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Aliens Tattoo: Where equality is at the heart of what we do

Being mistreated every day owing to who they are, where they’re from, or what they look like is unethical and shouldn’t exist at all.

aliens tattoo team

Equality is a virtue we truly believe in. Working at a tattoo studio has benefited us as employers in more ways than one. Not only do we get to spread joy to our customers through the gift of art, but we also come across people from all walks of life. Through this experience, we learned one thing. All these people are different in many ways. No matter how diverse people can be, deep inside, we are all the same. The color of our blood is the same. We all have two eyes, one nose, one heart. What sets us apart is what is inside our heads. Our mind, the way it works is what defines a person. This is what we believe in. This is why we hire people no matter who they are, where they come from, and what they did in their past.

Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

We have a number of artists on our roster. They are all different, they all have unique skillsets, there is no set pattern to the type of artists we hire at Aliens. If you're good at what you do, if you have passion for what you do, and most importantly, if you have an open mind and are aligned to our expectations, we will hire you. This does not just apply to artists. It is the same for our hardworking employees working tirelessly behind the scenes. What we are trying to say is that we do no background checks on the people we hire. We judge them based on their present, the way they conduct themselves around others, and of course their talents. A classic example is that of our Senior Designer - Sameer Qureshi, Director at Aliens - Allan Gois, and Senior Artist - Devendra Palav.

A Story of Sheer Determination - Sameer Kureshi

aliens tattoo designer
Sameer Kureshi - Senior Designer at Aliens Tattoo

Sameer's life before Aliens was not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Though he grew up in Mumbai, living in a chawl, he had to move back to his village due to financial constraints. He was enrolled in an Urdu-medium school with very strict rules. Being a Muslim meant he could not openly display his love for art and drawing as it is frowned upon in his culture. His family could not digest the fact that their kid was neglecting his studies and this was especially stressful for the little boy who just wanted to draw, something his friends said was a god-given gift. Sameer was afraid of what his family would think about his passion. Everyone wanted him to concentrate on his studies as that was the only way towards living a successful life in their eyes. Little did they know that this kid would prove them all wrong.

His Early Days

Sameer's childhood struggles were such that he could not live with his parents as it wasn't financially feasible. Instead, he was living with a sponsor who took care of his basic needs while he helped around at his sponsor's dingy tapri. At that time, there were around 30 tapris in his village and Sameer says theirs was the worst in terms of maintenance. Over time he realized this was not the life for him, he could not waste his youth and future doing something that wasn't meant for him. While his friends kept telling him not to waste his talent in art, Sameer could not find a way out. It was around the time when his sponsor got cancer and there was less attention on Sameer that he decided to flee from his hometown.

Searching For His Calling

Without speaking a word to anyone and with hardly any money, Sameer left in the middle of the night for Mumbai. However, that's where his struggles multiplied. He had to live with his relatives who despite giving him food and shelter would constantly taunt him. This made him feel really worthless and one day he decided that enough is enough. He could not let this be the story of his life and knew that only he could change his narrative. All this while Sameer was just 18 years old! He had no idea what to do but all he knew was that he had to get in touch with his artistic side. He thought he was doing that by helping a relative with a basic painting job. One day, while heading to his place of work, he saw Aliens Tattoo Studio which was then located in Versova. The whole structure of the studio screamed of art and creativity and there was a magnetic pull in its aura. Sameer somehow just knew this is where his life could change. After days of pondering whether he should walk in and ask for a job, he finally mustered enough courage to do what was needed.

Getting Into Aliens

For young Sameer, Aliens Tattoo Studio was what Taj Hotel is to a homeless person; the stuff of dreams. With enough money only for a one-way ticket to Andheri, Sameer walked all the way to Versova in his worn-down clothes and entered the lavish studio to ask for a job. Of course, like always, luck was not by his side. Firstly, the studio manager at that time rightfully asked him to come back with a proper portfolio of his work, and secondly, he was not able to meet Sunny Bhanushali to directly ask for a job. A week and 3 whole books full of fresh artwork later, Sameer returned to try his luck once again. Upon seeing his work, he was told it did not make the cut, he had to sharpen his skills and was offered to attend Sunny's workshop. However, this was not a viable option for Sameer, who was looking to find a way to earn rather than spend any more of his family's money. Looking at how determined Sameer was, Sunny Bhanushali decided to give the 19-year-old a chance and offered him a basic level job with Aliens. Sameer agreed to work for a miserly 2500rs salary but knew this was more than just about the money. He knew his capabilities and also knew that they would come in handy in a studio where art is at the heart of their work.

