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Celebrate your four-legged friends with these inkredible Dog Tattoo Ideas

Updated: Apr 27

Are you thinking of ways to show your best friend that you're his/her best friend too? There are a number of ways you can display your affection for your furry friend - for starters, you can buy them dog treats! ;)

You can also take them out for the adventure of a lifetime or simply ensure they live a happy and comfortable life. However, one of the best possible ways to pay homage to the things we love is by getting a tattoo that symbolizes that emotion.

A single tattoo can capture all the sentiments we feel for our pooch. So, why not get inked and show your dog(s) just how much you love them? The time we have our pet dog around is the best time of our life. If there's someone who can give you ultimate peace without actually doing much, it's your furry friend. Why not do something in return that is as permanent as the love our pet dogs have for us?

Here are some unique dog tattoo ideas that speak beautifully for the relationship you share with your best friend.

Dog Portrait Tattoos

Portrait Tattoos and Aliens have come a long way. Our artists have mastered the skills required in making a portrait tattoo look picture-perfect. Just have a look at the tattoos above. These tattoos are the work of some of our most proficient tattoo makers in Mumbai. The sad truth is that our furry friends leave us way too soon. However, these dog portrait tattoos can help preserve their memories on our bodies forever. So, if you're looking for a portrait tattoo of your cute little pet pup, book your free consultation with us, and you will get a call back within a couple of days! :)

Dog Tattoo with Name

If you feel a portrait tattoo lacks something, you can always get one and your pet's name to it. The name can be done in any font you'd prefer, but it's best to consult with our experts. Our artists and tattoo consultants can suggest a number of fonts and styles to suit your unique characteristics. The tattoos on display above are examples of how a 'Dog Tattoo with Name' can look like. Want to discuss this idea further? Click Here and submit your details for a free consultation!

Dog Tattoo with Script

"The best therapist has fur and four legs"

There's a lot to learn from men's best friend. Their loyalty, unconditional love, and ability to lift our spirits whenever we are down are things we can learn as human beings. Add a quote that you associate your dog with to add even more meaning to your tattoo. The above tattoo is one such example of how you can play around with your dog portrait tattoo with a significant quote.

Dog Tattoo with Silhouette

Notice how most of the Dog Portrait Tattoos are inked by Allan Gois? There's a reason why he is one of the most sought-after artists in Mumbai. Allan is known for his exceptional work when it comes to realistic tattoos as well as color tattoos. As you can see above, he has inked masterpieces of a Dog Tattoo with Silhouette. If these tattoos give you that wholesome feeling, we don't know what will. If you want a dog tattoo that means the world to you and are prepared to spend a few extra bucks, Allan Gois is definitely your man for the job. Contact us now and book your tattoo from the man himself!

Small Dog Tattoos

Small is beautiful. Small Dog Tattoos can be super cute on the arm if you're someone who isn't ready to go big when it comes to getting inked. These tattoos are examples of how getting a small tattoo of your furry friend can be a great option. You can customize the tattoo and decide on the placement, but again, it's best to consult with our experts before making the final decision.

Pawsome Tattoos

Maybe you're not too keen on getting a portrait of your pet dog. That's completely okay. You can still express your love for them with this elegant tattoo idea. Honor your pet dog by imprinting their paw on your body! This is a unique tattoo style and is super unique as every paw print is different. Want to discuss your paw tattoo idea with us? Visit this link and fill out details for a call back from our tattoo consultants!

Line Art Dog Tattoo

One of the simplest forms of tattoos is the Line Art Tattoo style. It's minimal, requires the least amount of time, and can be just as stunning as a big portrait tattoo. Want to subtly show your love for your pet dog and give it an aesthetic feel? A line art dog tattoo is the perfect choice for you. The above tattoo ideas show just how gorgeous these tattoos can look, and you can also add color to them!

We hope these unique dog tattoo ideas have inspired you to finally take action and get yourself a dog tattoo that you will cherish forever. If you are still unsure about what kind of tattoo suits your personality, fill out the form in this link and let us help you out!

Hopefully, we see you walking in with your furry friend soon!

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