder of India’s first tattoo school, Aliens Tattoo School, which the government has recognized as a startup.

Instagram: @sunnybhanushali

Carolyn Elaine - Famous Tattoo Artist from USA

Affectionately known as the “Lady Tattooer” at MayDay Tattoo Co., based out of Chicago, Carolyn is known for her black lines and vibrant watercolor imageries. She generally specializes in neo-traditional tattoos. She was even featured on season 8 of Ink Master which instantly made her a world-famous tattoo artist. She is globally known as a master at creating unique body artwork.

Instagram: @carolyn_elaine_tattoo

Ajarn Noo Kanpai - Famous Tattoo Artist from Thailand

Ajarn Noo Kanpai is a well-known Sak Yant tattoo artist in Thailand. In fact, he’s the best tattoo artist in the world when it comes to Sak Yant tattoos. Many famous celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne, and Michelle Rodriguez have visited him for his blessings.

Instagram: @ajannookanpai.eng

Gippi Rondinella - Famous Tattoo Artist from Italy

Gippi Rondinella is one of the few remaining old-school professional Italian Tattoo Artists in Italy. Back in 1986, he opened his first tattoo studio in Rome and likes to be known as a Tattooer and not an artist. He now owns a studio that goes by the name of Tattooing Demon Studio. Apart from inking, Gippi is an ardent traveler and has been to quite a few places. His experience and tenure in the business have seen him reach a god-like status within the Italian tattoo community where is the most famous tattoo artist. At present, he is the ambassador of World Tattoo Events.

Glenn Cuzen - Famous Tattoo Artist from United Kingdom

Glenn Cuzen is a famous tattoo artist from the UK who has won numerous awards in the tattoo industry. He has been in the business for 10 years and owns his own studio known as Top Gun Tattoo. He is best known for his Geometric dot work tattoos. He is also very passionate about Brutal blackwork, Japanese, Black and grey, Polynesian, and Polka trash style tattooing.

Instagram: @glenncuzen

Inal Bersekov - Famous Tattoo Artist from Canada

Hailing from Canada, Inal Bersekov has been on the grid for a while now. He’s mostly known for his ability to bring pictures and scenes from movies spring to life through fine-line black and grey tattoos. Inal Bersekov has also done many stunning portrait tattoos of famous Hollywood celebrities like Justin Beiber, Will Smith, and many other superstars. He has also been the personal tattoo artist for Drake and his crew members.

Instagram: @inalbersekov

Horishow - Famous Tattoo Artist from Japan

Known for his detailed body artwork, Horishow is a famous tattoo artist from Fukuoka, Japan, where he works as a tattooist at Amitabha Tattoo. He’s also one of the leading tattoo artists in the world and has fans from all over. Horishow has received rave reviews for his work when it comes to traditional Japanese subject matter with bold colors.

Instagram: @horishow

Ann Savage - Famous Tattoo Artist from Philippines

Analou Savage a.k.a. Ann Savage is another exceptionally famous tattoo artist who is known for her talent in tattooing. Ann is a full-time tattoo artist and runs her own studio called Ann Savage Tattoo Studio. She is an inspiration for many female budding tattoo artists because of her work and her ability to find the right balance between work, marriage, and kids.

Instagram: @annsavagetattoo

Lauren Winzer - Famous Tattoo Artist from Australia

Lauren Winzer is a playful tattoo artist from the land down under. She is famous for her ability to bring cartoon characters to life. She currently resides in Sydney and can be found working her magic as a tattooist at Hunter & Fox Tattoo Studio. Lauren Winzer is definitely the go-to person for all the cartoon fanatics out there.

Instagram: @laurenwinzer

Matias Noble - Famous Tattoo Artist from Spain

Black and grey realism tattoos are one of the most difficult types of tattoos to master. Matias Noble from Spain is an artist who has made a name for himself in this category. On top of that, he does them with no linework. Matias has been in the business since 2012 and currently works at Noble Art Gallery in Valencia.

Instagram: @matiasnobletattoo

Alex Muller - Famous Tattoo Artist from South Africa

Alex is not your regular tattoo artist because of her unique style. She prefers to use her own style of hand poking technique rather than the conventional practice that requires electricity. Alex works with Body Architects in Cape Town.

Instagram: @weskuswolf

Daniel DiMattia - Famous Tattoo Artist from Belgium

Known for his incredible skills when it comes to tribal and black artwork tattoos, Daniel DiMattia is a famous tattoo artist in Belgium. He runs his own studio under the name of Calypso Tatouages. Having worked in this field for around two decades already, Daniel has truckloads of experience in body art. His main forte lies in his designs are African tribes, ancient Greco-Roman motifs, Indian henna designs, geometrical forms, and Polynesian culture. This is also why he has achieved fame on a global scale.

Instagram: @danieldimattiacalypsotattoo

Vu Ngoc Tan - Famous Tattoo Artist from Vietnam

This talented tattoo artist comes all the way from Vietnam and is widely regarded as one of the best when it comes to body artwork. He has his own tattoo piercing shop known as Garung Tattoo Shop, but because of his love for traveling, can be found at any of the world's best tattoo conventions.

Instagram: @ga_rung_tattoo

Shannon Romijn - Famous Tattoo Artist from Netherlands

Shannon Romijn is a well-known Dutch tattoo artist who owns a studio - InstInkt, Nieuwegein. She specializes in creating realistic tattoos and portraits. She is one of the best at making designs of famous Hollywood celebrities and realistic animal portraits.


Guido Schmitz - Famous Tattoo Artist from Germany

Guido Schmitz is a household name when it comes to tattoos in Germany. He has his own private Atelier in Kassel, Guido. The German loves to travel and can usually be seen in various tattoo conventions. Guido’s expertise lies in creating whimsical and colorful tattoos. Guido was even spotted at the Goa Tattoo Festival and is also an active social media influencer.

Instagram: @guido_schmitz_tattoo


So these are some of the most exceptionally skilled and on the list of the top 100 tattoo artists in the world. The talent and diversity on display prove that we can always find an outstanding tattoo artist wherever we are. So next time you visit one of these countries, be sure to check them out if you are interested in getting inked!

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