Finally Tasting Success

Fast forward to now, 6 years to the day Sameer joined Aliens Tattoo, he has grown from a boy who had no direction in life to someone whose designs are getting inked on the arms and bodies of 100s of people. If Aliens Tattoo is known for its hyper-realistic tattoos, Sameer has played a huge part in making these designs come to life. From 2500 rs a month to a monthly income very close to six figures, Sameer Kureshi has come a long way. He now provides for his family who has accepted his lifestyle and passion and believes in the boy who was once left to fend for himself. For Sameer, Aliens is more than just a workplace, he says this is where his life took a turn for the better, and for that, he will always be grateful to his boss and savior - Sunny Bhanushali.

Meet our Prodigy - Allan Gois

Allan gois, Aliens tattoo artist
Allan Gois - Director & Senior Artist at Aliens Tattoo

Allan Gois comes from a humble background and had the support of his family in terms of what he wanted to become. The problem is, he did not know what that would be for a long time. Allan did not really like to study and dropped out after his 10th standard examination. He had no idea what to do in life and would literally do nothing every day. As time went by, his dad became impatient and spoke to a friend of his to put some sense into Allan. As the two friends talked, one thing became evident, Allan had a strong inclination towards art and if he was going to do something, it would be related to art and creativity.

Looking For His Place in the Artistic Field

Allan picked up a course in animation and designing and there, he equipped himself with skills that would later come in handy. Back then, halfway through his course, he felt this was going nowhere and he did not see a future in animations as the work they did was getting outsourced to companies with better facilities outside India. He dropped his course and once again, was back to square one.

However, this time he did not stop in his tracks. The kid in him who used to watch art shows daily knew that art is and where he should be. Aliens Tattoo came as a blessing to Allan who managed to convince Sunny Bhanushali to take him under his wings. Allan would learn everything about tattoos and because of his background in graphic designing, he felt comfortable to work and learn. His hardwood, dedication, and most of all, willingness to learn did not go unnoticed. Allan would always tend to clients in the absence of his seniors and his way with words was a huge help as clients felt very comfortable sharing their tattoo ideas with him. Gradually, he won the trust of his mentor, and thanks to that, he got to work on different tattoos.

Establishing Himself at Aliens

Within a couple of years, Allan's work became so good that he started winning awards at prestigious tattoo conventions. This is after he would visit these conventions to support his peers. From a bystander to the star of the show, Allan definitely turned things around. Now, 7 years after first walking into Aliens Tattoo, Allan has not only become a renowned artist in India, but he is also the head of Aliens Tattoo School and is trusted with important business decisions for Aliens Tattoos various verticals. From being taken under Sunny's wings to becoming his partner and sharing the same visions, talk about two birds of a feather!

Our Mandala Maestro - Devendra Palav

Devendra Palav, Aliens Tatoo Artist
Devendra Palav - Senior Artist & Mentor at Aliens Tattoo

Fondly known as Deva in and around Aliens Tattoo Studio, this is the story of a boy who against all odds, followed his dreams when the going got tough. While Deva's financial situation was not the greatest, he was still earning a decent amount of money from where he worked before Aliens. So what made him get into tattoos? Well, we all have a bug inside us that wants to be able to express himself. Deva's bug was drawing. Since his school days, he always kept a pen or a marker which he would use to draw on people's arms. Who knew that one day this would come back to be his source of income?

Breaking out of the 9 to 5

Despite a stable job, he would still feel empty. His income was decent and his family was totally satisfied. Deva wasn't. Without the knowledge of his family and boss, he had enrolled himself in a night school to learn graphic designing. Back then it was a new concept that was gaining popularity with the advancement in technology. Deva wanted to stay ahead of the curve. As he finished his course, he felt there was so much more to do in the outside world and the confinement of his 9-5 job was not going to be enough. So he took the most difficult decision of his life by quitting a well-paying job to learn and work at Aliens Tattoo for lesser pay.

Personality Development at Aliens

Deva as a person has always been cheerful and smiling. However, he did not have proper etiquettes. This is the same in the case of Sameer. At Aliens, these guys were not only presented with the opportunity to shine but they would also learn how to conduct themselves around people. It's amazing to see how three boys who had zero experience with tattoos and designing managed to land a job with a reputed tattoo studio on the back of little to no skills and just sheer talent and determination.

Such is the beauty of Aliens and most importantly the face of the studio - Sunny Bhanushali. His notion of giving everyone a chance to prove themselves despite their parts and where they come from is the reason why people say Aliens is where talent meets opportunity.

Gender Equality at Aliens

Aliens Tattoo Employee Awards
Ending all discrimination against women and girls is not only a basic human right, it’s crucial for a sustainable future; it’s proven that empowering women and girls helps economic growth and development.

This is the mindset we have at Aliens. We want to be a home for the best tattoo artists and the most hardworking employees. We don't judge them based on their gender but on their capabilities. That is why at Aliens we have a mix of male and female employees who are hired solely based on their merit. It is their talents and capabilities that matter, nothing more, nothing less. That is why we can proudly say that our employees are some of the best at what they do.

Take Dipti for example:

In Dipti Chaurasiya, we are blessed with one of the most highly talented female tattoo artists around.

Check out some of her work!

The fact that she has won a number of accolades for her work is a testament to her talent. To say that Dipti is an Alien makes us proud, and it's certainly pleasing to know that more and more girls are following her lead and taking up tattoo art as a profession seriously. It's not just the artist's department, but we also have quite a few female employees who are doing a stellar job in taking Aliens to higher levels. Thanks to our ladies in the accounts, marketing, and operations department, our company is heading in the right direction. In fact, the PA to the face of Aliens (Sunny Bhanushali) is a woman who is single-handedly making things tick for our boss.

LGBTQ+ Friendly

Love is love. It always finds a way regardless of gender. Our planet is a colorful place. It's vibrant and full of diverse cultures, races, religions, and sexual identities. While we as a majority have come to accept our many differences, there are still a few prejudiced individuals who make it hard for the minority.

gender equality at Aliens tattoo

The LGBTQ+ community has long been fighting for equal rights and opportunities, to be accepted as equals. It's sad to see that this needs to even happen. No one should have to come to a point where they have to take measures such as protests to be accepted as equals. After all, we are all humans, and the same blood runs through all our veins. Why must we be told to treat them as equals?

We have to change this mindset. We have to instigate the change. To that end, we invite everyone from the LGBTQ+ community to come to Aliens. Inclusivity is something we genuinely stand for. From minimal designs that subtly express your love to going big and bold that express your love fearlessly, you are just a step away from an extraordinary tattoo experience. Love always finds a way, regardless of gender. We believe we all are one, made of love, and capable of expressing love.

Freedom of Speech

Ken Blanchard was not wrong when he said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Feedback is the catalyst an organization needs to perform at its best, just like how breakfast gives us the push and energy to get through the day. Everyone wants to be good at their job. We spend most of our time at work, and we want to make most of our time there. We want to be as productive, efficient, and effective as possible, and feedback is a powerful tool in allowing this. Feedback helps individuals become self-aware, know what they are good at, and what they need to work on to maximize their performance. Every week, we have a feedback session where employees are randomly selected to join in and provide their feedback openly without any fear. These feedback sessions help us grow and develop together in a positive environment.

Equality is necessary in order to inspire cultural change in our industry. This is a new age, an age where diversity is welcomed and not frowned upon. Life is not all about perfection. It is about humility, vulnerability, and unlearning as much as it is learning. We believe that inclusion and equality will help us evolve and help our employees find meaning, social support, and well-being at work. At the same time, they will also contribute more fully to the growth of our company.

If you feel you have the talent and skillsets that match our expectations, why don't you check out our careers page?

You can also send us your CV, and if your profile matches our expectations, we will ring you up!

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